Stu of NT with the little K Rrudd
Customs trumpets steroid seizure at Brisbane Airport. Christmas Island, not so much.

The secret life of Walter Mitty meets its match with K Rudd

Yesterday he was regaling the nation's warriors with his own exploits "outside the wire" taking the fight up to the Taliban.   The Rudd remembers he has been outside the wire once.   Or twice.   Depends, did I tell you in Townsville or that time in Brisbane?

Prime Minister Kevin Rudd relives war stories during visit to troops in Townsville


SPEAKING to troops in Townsville, Kevin Rudd told his own war story about how he too had gone outside "the wire" into the danger zone in Afghanistan.

Casting himself as a Prime Minister who had ventured beyond safe Australian bases in the war-torn country, he said he had "gone out" into the field once or twice.

The New Yorker of 18 March, 1939 carried the story of Walter Mitty.   Much like our Rudd.

The secret life of walter mitty