Vision meets Vandalism. The Snowy River Scheme and the Wonthaggi Desal Plant
Julia Gillard attacked Julie Bishop over Harvard - would you pls check this Harvard qual for taxpayers?

Robyn McLeod in "The getting of 20 years experience around public policy in water management"

Robyn McLeod states she has 20 years work experience in a field called "public policy in water management".   That's apparently what got her the $300,000 a year job.

ABC981 Adelaide host Matt Abrahams spoke with Ms Mcleod on 16 December, 2008 just after she started as the SA Water Commissioner.   Here she sets out the 20 years of "public policy in water management" claim.


The year then 2008, go back 20 years and it's 1988 - her alleged start date in "public policy in water management".

I'll try to work backwards now - setting out what we know Ms McLeod did for each of those years.

Official start date

2008 - January to September


Ms McLeod was a Director with KPMG in its water division.   In consulting firms, partners are responsible for business units, with directors reporting to the partner.

KPMG's Water practice was headed by Jennifer Westacott, here's her CV.

Jen westacott

And here's Ms McLeod's.

Mcleod KPMG

There's that 20 years claim again.  In this CV, Ms McLeod states she has experience with a major water authority (not named) as well as the government.  No mention of the AWU union rep job.

The CV is inaccurate in that Ms McLeod was moved out of the Water Division of the Department of Sustainability at the end of 2006.  

In January, 2007 she commenced in a new role in the Metropolitan Planning division.  Media reports at the time pointed to rumblings about dissatisfaction with the amount of water-related work being farmed out to KPMG in the year previous.   Ms McLeod was mentioned in the Victorian Parliament a few weeks before leaving the Victorian Government.

Here's the Department's organisational appendix to its annual report for 2007, reflecting Ms McLeod's new job in metropolitan planning - not water.

Robyn mcleod 2007

And here is the Hansard from the Victorian Parliament in March, 2007, a few weeks before she left for the KPMG job.

March 2007 planning

It is significant that her Department was about to let a tender for the desalination plant, a multi-billion contract. I'll look more closely at the desal plant in another post, particularly from the AWU/CFMEU/Thiess relationships.  For now I note Ms McLeod's move away from a water-related job at what should have been a time of her crowning glory.   As you've seen, Ms Mcleod had a close prior relationship with Thiess, a logical tenderer for the work and with KPMG (Thiess's auditors).   

May 1997

Steve Bracks the Premier was pretty close to Robyn too.   He signed off on the Victorian Government's 2004 blueprint that led to the desal plant "Our Water Our Future".   Here he is in early 2007, just before he left the Premiership.  He explicitly commits the government to the desalination plant.

Steve bracks water man

He resigned from the job as Premier in April 2007 to spend more time with family.  By October he'd had enough gardening and joined Ms McLeod at KPMG.

Here's the ABC's PM program with the news about Steve and the new job, 4 October, 2007.

Here's the Herald Sun from the same day.

FORMER Labor premier John Cain has criticised Steve Bracks' plum new job with KPMG as a government adviser, but Premier John Brumby says it's a "non-issue".

The Opposition and the Community and Public Sector Union said yesterday it was a conflict of interest for Mr Bracks, and for accounting and audit giant KPMG to be employing the ex-premier when it held so many government contracts.

Mr Bracks declined to comment. His office issued a short statement saying he was out of town with his family and enjoying both his pro bono work and his new part-time employment.

He is likely to earn up to $100,000 a year for the one-day-a-week job on top of his $120,000 yearly parliamentary pension.

KPMG moved to hose down the criticism. Its national marketing partner, John O'Shea, said Mr Bracks would not be involved in any existing government work.

He said Mr Bracks would provide "insights" into government tendering.

"But he will not be directly involved in any Victorian State Government tendering for 12 months," Mr O'Shea said.

Mr Cain said he had a "quaint, late-19th century, early-20th century view" about such appointments and didn't like them.

"I don't believe what you acquire in public life in terms of knowledge and considerable influence is a tradeable commodity," he said.

