Protecting integrity is a game, or words to that effect. Peter Gordon, lawyer, footy fan and defender of Ms Gillard.
Paul Whittaker, Editor of the Daily Telegraph is a genius

Paul Murray on 2UE right now - 131332 - here are the photos Paul says you can't see

I just drove the Czechoslovakian Princess to work and back and I listened to Paul Murray on 2UE in Sydney.

Paul said, "We're not allowed to see asylum seekers faces when they arrive, the government won't let us".

It's true that there are some media companies that do things that the Gillard/Rudd governments ask them to do, just to help out.  There are others that tell it the way it is.

Would you do him a favour and let him know about Sharon from Christmas Island and where Australians can see just who is arriving to take our sugar from the table?

He's on air now and the number is 131332

Here are some of the photos Paul says you can't see.   They were taken by the Australian patriot Shaz of Christmas Island, shot on a camera she owns, shot from a public place in a free and democratic Australia.

Roid boy 2
Roid boy 3
Young benji

Shaz Chrissie 1
Shaz chrissie 2
Shaz chrissie 3
Shaz chrissie 4

And thanks for burying the truth about Ms Gillard who had much more time to appoint judges, make laws and generally stuff up the country than she should have.

My work here is done