UPDATED - 31AUG2011, Caller Jacqui rings from Victoria to Sydney's 2UE to explain Julia has explained
A few bad operators can give an entire industry a bad name. Like 2UE.

Thank heavens for this Federal Government Board featuring John Cain Jr and Julie Ligetti

Labor has promised a National Disability Insurance Scheme without money.

Sorry, that's a National Disability Insurance Scheme without money for the disabled.

There's plenty for Labor Mates.   And for TV ads that make it seem like there's money for the disabled.

When the money for the disabled turns up, it will be applied with the collective wisdom of the Advisory Board that Bill Shorten and Ms Gillard set up for their mates.

  • John Cain Jr is on it - he was the Maurice Blackburn partner who was at the Commonwealth Bank when the CBA handed over about $160,000 to Wilson and Bob Smith after a deceptive letter was handed to the branch manager.
  • Julie Ligetti's on it too - she was Ms Gillard's live-in companion prior to The Ascension to The Lodge and she's now Ms Gillard's eyes and ears at Slater and Gordon.

And here is the sum total of the Advisory Board's service to those on the periphery of the whole Disabled scene, the disabled and their carers.

The Board's output for its April meeting this year takes the form of a Communique.

At the 4 April meeting the Advisory Group:

  • welcomed the passage of National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) legislation and the progress jurisdictions are making towards commencement of launch on 1 July 2013.
  • reinforced its support for the key objectives of the NIIS and NDIS to improve care and support for those with a significant and permanent disability. The Group emphasised its support for the principle of uniform coverage regardless of how a disability is acquired, and the implementation of a comprehensive system.
  • expressed support for the work of States and Territories in developing and agreeing minimum benchmarks for the motor vehicle accident work stream of the NIIS prior to the NDIS launch from 1 July 2013. The Advisory Group supports Minister Shorten's establishment of two medical misadventure working groups to provide expert advice to the Government on technical matters such as data and funding, and an appropriate definition of medical accidents. The Advisory Group sees these working groups as critical to the development of minimum benchmarks for medical treatment injury and looks forward to receiving further updates as work progresses.
  • noted that developing a NIIS for general accidents and criminal injury is a significant task. A sub-group was established to explore alternatives to progress components of the general accidents work stream.
  • noted that Safe Work Australia will progress technical work to develop nationally consistent, minimum benchmarks for workplace accidents which would result in long term need for support, consistent with the work streams of NIIS.
  • reinforced its committed to advising the Minister and informing the Government's decision-making on issues associated with the development of a NIIS for catastrophic injury.


Verbs are a useful insight into activity.   On behalf of those people who come along to the game week after week, the people with the degenerative diseases, the cerebral and other palsies, the 80 year old carers who still lovingly look after 60 year old sons in wheelchairs - the real salt of the earth supporters of a Disability Insurance Scheme without whose support none of this could have been possible - well Julie Ligetti, John Cain Jr and the others on the Board are happy to say they flew to the one spot and had a meeting where they:

  • welcomed
  • reinforced
  • emphasised
  • expressed
  • supports Minister Shorten (note change of tense)
  • sees
  • looks forward to receiving further updates
  • noted (reversion to past tense)
  • reinforced its committed to advising the Minister

Thank God for the Salvos because these people are a disgrace.