He said he did not want to judge Mr Bracks, but such private sector appointments were "not to my taste".

But Mr Brumby said all politicians had the right to work once they left public office.

He said it was common, and rejected any claims of a conflict of interest, saying Mr Bracks would not be a lobbyist.

"The former premier is a relatively young man. He's entitled to work again," he said.

As the Department of Sustainability in the Victorian Government was gearing up to release the tender for the multi-billion dollar desal plant, Ms McLeod was moved from the job as head of Major Projects in the Water Division.  She left the government completely 5 months later.


2006 - last year as Executive Director, Major Projects - Water Sector


Here's where Ms McLeod fitted in to the Department of Sustainability that year.

2006 water

By 2006 Ms McLeod had been in the Major Projects job for a couple of years.   She spoke at a UNESCO conference entitled:

2006 Universities Council on Water Resources (UCOWR) Conference ‘Increasing Freshwater Supplies’

The UN influence was pervasive in that conference.   Dams were a no-go.   Here is the descriptive blurb from the UNESCO website setting the agenda for the event;

This conference will focus on increasing freshwater availability for human uses through all practicable means, from emerging desalination technologies to artificial recharge to conservation programs based on changing human behaviour. The conference will serve to exchange experiences and inform participants of cutting-edge innovations relevant to this essential regional and global challenge.

All practicable means.  Except dams.   Robyn and the State of Victoria hopped right in line.

Chicago one
Chicago paper two

And that last sentence describes the thinking in the Victorian Government that completely wrote off the idea of building dams - instead opting for the new-age desal plant.  Dams are not a solution because they just take water and store it.   Like a cup is not a solution in the flow of water from a pipe to my mouth because it just takes water from an existing source.

That year the Bracks Government "de-commissioned" Lake Mokoan near Benalla.   The member for Benalla, Dr Sykes spoke about the greenie inspired lunacy, in particular that flood mitigation would not be possible if the government went ahead.  He specifically named Ms McLeod in the parliament after she wrote a letter placing dubious intepretation on a formal report about flood mitigation and irrigation in the area.

Lake mokoan

(edited for space)

Flood mitigation

No dams, no flood control, just desal.   And the unions loved it.  And I must say that it is ominously impressive that so many people from so many different backgrounds in so many different circumstances say much the same thing about Robyn McLeod.   She tells lies.


2005 - Major Projects Water


Various records show Ms McLeod as the Executive Director Major Water Projects during this year.   Aside from more work on the 2004 plan, the major project for the year was the Wimmera Mallee pipeline project, a vast undertaking of pipes to replace open irrigation channels, costing hundreds of millions and a budgetted 10 years to completion.

This grab from a local publication shows a 2005 Ms McLeod with John Anderson, John Thwaites and another man, it's uncaptioned but seems to be of an opening ceremony.

Piping it

While Ms McLeod had the title, a cast of thousands seemed to be involved in the work.

Major projects girl


2004 - the year of the White Paper on how to store and manage water without dams


This is the first year Ms McLeod worked wholly in water, just 4 or 5 years before the SA Commissioner job.  Sometime in 2004 she appears to have acquired the title Executive Director Major Projects, Water Sector in the Department of Sustainability.

The major achievement for the year was the Department's production of the 2004 white paper on water. Over the next 3 years the department refined the plan - but the general direction is clear here.

For the environment
The plan even provides for The Environment to get a lawyer.

What the.

And in all the hundreds of words, over 28 pages, the word "dam" appears once, and then it's almost by accident, referring to farmers' dams.

Farmers dams

It's telling that the people behind the plan did not even consider the role of dams.  And Robyn McLeod was one of them.   The driving force cannot have been the things they spoke about - the need for us to have water.  There was something else more important.


1999 - 2003 - Chief of Staff to Minister Candy Broad, Minister for Energy, Resources and Ports


In 2000, Minister Broad was responsible for the last pieces of an agreement with the NSW Government to reverse some of the flow of the Snowy River from the Snowy scheme (and on into the Murrumbidgee/Murray) and back into the Snowy River and out to the Pacific Ocean.  That was substantially done in the first year of the government taking office in 1999/2000.

