Our focus over the next few days
A few points about Superannuation Trustee Companies in the 1990s

Robyn McLeod - through the AWU days with Bruce to a Ministerial Adviser spot

When South Australia's Premier Mike Rann created a new job for Robyn McLeod as Water Commissioner on $300K PA, everyone said Robyn got the job because of her 20 years of experience in the Water Industry, going back to 1988.

Robyn probably was a part-time water expert in 1988 after school finished for the day.   Then when she joined Bruce Wilson as an AWU union rep in 1992, she must have had a second job in the water industry too, because her day job seemed to be in the industrial relations commission representing the interests of all sorts of workers - even those in the hop industry.

Hop industry
Hop industry 2

Maybe I'm too harsh.  She probably got expert status telling the Industrial Relations Commission that she knew a lawyer who said Show Day really does exist and Melbourne Water workers should get it as a public holiday.

Show day

That must be it, Policy Advice on Public Holidays For Water Workers.

We also know that Robyn McLeod and Julia Gillard are best friends.


Gillard mcleod

Aus story gillard

ROBYN MCLEOD, FRIEND: What you see with Julia is what you get. A very open, honest woman who is not hiding anything.


We know that Julia Gillard and potential Prime Minister Bruce Wilson were an item until she got terribly distressed and ended the relationship without ever finding out why he needed an incorporated association with the name AWU in it.


Conman broke my heart


We know that Bruce drove a maroon Ford with number plates (WA) 8EE 222.

Fixed up bruce's car


The maroon Ford with distinctive plates sometimes spent the night parked outside his fellow Thiess Company Director Robyn's home in Milton Street, Carnegie.  Maybe when Julia was in Sydney with Ralph.

8 milton street carnegie

And we know the two directors got to attend board meetings together in Brisbane. 


Thiess super
Bruce and robyn


Bruce and Robyn and Julia from Slater and Gordon were on the side of the workers protecting them from threats.   Like asbestos.


Asbestos bruce


The Thiesss workers who actually knew something about water sadly weren't influential, like say the two union officials who were not only unionists, but Thiess company directors as well.   Those ungrateful workers at Thiess went to the Australian Industrial Relations Commission to put it on the record - they were not happy with the AWU and they wanted another union.

The company performs water and sewerage maintenance work for South Eastern Water (Victoria), a body which provides water and sewerage services to an area to the south-east of Melbourne. It has been doing this work for about two and a half years. The work was previously carried out by a public authority. The AWU has represented employees performing the work carried out by the company and previously carried out by the public authority. The terms and conditions of employment of the employees of the company are presently regulated by an agreement under Division 2 of Part VIB of the Actcertified on 28 August 1995 by Whelan C called the AWU/Thiess Services Pty Limited Victorian Maintenance and Construction Services Enterprise Agreement 1995-1997 (Print M4756).

I need say little about recent events. In August or September 1995 a number of the employees of the company approached the CFMEU and enquired whether it could represent the industrial interests of the company's employees. This approach apparently resulted from (1) dissatisfaction by some employees with the service provided by the AWU, in particular by two of its organisers, (2) concern by some employees arising from media reports about internal problems within the AWU and, possibly, (3) a long term dissatisfaction by some employees with the AWU.

Following this approach officials of the CFMEU visited company workplaces and conducted meetings of employees in September and October 1995. During this period a number of employees completed CFMEU application for membership forms and signed forms authorising the company to deduct union dues in favor of the CFMEU and cancelling authorities in favour of the AWU. There was an issue as to whether any employees had resigned from the AWU. The CFMEU sought to tender a bundle of documents purporting to be copies of resignations from the AWU. Over objection from the AWU, I allowed the tender. Mr Langmead (for the AWU) said the AWU had not received these purported resignations. (There was evidence from Mr Booth that the AWU had not received any resignations or purported resignations from employees of the company.) Mr Bukarica (for the CFMEU) said that he believed the documents were prepared by Mr Ross, an employee of the company. Mr Ross had earlier given evidence for the CFMEU but made no reference to these purported resignation forms. Mr Bukarica had not put these purported resignations to the AWU's witnesses.

