Thiess investing to create favourable business conditions with related parties who you don't dob in to police
Related parties have parties with OPM

Some background reading on the desal plant - featuring Mick Gatto and a few J. Gillard "friends"

The HR Nicholls Society is a group of urbane businesspeople many of whom who would be right at home popping in to the club for a Pimms and cucumber sandwich at the Paris end of Collins Street.

A block or so to their north, Mick Gatto holds court most days outside Society restaurant.   The matt black Maserati and CFMEU T-Shirt body builders lounge nearby.

Mick at lunch

Seldom the paths cross.  Unless there are billions on offer and a pliable Labor Government ready to help.

This paper was written by Michael Moore

Hr nicholls
Michael moore

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