Happy snaps

Robyn McLeod was Candy Broad's chief of staff until sometime around 2003.

I wouldn't characterise the role of a Chief of Staff to a Minister responsible for Energy, Resources and Ports as a job that's substantially involved in "public policy in water management".

It seemed to be more concerned with things like this, mentioned in the Parliament in 2002.

Recfind and foi
Recfind two

And there seems to have been a bit of this too - here's a record of Candy and Robyn's trip to the United States kindly recorded by the Philadelphia Port Authority.

Philadelphia robyn mcleod


Before 1999 - should be half way to 20 years


That brings us back to 1999 - and any details about Ms McLeod's life with Bruce and Julia and the AWU and the AWU-WRA and Thiess and the board directorship are very hard to come by.

You get some sense of the intensity of the bond between Ms Gillard and Ms McLeod in this interview Ms McLeod gave to the ABC's Matthew Abraham and David Bevan on 30 June, 2010, just after Ms Gillard had been made PM.   Loyalty is admirable, but where it's misplaced and combined with dishonesty and coverup it becomes something very different.

  Not hiding

The jobs we do know that Mc McLeod held during the 1990s were a long way from "public policy in water management".

Here's Robyn as an AWU union rep at work in June, 1994 already 5.5 years into her 20 year career in "public policy in water management".

Wool scourers

Robyn McLeod appearing at the Industrial Relations Commission in 1994 to advance the cause of the wool scouring and carbonising industry.

Robyn at the wool scourers

No doubt there'll be some tiresome argument to try to convince the world that yes, those 20 years were all about public policy in water management, but the facts are the facts.  That CV with the 20 year claim was used to procure a $300,000 per annum taxpayer job and it is substantially a false CV with misleading and deceptive claims.

Here is her official Water Commissioner Curriculum Vitae dated 2009.

Robyn mcleod sa cv
Robyn mcleod sa cv 2
Robyn mcleod sa cv 3

Robyn - goodness me, you've underdone the CV!  Look at all the stuff you've left out!!!!!!

Mcleod emily's list one

Where's the bit about being a union rep with the Victorian Secondary Teachers Association rising to Assistant Secretary.   How about all those years working alongside Bruce Wilson as an Industrial Officer with the AWU?  What about all that work you put in as an ALP politician when you stood twice for the seat of Mordialloc?

Now, according to your electoral material from the 1999 election, you were then currently working as "a senior manager in human resources and training".

What?  How does that become working in "public policy in water management"?   And that was 1999, you were supposed to already have half of the experience you say you acquired in a 20 year career in "public policy in water management".  

Now - under Boards and Committees, you've forgotten one!!   What about your previous directorship of the Thiess Superannuation (number 2) trustee company?   In fact, there's no mention of the AWU work with Bruce on your CV at all, it's as if it never happened!

I went to the Harvard Alumnus website, it must just be me, I couldn't find a record of you there.

Harvard robyn


If you make a claim that you bring with you 20 years experience working in so specific and finely defined an area as "public policy in water management" then it should be true.   If the qualities found only in a 20 year veteran are worth $300,000 a year - and if the problem to be solved is of sufficient importance that the state would happily pay it - happy days for buyer and seller. If ever I am diagnosed wtih a pleomorphic xanthoastrocytoma and the very small group of medical specialists who have trained for the 20 years necessary to cure my tumour charge $300,000 - I would be inclined to pay.   If after the failure of their procedures I discovered the 20 year veteranship never was, I might be inclined to seek retribution.


In the United States, CVs that guild the lily like Ms McLeod's often see the lily-guilder in court.

Ms McLeod and whoever guided her into the $300,000 per year taxpayer funded job may yet get that call.



