Great minds think alike and fools chuck rocks from glass houses on the day the ICAC report comes out.
Giving away borrowed money for community resilience. Fixing it in Richmond, stuffing it in Christmas Island.

Rudd and the Gang - where the cool kids hang. Truth, not so much.

You guys!   Seriously!   Whacky, zany funsters never letting the truth get in the way of youtube.



And below the kids are at it again!   Here's the gang and their fun and games with Ophthalmologist Dr Bill Glasson AO.   Dr Glasson has a remarkable track record of community service, is a former state and federal President of the Australian Medical Association (AMA), a Lieutenant-Colonel in the Army Reserve and current President of the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Ophthalmologists.   In 2008 he was the Chair of the Federal Government's Regional Telecommunications Review.   He would eat these kids for breakfast.  

When I was on the radio in Brisbane Bill was a regular guest on my show, a straight shooter and a hell of a nice guy.   The thought of these kids mis-representing Bill as they do would be laughable - except that these videos are produced with the imprimatur of the Prime Minister, his former media advisor and Mr Rudd's son.