From Craig Thomson to the Gillard media shut-down, a chronology of August - September, 2011
Reliance on Rudd's word is a sick cancer on our democracy. I'll resign even if I accidentally believe him. You have my 100% guarantee on that

Our fishing industry. How much do you reckon it's worth?

We have a lot of coast and a very effective safe clean fishing industry.


And we love to eat seafood.  Even export some.  

We import a lot though, so we're not by any means self-sufficient, we could do better.   In 2011-12 we imported (ie from other people's waters) $1.3 BN of edible seafood.

And the total production from Australia's sea food industry?   $2.29 BN

Fisheries one
Fisheries two

By extracting fish from the ocean, we get to eat well and we create jobs that bring $2.2BN in economic activity.   That pays for wages in crew and deckies, truckies, refrigeration mechanics, people who work in shops and a range of others.     It could be a lot bigger because we import nearly half that much again - but at least you have the picture.

Now to the costs of extracting illegal centrelink seekers from the sea.

Here's just one element.

Asylum PNG

Have a listen to the MUA as it talks about what the union reckons Triton should be doing.   The really important bit is about 1.30 in.

Who's looking after our fisheries while we spend our money looking after other people?