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Be fair Michael, she probably did have the equivalent of 20 years experience in Water Management. You have to take into account that she was living fast and loose in those days and fitting 4 years experience into one year of 'doing'.

paulie walnuts

Following on from the Victorian water-gate, wasn't Obeids family in NSW also involved in obtaining a silent interest in NSW govt water contracts. Aren't Bracks and Obeid from the same country of origin? Any other links between the two, or is just a case of the apprentice learning from his master how to rort the public purse.

Jeff of FNQ

Interesting that the search of Harvard Alumni reveals a Nil result. Searching the Harvard Kennedy School Executive Education site also revealed a Nil result.

Deputy Leader of the Coalition Julie Bishop in her CV states that she attended the Harvard Business School Advanced Management Program for Senior Managers.

A search of the HA for Julie Bishop has a number of hits and confirms her membership of the Harvard Club of Australia.

One would think that if McLeod attended Harvard Senior Executives Fellows Program she would have joined the HCAG as did Julie Bishop.

Allan Cox

Extraordinary stuff, mate; I think Brandis & Co would do well to employ your exceptionally gifted attribute for forensic analysis.

Just looking at her 'qualifications', nothing stands out as anything remotely related to water activities, unless of course her '20 year' record includes a lot time 'swanning' around, if you get my drift.


Yer and don't forget we all pee, and have to manage that!


I think the question that needs to be answered is - EXACTLY 'WHO' GAVE HER THE JOB?


Good morning Michael you little champ. I remember "braksy" making a hero of himself when he resigned. His son had been nabbed drink driving and he said his family had suffered through his political life and it was time to spend more time with the family. Just like roxon. Sept they didn't won't and never will. And to use a child and his problems for political
Advantage is disgraceful. Can anyone imagine Tony Abbott using his daughters. ? Helll no They are a different kettle of fish. BTW hope you catch a few with Hugh


Maria Marshall and Lachlan MacDonald? What say you?



An outstanding job. M-S News has now made the link from McLeod to the Victorian "Water Boys" (now the "Water Bandidos"), former MPs Sercombe, O'Keefe and O'Connor. Now they are major players in an industry they know nothing about. And there is the PRC too.

Neil O'Keefe MP was a former VSTA official and teacher and colleague of Robyn. All of the Politico- Water Bandidos are in the BFF McLeod, Professor Gillard, Consul-General Bracks, Entrepreneur Brumby, "Major Grants" Tim Holding loop of munificence via appointments and lashings of taxpayers loot.

A taste of what is to come:'Keefe


Good morning michael. I follow frequently every day as you would know absolutely obsessed with the deception and evil of this Labour Party corruption. I'm on a plane blogging before we take off and I'm beside myself about these developments and how I will keep myself informed. All I can say is that I'm constantly gobsmacked by you and send prayers very day for the msm to pick up and inform my fellow Australians about the corruption which ruined the life of a good man in bob Kernahan. The plane is about to take off. Goou luck. Keep put the hard work. I love yuz all over and out

R we there yet

WOW ... How outrageous Mr Smith..Unforgivable.What damage too that has proven considering everything(and so many peoples lives) is worst off not improved.
It is the last destructive measure women need/ed also, where they ruin trust and opportunity vastly for so many other aspirational well intended females.Yet I notice she is an Emmy lister thing?
Disgraceful. It is odd you mention the Harvard acquisition because I too was curious to check that , and obviously you have.Perhaps they assume* that would impress others, but realists understand it is the results that matter in `principle` Not the label.


When my nephew joined KPMG, they did a full-scale security check on him, including his family. Typical, isn't it. One rule for the workers, quite another for the ruling clique ...

The Inside Line

A suggestion of a constructive nature. I know you want to give us every bit of detail but in doing so you are making your site cumbersome and untidy and hard to get through, especially when the same documents are posted on various days. So my suggestion is in a case such as this one, to do sub headings summarising the documents relevant points and providing a link to the document.

It will make it a lot more user friendly, particularly for mobile device users with small screens.

[Thanks mate, I know I desperately need sub-editing but the reality is it's just me and the way i think and put things together is the way it comes out! It's raw, real, unpolished and always from the heart,]


There is a lot of information to absorb about Robyn McLeod. It seems that she is a serial liar just like her BFF.