But the Commission couldn't help.   Unions work out who they will represent and the circumstances in which they will represent them.   The commission's hands were tied (loosely, with velvet rope to the bedhead, for the role of the Commissioner can be a good career path for a former unionist).

If the same laws that apply to unions applied to the rest of the country, Coles and Wollies would have an enforcement body that would regulate where you can buy your bananas.

So the AWU got to keep the lucrative relationship with Thiess.   Thiess got to keep the lucrative relationship with the Victorian Government.   Bruce got to keep his redundancy.  Julia got to keep her relationship with Robyn and vice versa.

And the workers got to keep the warm feeling that everyone meant it when they put on the serious face, gazed off as if analysing the purpose of thier life and said, just like Julia Gillard did for the ABC in 2006:


One of the things that has been a constant driver for me, one of the real reasons I got involved in politics, I got interested at, you know, got interested in politics at all is the sense of unfairness and lost opportunity….that inequality, you know, that it is, that sense of inequality even in a country as rich as this, that makes me say there is so much more for politics, and for those of us on the left of politics to do..................




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Sounds like they were all "good friends with benefits".


So.... did Julia ever find out that her BFF was in fact making footsies wither her lover? Or was she simply too naive to work it out?


I see in the IRC decision document that Ms McLeod "gave assurances concerning absorption".

A pity Australia wasn't spared the McLeod and Gillard 'malabsorption by osmosis'.


Mike Rann the previous SA Labor Premier was not only responsible for appointing Robyn McLeod as our $300,000 per year South Australian Water Commissioner. He was also responsible for bringing John McTernan over to our country!

Now we have Gillard moving back to Adelaide to live.

Labor has much to answer for!


Seems like Julia and Robyn certainly believe in sharing and those chats about men being a drain of energy or whatever their deep and meaningful chats were about ,really have been a great boon for this nation. Thanks Robyn for doing that most important job for the rest of us. What a dreadful web we weave when we practise to deceive Remember that old chestnut? Absolute scum and unfortunately it too rises to the top


Mike Rann the previous SA Labor premier was not only responsible for appointing Robyn McLeod as our $300,000 per year South Australian Water Commissioner. He also gave SA a $ billion+ De-sal Plant that is never used but it employs heaps of his Labor / union mates.
He was also responsible for bringing John McTernan over to our country! Now we have Gillard moving back to Adelaide to live.
Labor has much to answer for!

Extreme Centrist

Mangrove (noun)
A union of trees that are found wherever there is a big stink. Mangroves are renown for their indiscriminate rooting system. This network of multiple intermingled roots is exposed every time the muck clears.

These girls were truly great pals. They shared everything. (Emmo?)


It's a rats nest alright. $64,000 dollar question, how long will it take to unravel this, will it ever be accomplished or will Vic. Pol. just go far enough to nab the main players and let the rest go?

You are certainly stirring up the pot Michael!

Wendy brown

Michael is it possible the two Women had affairs with
Wilson as part of the Plan. Set it up while, madams,
away with Ralph. Dump him and cry i was, Deceived.
At the right time. They got what they were after.
He's no use anymore.I dont know any woman
that would be friends ever again with her
after Sleeping with her Boyfriend.
If Wilson was such a big wig he's ended up
Worse off than the other two Still got money
still Friends somethings not right.



Being both good socialists, they share everything, footies and sheets.



These shifty females are enough to make you vomit. This is all bringing Australia down, they obviously have no loyalty to Australia and hate our Flag with a vengeance.

And now you have Labor, relentlessly cussing their invented "misogynist" Tony Abbott for trying to help women with appropriate parental leave!! While these disgusting hypocrites, Labor "scumbags" are milking the place dry.

I find the relentless bitching Labor/Green Teachers Federation hate campaign against Tony Abbott to be disgustingly inappropriate. Their pathetic mindless advertising says a lot more about themselves than the good Tony Abbott.

Undermined parents should be very concerned with such fanatics, lunatics infiltrating our schools , dumbing down our illiterate and innumerate, undisciplined, gender neutral school children with Labor/Green ideologies-propaganda, messing their lives!


