Bob Kernohan live on Wednesday morning 21 August 2013
Bob Kernohan's statement about a savage bashing he got in 1999

Updated - previously unheard interview with Bob Kernohan recorded at 2UE Sydney on 1 September 2011


There are some very good people who work at Sydney's radio 2UE.

I have received a data file of an audio recording of an interview between me and Robert John KERNOHAN, former President of the Australian Workers' Union Victoria branch.

The data file meta information shows the name of the file as

 "Interview With Bob Kernohan 01 September 2011 and Not Aired"

I have changed capitalisation and perhaps some other elements of the file name style in the heading published herein to protect my source.   I am satisfied that the recording is a true recording of the interview between me and Kernohan.

The interview contains important and credible allegations of the commission of serious indictable offences by named and known persons.   The allegations are made by a competent and credible witness who was present and in a position of authority in an aggrieved party in the crimes, that is the Australian Workers' Union.  The interview also asks important questions of known witnesses who could have helped in the righting of a serious criminal wrong.   That it was supressed at the time in my view is a serious matter.

Much of the detail contained in this 2 year old recording is now more fully in the public domain than it was then and as a result a criminal investigation is afoot by one of the Crime Squads of the Victoria Police.   The evidence was not so widely known at the time the recording was made.   The supression of the information in the interview may have assisted persons involved in the crimes alleged within the interview to continue in influential careers where important and far-reaching decisions were made, including judicial appointments.   Those careers were unsullied for a further 18 months by the consequences of the exposure of what appears prima facie to be involvement in or at best wilful blindness to serious criminal acts.

I will publish the audio file in my next post.   For context, here is a recording of the opening of my 2UE radio program first broadcast live by Fairfax Media through radio 2UE in Sydney on 1 September, 2011 at 12:12PM.

I was given the instruction by management not to broadcast the interview with Mr Kernohan just minutes before midday that day, after the interview had been cleared by the company's external defamation lawyer.



And this is the interview they didn't want you to hear.