However, it is something else that struck a real chord with me, and it is the comments made by John Cain Jr. As you are aware, I am no fan of John Cain Jr. but I was struck by the comment he made about the ethics involved in Bracks taking a job with KPMG.

This leads me to question the ethics of KPMG when it comes to their decisions on hiring and firing. They might be a top accounting firm but it seems that somewhere along the line they crossed a line when it comes to some of their ethical practices.

The other thing to note is: "CLIMATE CHANGE"... and the point is that climate change itself is nothing more than one very big hoax.



Was there a competitive selection process here? Of course not!

This was like winning the lotto without an entry! What a bloody joke!

This scourge on our society is glaringly corrupt conduct and must be dealt with immediately after the election by the incoming honest Tony Abbott-Liberal government!

This high level, crudely refined corruption here is not unlike the disgusting Labor Obeid and McDonald case, seen in the recent NSW ICAC findings! Obviously corruption is widespread in the Labor Party and must be eradicated! So what is blabber-mouth Kevin "Scores" Rudd doing about it? Nothing!

It is sickening that we have good honest people, Labor's working poor, working damned hard in Woolies and McDonalds on weekends, at night, people working in rotten jobs for very ordinary pay, paying big tax...their bloody tax is paying these parasites all the obscene money, that they are ripping off from taxpayers' and obviously they are being protected by Labor! It is not only the $300K pa what about all the junkets, cars, world travel, restaurants etc, etc all on top and for what?

What does Labor's venomousTeachers Federation or Labor's Nurses Association think of all this GIFTED... 'thieved' money that could of went into schools or hospitals who are short of bloody toilet paper and damned Kleenex tissues!

Jane Smith

If ever I am diagnosed wtih a pleomorphic xanthoastrocytoma and the very small group of medical specialists who have trained for the 20 years necessary to cure my tumour charge $300,000 - I would be inclined to pay.   If after the failure of their procedures I discovered the 20 year veteranship never was, I might be inclined to seek retribution.

LOL one of the best lines ever from MS.

How many anti-emetics are now being taken by the piggies, do you think?


I second that!!
Well said!!




Labor's ex-NBN Minister, that damned arrogant, untalented smart arse Stephen Conroy gifted his best mate a $500K pa job on the NBN gravy train, despite this man knowing nothing about the NBN? And of course no competitive selection process! Its better than winning lotto!

I have more respect for Bank Robbers and "people smugglers" like the smiling Captain Emad? The diligent, informed captain is obviously very busy these days!!

The incoming honest Tony Abbott-Liberal government with attention to detail, need to address this widespread systematic corruption!

Evidently Liberal are shutting down Labor's global warming department office in Canberra and there will be a nice vacant office block with a 15 year lease?? It should then be used to house a Department of Corruption to clean this crap up!

Corruption is not unlike cancer spreading, it must be cut out very quickly or you will die!

Jeff of FNQ

Posted this earlier but it mightn't have made it through.

As Michael has posted the Harvard Alumni search has Nil result for Robyn McLeod likewise a search Of Harvard Kennedy Education School for Executives.

Julie Bishop on her CV shows she is a graduate of the Harvard Business School for Senior Management.

A search of Harvard Alumni has a number of hits for Julie Bishop including a link to the Harvard Club of Australia of which she is a member.

You would think that if McLeod did attend Harvard's Fellows Program she would have joined the Harvard Club of Australia, which has branches in the states including Vic and SA and her membership would be reflected on her CV list of memberships.

I'm sure


As I am awaiting visitors to arrive, I did a quick search to see what I could find out about desalination plants in Australia. It was interesting!!

I could not see a real link to Thiess at least in NSW and Qld because John Holland was given the contract... but...

It was the material to be found on the South Australian desal plant, which was considered a good idea before it was built that is more than interesting.

What I discovered is the following: the desalination plant to be built in Adelaide was originally approved to produce 50 megalitres of water. The approval was based upon the need to rely less on the Murray River. Some funding was approved by the Federal government and even John Howard agreed that it was necessary


At some point in 2009 the size of the plant and the project doubled from 50 to 100 megalitres.