And he is a New Zealander. A moronic one to boot. Obviously a "Pig Islander" Kiwis from the south will understand that.


May be those posts here are the reason why Gillard set yesterday with the one who swallows contact lenses in Canberra. I read he was quite excited and restless.

Extreme Centrist

My new conspiracy theory.

While conducting a fraud investigation, the VicPol kept getting an answer they didn't quite understand.
They approached their library of documented facts, and asked about a particular name.
Michael said, "I don't really know, I'll find out for you."

Now there is a squad of coppers reading this site saying, "Oh shit, there goes my Christmas!"


Bruce Wilson must go to jail for his involvement in helping Theiss & Leighton dump asbestos soil on the Western ring road. A unionist like Wilson protecting workers? What a sick joke!!!.


Michael, I am in awe. There is absolutely nothing I can do to help you forward this research (apart from the occasional small financial contribution, which I make willingly and with hope for your continuation) but I am absolutely fascinated by you perseverance and your ability to fossik out the links and tenuous connections that show that this was not just one conspiracy, but a whole raft of connected frauds and deals which we, up until now, have been unaware of. I truely hope that, when the LNP take over next week, that they access all this information that you have uncovered in their investigation of the AWU, its benefactors and those who have profited from Labor's ring of crooked accociates. So well done, Michael, I do hope that you get an opportunity to use your incredible journalistic skills in a more financially agreeable way in the near future.


I was wondering about that particular aspect :) ROFL

Maggie G

Good comment. Love it.


I live in Victoria and know what a damned burden this Desal plant is. It is costing us an absolute fortune for nothing. It keeps rusting away and the worker constantly ..driven by the unions..ask for more money and delay the finish of the plant. I am absolutely stunt about this new story coming out. Forget about deep throat as it is a Grimms Fairy tail to this one. No wonder Gillard snug into Canberra. They probably have a crisis meeting.
There is just no way in this world this would have been un-discovered if it wasn't for this site.
I feel shell shocked to be honest.!!
Thank you, what else can I say.


He also gave SA a $ billion+ De-sal Plant that is never used but it employs heaps of his Labor / union mates.


Is there anyone in the Labor Party that hasn't slept with, been married to, went to uni with, worked for or with? If that makes sense, but you know what I mean.


Don't forget Sydney has a desal plant as well that isn't actually doing anything at the moment other than costing the state money. Thanks Labor.

Boggzy from Perth

Did Julia know anything about the er... um... closeness between Bruce and Robyn?

Julia, if you are reading this, I'm sure that it was all above board and nothing happened because you were all young, innocent and everthing, you know......nothing happened....of course not....would Bruce ever lie to you?....would Robyn, your closest, dearest friend? Don't worry Julia, just go and have a Bex, a cup of tea, a good lie down and just think about what the hell of a mess you have left our country in!!!!!!! You silly...I could go on but I'm too much of a lady to repeat the what is going through my mind right now!


Maybe Emmerson wants her to dump Timmy the handbag.

Boggzy from Perth

Where is Timmy?

Oh yes! Sitting in his caravan on a bush block, somewhere on the banks of The Murray River! He has done his job and so back pops Emerson into the picture.!
I wonder if she is trying to introduce Emerson back as the boyfriend?


"that inequality, you know, that it is, that sense of inequality even in a country as rich as this, that makes me say there is so much more for politics, and for those of us on the left of politics to do"..................

That inequality continues to this day with this scrag. A $2 million house in Adelaide? Does that fit with your Leftist views you greedy cow? And not only that you useles hag you managed to stuff the Country up on the way through!!!


I was thinking the exact same thing as I started to read this. Was cunning Bruce Wilson servicing 2 maidens who just happened to be BFF's at the same time. Or god forbid, citing the nursery rhyme there was 3 in the bed and the little one said roll over. roll over, so they all rolled over and one fell out.

Account Deleted

I have also read (which Bob K alluded to) that he allegedly parked his car out the front of Marie Murray's house on occasion also! Busy boy - I feel sorry for his wife and children in WA.

Account Deleted

SA has one too which after doubling the capacity they mothballed it. The gravy train was well and truly running at that site!

