Julia Gillard and the 1990 Workplace Reform Association Incorporated. Yes, 1990 - 2 years before Bruce Wilson.
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Robyn McLeod and Bruce Wilson were directors of the Thiess Superannuation Fund

So Thiess is paying money directly to Bruce Wilson's slush fund, the AWU Workplace Reform Association.

Robyn McLeod joins the AWU as a relatively junior industrial officer. Her "patch" includes Melbourne Water whose functions were being outsourced.

Thiess wins the maintenance contract for Melbourne Water and the AWU negotiates an enterprise agreement for wages and conditions for Thiess workers.

Thiess pays $112K directly to Wilson's slush fund, the WA based AWU Workplace Reform Association.

In 1993, Bruce Wilson and Robyn McLeod are each appointed as directors of the Thiess Superannuation Nominee (Number Two) Pty Ltd super fund.

Besides directors fees, the directorship would have included travel to Brisbane for meetings and accommodation etc.


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