So, looking at information on Robyn McLeod....


Yes indeed!

Then there is the well connected, [like ex QLD Premier Peter Beattie] hurriedly departing ex NSW Premier Bob Carr, now the unelected Labor Foreign Minister, wheeling and dealing on behalf of Australians, I note, behind closed doors! So too ex PM Bob Hawke, selling Australia to you know who..China.

Well connected Bob Carr works for the "millionaires factory" the Macquarie Bank and of course good old Bob Carr thinks "dangerous global warming" is real...and surprise surprise, so does the Macquarie Bank, its all good for business.

Michelle Two

Just reading The Rudd's wiki bio he also done a stint at KMPG

The Goss Government saw its majority slashed in 1995, before losing it altogether after a by-election one year later. After Goss' resignation, Rudd left the Queensland Government and was hired as a Senior China Consultant by the accounting firm KPMG Australia. While in that position, he won selection to be the Labor candidate for the seat of Griffith at the 1996 federal election. Despite being endorsed by the retiring Labor MP, Ben Humphreys,[27] Rudd was considerably hampered by Labor's unpopularity in Queensland, as well as a redistribution that almost halved Labor's majority. Rudd was defeated by Liberal Graeme McDougall on the eighth count as Labor won only two seats in Queensland. Rudd stood in the same seat against McDougall in the 1998 election, this time winning on the fifth count.

I'm all right Jack

It seems to me if the Coalition can revive the Victorian water scam in the mainstream press involving Sercombe, O'Keefe & O'Connor, that Sophie Mirabella touched upon in 2011 then the game would be up for the ALP in that State.

This seems to be a real issue because it is just that policy that has seen water bills explode. No dams just desal and idiotic pipelines and the closure of the dam at Wangaratta.

All of this to generate ALP slush and jobs for the boys and girls and fund elections. High bills due to corruption, just milking the taxpayer.

Let Shorten explain what he was up to in his deal to get Sercombe's seat.

From just skimming those links a Royal Commission is demanded. As you say the ALP is Crime Incorporated. I suppose by now thanks to the likes of Al Grassby they have absorbed to Griffiths mafia as a branch?



So true "One rule for the workers, quite another for the ruling clique ..."

But when you're a member of the pig sty, you only have to have a snout and you are free to feed in the trough. The pedigree of pig is unimportant, as you're always rolling in the mud. Also allows a a fair bit of mud wrestling with members of the same sty, but opposite or same sex.

Pork is pork is pork.

Well I'm going to pork the ALP well and truly on Sept the 7th. Might have roast pork and a few beers to wash the filth of the ALP from my mind.


Hi Jeff oo FNQ
I too looked up those websites....Nada for Robyn McLeod as you say......maybe she did attend but failed the course!!

I also checked the US Department of State website. No Executive leadership course could I find....nor any education remotely resembling such.

However, perhaps this is realy where Ms Mcleod really was, claimed as 'USA Department of State Executive Leadership programs 1996 and 2001' or not.

"Graduate School USA values our role as the government’s continuing education provider of choice through our Center for Government Training and Professional Development. Each year we add new courses to our curricula that meet the emerging needs of our government customers".

Liz of Vic


Yes you are so correct, we are very interested in this and not feeling real good is an under-statement.

I have always wondered where these 300.000 jobs were to be had, well now I know, I am paying for them and have my whole life in Australia.

Michael we have to get this information out further than this blog. I will do my best, but I only know a certain number of people and I will advise my MP who will soon be a minister.
Actually I have asked him for an appointment and given the reason why.
So we will see.

In the meantime I just want to thank you again for the fantastic work you are doing.

Ron OKnox

The current structure is half the fun. I find it gets pieced together and gives a bit of an insight into how Michael's brain works analytically.

Up The Workers!

A primary school kid who does grade 1 for a year and fails, then has to repeat the year.