Wasn't there a scandal about a privacy matter in the Victoria desal building site?

Zulu Kilo Two Alpha

Kenny, you should know by now that, whenever the Socialist Left in this country talk about inequality it's a matter of "Do as I say, not do as I do." It's the main reason I despise them so much.


Funnily enough, all the Labor states ended up with a useless desalination plant - no end to their bribery, graft and corruption.

Doubtful John

I imagine Bill and friends have retreated to the back room to work out how best to go about eating their own young so save their own scrawny... right about now. Gee this is going to one hell of a Royal Commission, I do so wish I could be one of the investigators.

Riverina Bluebell

Christmas …… criminal minds .….sordid lives .…. a thin blue line.

The sacrifices have to be worth it, right?

Michelle Two

So Brucie got appointed on the 5 Oct 93 the 1st chq that they got for the Melb Water agreement was on the 26 Oct 93 for $14040.00.

Old Rooster

Osric—“A hit, a very palpable hit.”

Old Rooster

In my own experience if it's a choice between conspiracy and incompetence it's both! Good call!


You are definitely onto something there Wendy, I always thought HE was behind this, not anymore, and you're right about the women not staying friends after something like that - 100%. UNLESS...................

Doubtful John

Funny thing is that my 85 year old mum has the identical car. Just clocked up 130,000kms. Bruce should have kept' it. Good car. Mum still loves hers.


Ruth, cha-ching.... exactly what I was thinking and did not want to say... ROFL....


and do not forget that Qld has the same kind of useless plant.

This begs the question... how many of these desal plants were built by Thiess?


I notice that it is all the women readers who have cottoned on about the nature of the relationship between Brucie baby, Robyn and Juliar.

Up The Workers!

Maybe Robyn 'blind-sided' Bruce?

Kinda snuck up on him?

Maybe he was "young and naive" at the time?

jenni cummins

I almost feel grubby, immediately thought the same thing lol

jenni cummins

True jenstar, rises to the top....but ppl like Gillard should be careful and nice to the ppl on her way up....she might just meet them on the way back down


Marie Murray did do his bidding and she was sacked from the union at the same time as Brucie baby.


Wendy it makes one wonder about the whole thing... and yes... would you have a BFF who had taken your lover?


kurt, this is the one aspect of this whole saga that is really, really bad... and yes Wilson must go to jail over what he did.

Workers were put at unnecessary risk because of that creep.


I have all sorts of images going through my mind, including Noddy and Big Ears in bed... and from this I think of Juliar and Robyn McCleod...

There were three in the bed and the little one said... roll over...

Michelle Two

Maybe he was so good in the sack they wanted to share the experience?

But Gillard had her mind set on what she wanted career wise and those used in the process were just an afterthought. Brumby said she was very focused.

Kathryn. E

That would have to be the best analogy I've read for a long, long time.Bravo.!!

Liz of Vic


We must not forget, that Thiess in WA paid the WRA-AWU, but that did not come out of their pocket, as they had received a grant for 'safe work or whatever they called it from the WA Government, so it came out of the pockets of the tax-payers.

Timmy was with Gillard, when she picked up her professorship - on TV to-nite. They were in a Government-car.


Which Chrismas?
I reckon Gillard may NOT be Charged until mid 2015!!!
.....and it is ALL Michael's Fault!!!
If Michael had left it at Just making the Original Complaint to Vic Police, She may have been Charged by the Election!!!........But with the Sh&^%oad of Stuff He has put on this Site and ALL the Contributions of SBS JohnL Et Al...there is Enough to keep them Going for Yonks!!!



Remember QLD's DeSal Plant WAS Very Useful!!!!!

A Couple of Years Ago, when We had a Big Flood and Power Black-outs in Brissie, The Water Treatment Plant was Down for a few days. So they Got the DeSaal Plant going and SAVED the Day!!!!!!......

.....for ONLY one or two Days!!!!!......ALL for a few $Billion!!!

Jock Tamsons Bairns

Morning Michael

You have probably read this, but just in case it slipped through unnoticed -


The storm clouds they keep a gathering!

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