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The Immigration Department is arguing the toss on this bloke's visa/residency status. That's easily fixed. Held in custody pending court hearing and deportation.

Reader Greg JF is a new contributor - here's his first blog comment, thought you might like to help him out.

Greg said:

I have just stumbled into this blog.

I find it a bit rich for people on this blog to call Faine a Leftist! Surely, you should declare your far right attitude up front and that you would do anything to remove any Labor Government.

On Gillard and the Slater and Gordon issue 17 years ago, if there is "legitimate point of public interest" and the "Victoria police have seized boxes of documents from Ms Gillard's former law office at Slater and Gordon seeking documents that relate to The AWU Scandal", WHY HAVE THEY NOT CHARGED HER??

Or is it, that now she is out of office and leaving Parliament, that it is not worth anybody's politic energy to pursue this? Or is it that she never had a case to answer??


I'll prepare for the deluge!   My two bob's worth shortly on an audioboo, just a bit flat out at present.