If he subsequently fails the same year four more times, he has NOT completed 6 years of primary school, as the less-than-truthful Robyn McLeod would have you believe; although he HAS possibly qualified himself to be Labor's Federal Treasurer. (It would certainly help his chances if he had also been convicted of heroin dealing, and was married to a Federal Cabinet Minister, but that is another story.)


she "flushed toilets" took a shower...etc...NOW thats experince

Up The Workers!

The difference, Jeff, is that one of the two women you mention is talented, knowledgeable, highly educated and truthful, whereas the other is a life-long friend of Juliar Gillard.

Maybe that's what Robyn McLeod meant - for 20 years whenever anybody has investigated her 'credentials', she has "gone to water"!

When you come to think of it, the phrase: "...20 years experience around public policy in water management..." COULD legitimately signify that for the last 2 decades, she has indulged in Labor 'piss and wind', which would be pretty close to the truth of the matter.



It is the very bad role model of double standards, dishonest, undeterred Labor politicians' blatantly committing fraud, which encourages even more Centrelink fraud, Tax fraud and every other kind of Professor Juliar Gillard simply says: "I have done nothing wrong"? Tell that to the judge! These low bastard dictators just think they can do anything they damned want and everyone else has to play the game honestly, except for them.

Bribie John

It seems that lying is stock in trade for those apparatchiks of Labor!

Extreme Centrist

Obviously, water wasn't the reason to build a desal plant.

And part 2

Fairfax 2008

Evil Murdoch 2008

4 years later, Aunty has a wonderful new idea



seeker of truth

Robyn McLeod's 20 years in water management would be turning the taps on and off at home and instructing her boys to do likewise to save water.

Rann Stan Thankyou Man

I live in Adelaide. Rann was part of the Labor Govt that sent us near broke in 1991. Libs came in and fixed it up, to the extent it could be. Idiots put labor back in 2002. 10 years on and Rann has sent us near broke again and swollen the public service to over 100,000 which is at least 20,000 more than it should be. He's appointed mates to plum roles without due process and brought in McLeod and McTernan at my expense for no good reason. He's resisted the creation of an ICAC and now he's on a pension in London paid by me and also a cushy job set up by Gillard.

He's a once in a lifetime disgrace of a Flim Flam man. Go after him as well!


I know I am OT but I don't care when I am worried.
Can you put a line here Shaz if everything is alright with you?
Isn't anybody else wondering why we don't hear from her all of a sudden?
[Shaz is fine, having a little holiday, I've spoken with her twice today and she is a very chilled and relaxed patriot!]

KB worrier

Was there not another issue around that time about to surface with the Bracks family and a school supply contract ? I have a vague recollection but cannot recall exactly what.

KB worrier

The original 50Gig plant was a policy put forward by the Liberal opposition in an election campaign which was then plagarised by Rann and his cohorts and injected with steroids to the size we have now. There was a great deal of public disquiet here at the time but of course that buffoon listened to nobody ( just like a pumped up Kevvie lite ) The extra money to increase the size was promised by the labor feds to help the local labor kids win another election but of course much of that money never came and as a result we have had our water rates triple along with a supply charge that exceeds the usage charge ( we now pay around $1000 a year for basic human needs only and in excess of $3 a kilo litre for the lowest tier of excess ) and the bloody white elephant will now be mothballed because the water is so bloody expensive even the government does not want to buy it. The moth balling will also result in deterioration of the reverse osmosis membranes ( which I believe also have a reasonably short useful life anyway ) so unless we have another significant drought within the next decade or so they will need to be renewed for a very significant percentage of the build price of the whole facility without them actually having any significant usage.


In other words, what has KPMG got to do with all of these people?

This is a serious question because it seems that they are in the habit of employing people with very little in the way of academic qualification related to the accounting profession but are people who have ties with government.


There is a tie between Rann, McLeod and the sudden increase in the cost and extent of the Adelaide desalination plant. The size of the plant doubled. Now it is about to go into mothballs.


For good measure, take a look at this article about the Adelaide desalination plant.


"The year then 2008, go back 20 years and it's 1998..."

I think that should be 1988, NOT 1998.

Michelle Two

Here is an article on JEG that mentions the burying of the dog in it with Robyn McLeod.


If you look at the top jobs in management or on the boards of these semi-government bodies you will find them littered with political appointees, most of whom are not particulary well qualified professionally and with little experience in the field.

Its political nepotism and happens under both Labor and the LNP. On occasions the appointees do a good job, e.g. Tim Fischer, Ambassador to the Holy See, and Bomber Beasley in New York. But I can think of many that don't.


Michael, It might be worth checking but I think I remember that the part of KPMG connected to the Thiess Superannuation fund (Wilson, McLeod on the board) provided a Brisbane office address.


Lachlan was at Table 11. with these guys:

Graeme Barnes: Leighton Contractors Pty Ltd
Chris Fosterling: Leighton Contractors Pty Ltd
James Higgins: Office of the Premier
Ian Luck: Leighton Contractors Pty Ltd
Ashley Mason: Leighton Holdings Limited
Ray McCann: Leighton Contractors Pty Ltd
Sharon McCrohan: Office of the Premier
Lachlan McDonald: Office of the Minister for Transport
Bob Morris: Leighton Contractors Pty Ltd
Colin Radford: Office of the Premier

Amazing Lachlan was with Leightons and Robyn with Thiess, such a close knit little group to have dinner with.

Maria Marshall did not attend.

Mark Dreyfus QC was at Table 1.


So, that is why Sophie Mirabella is supposed to be so bad.... she was on to the crooks in the ALP!!


The connection with the Macquarie bank is based upon some joint ventures - there is that type again - involving the building of some roads. I think it had something to do with the M2 or at least the Lane Cove Tunnel. I think it was also related to the building of the tunnel under the Harbour bridge.

Carr disappeared very suddenly. It happened I think when the dung was about to hit the fan... he went quiet for a few years and suddenly his ugly head reared up again. I just wish he would go back into retirement.

Maggie 47

Isn't it awful Ulla that we have to be suspicious that Shaz might have been told to butt out?? Glad to hear all is well.
Please God rid us of Labor on September 7?!


Thank you!!!
Had good reason to worry.

the sting

Michael,I believe this water issue is one to chase the money trail.Former Age columnist Ken Davidson was trying over the North South pipeline.This story over funding the pipeline plus the desal plant could make a best seller book.There appears to be some links between those names in the AWU case and the North South pipeline.Someone on this blog claimed that the AWU case is bigger than Watergate.I think our own ''Watergate''[pun intended] is bigger than the AWU case.


Be a bit careful - the Kennedy School is formally the Harvard University Kennedy School of Government, endowed in 1936 and named for JFK in 1966. But your point is still good. McLeod gilds the lily by dropping the 'Kennedy'. As you say, the Kennedy School offers the course McLeod claims, but it's a four week course costing about AUD20,000. [Precisely.]

Jeff of FNQ

I note that the Emily's List Candidate sheet for the 1999 election mentions nothing about her attending the US Department of State Executive Leadership program in 1996, which she details on her 2009 CV.

It must have slipped her mind when she was detailing her academic qualifications and training.


Hi Stumpjumper

The point I believe is that doing the Kennedy course does not make you a Graduate of are not entitled to become an Alumni.....something Ms McLeod implies in her CV by incorrectly identifying the course and the course provider.


There's no way in any professional CV that one can claim responsibilty through osmosis.

Even a generous review of Robyn's background prior to 2008 couldn't even scrape 10 years together.

Clearly whoever recruited her into the SA job did a job...but not the one expected by tax-payers!!

George Orwell's "Animal Farm" just keeps rising to the top.

Socialism works until they run out of other peoples' money!!

Michelle Two

Hmmmm! who was doing a few favours I wonder as Mike Rann was part of the Labor Executive when Robyn got put in this position..
(I just put the list up in Craig Memorabilia post of the ALP executive).
Below an interview with Mike Rann from 2006 on why federal Labor will win and an attack on the doubters.

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