From Christmas Island this morning
The Craig Thomson Enquiry - The interview on 2UE dated 1 August, 2011

Thommo and Albo. Birds of a feather who, ahem, flock together.

Therapeutic albo

"I have the view in life that when someone tells you something, you believe them". Anthony Albanese, Leader of the House, 24 August, 2011 after Craig Thomson told him it was that other bloke.

Therapeutic Albo brings many qualities to his job as Deputy Prime Minister.  His judgement must have got left behind somewhere he was too embarrassed to go back to.

In August, 2011 Anthony Albanese didn't think it was unusual for the Labor Party to pay Craig Thomson's legal fees.  He didn't know how much, but that didn't matter.   Craig deserved the support.  Albo had full confidence in Craig Thomson and he said so publicly.

Here's how The Australian reported Therapeutic Albo's support

THE Coalition has failed in an attempt to have Labor's Craig Thomson explain himself to the parliament as a senior Gillard government minister declared the besieged backbencher was entitled to the presumption of innocence.

Labor frontbencher Anthony Albanese today threw his support behind Mr Thomson, saying he "absolutely" believed the Member for Dobell's denial of wrong-doing.

"I have the view in life that when someone tells you something you believe them," Mr Albanese said today.


Since then, Fair Work Australia has made findings of fact that Craig Thomson improperly used money and other financial resources of the HSU for his personal benefit.  He's also charged with 173 offences in Victoria and is the subject of a NSW police fraud enquiry.

"I have the view in life that when someone tells you something, you believe them.  

Albo, you can be a mate.   And do it quietly without spectacle and without impugning the office we pay you to hold.

Or you can be a public figure, Deputy Prime Minister of Australia at one of the busiest pubs at the banker's end of the city.  And if you're going to be out and about as our Deputy PM, you've got to be careful of the company you keep.  Grab those US President DVD's and imagine a Vice President getting on it with one of the Sopranos if you need a bit of help in seeing how it looks.

I don't think Albanese manages the distinction between the two roles at all well.

Deputy PM Anthony Albanese has beers with controversial MP Craig Thomson

Here's Patrick Lion's story from today's Daily Telegraph.

Albo and thommo

HE has been banished from the Labor Party and is facing more than 170 fraud and theft charges including allegations he used union funds to pay for prostitutes.

But that didn't stop Deputy Prime Minister Anthony Albanese last night enjoying a few beers with controversial Independent MP Craig Thomson in the middle of the election campaign.

The drinks at the Bavarian Bier Café in Sydney's CBD came on the same day Labor's preselection process for Mr Thomson's seat of Dobell was thrown wide open.


This is a screen grab from the Bavarian Bier Cafe's website where the Peter Slipper Memorial Mussels feature.   (Peter's idea of a night out in Sydney is vastly different from Thommo and Albo's, just sayin').

Craig and albo bavarian

Albo, you are the Deputy Prime Minister.  Your judgement in attending True Thai Massage, premises where sexual services are offered for money was poor.   You should have listened to the Elder Statesman during the week of the media legislation debates (yes that week, when Craig was trying to get your party to pay his legal bills..............weren't you the man who was negotiating with Craig to get his vote in favour of the bill?)

When you say that if someone tells you something, you believe them you sound a bit naive, or biased, or lying.  None of those are good.

Consorting publicly with the bailed offender Craig Thomson who faces 173 charges, some relating to frauds over payments for sexual services is another thing that's not good for our deputy PM.

It's exacerbated when you are a senior Labor Party figure and your Party is being sued by Mr Thomson's lawyer for more money.   It's Thomson's legal work, the bloke you were on it with.  

You and the Party have spent more than $350,000 so far on Thomson's legal fees and costs against him.  He is a liar and he is currently facing charges that allege he is a thief and a fraudster.  Out of respect to His Worship Charles Rozencwajg I say alleged thief - but Albo you as Deputy PM know that Fair Work Australia found that Thomson took money owned by workers and used it on himself.

When faced with the judgement call to go somewhere private for a quick drink with a mate, or to parade publicly as Deputy Prime Minister with the bailed offender Craig Thomson - you chose to diminish the role of Deputy PM to parade with the man who enjoys not only the Labor Party's financial support, but the public support of our Deputy PM.

Hope you had one for the workers.


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The Black Swan

It's interesting that the ALP spent $350,000 on Craig Thompson's legal fees.

Kevin Rudd has publicly come out and asked/begged/pleaded fror members of the public to donate $5 to fund the ALP campaign.

$350,000 divided by 5 is 70,000.

Julia Gillard said Craig Thompson had crossed a line and had to go from the ALP.

So to those gullible, naive fools who actually donate $5 to the ALP.

Craig Thompson says a big thank you.


I have always never liked Albanese. Anthony Albanese is a disgrace as the deputy prime minister. It seems he has a lot of arrogance, limited morals, and just a smug personality. Being pictured with Craig Thomson shows how much no respect Albanese shows to the electorate and to workers who are HSU members who were ripped off by Thomson. I hope the people in Albanese's seat boot him out on September 7th, Albanese is unfit to be a member of parliament, simple as that.


Michael, is there any chance Ben Fordham can get Albo on his show and you can get his version of events about his attendance at the rub and tug joints. It is no coincidence that Albo and Thommo were talking to eachother: they were probably discussing new venues where they could get therapy for their back problems.


I simply cannot believe the lowlife crap heads we have in government. My goodness what is the country coming to?
You feel you can't even spit on them because it would be a waste.
More and more people have nothing but utter contempt for these suckers.


Both Alwaysleazey and Thomson wear them ripple soled shoes that used to called brothel creepers way back in the 60's

Allan Cox

Thanks Michael, you've poignantly captured the fundamental fallacies that epitomize leading members of the ALP; they lie, cheat, deceive and have little idea, if any at all, of morals and ethics for proper behaviour.


Judged by the Company One Keeps
by Unknown
Frequently attributed to Benjamin Hapgood Burt.

One night in late October,
When I was far from sober,
Returning with my load with manly pride,
My poor feet began to stutter,
So I lay down in the gutter,
And a pig came near and lay down by my side;
Then we sang "It's all fair weather when good fellows get together",

Till a lady passing by was heard to say:
"You can tell a man who boozes,
By the company he chooses",
And the pig got up and slowly walked away.

Wendy brown

Oh Dear they are so grubby

Up The Workers!

If "Kokoda Kev" Kardashian wants to lead a more 'Presidential' style of Government, he certainly has the right person for the role of "VICE President" - the A.L.P.'s Deputy Prime Brothel-Crawler, Alwaysleazy Albanese.

Good to see Alwaysleazy and Craig "It wasn't me!"; "No, wait a minute - Yes it was!" Thompson, two of the three members of the A.L.P.'s Parliamentary "Brothelyser Squad", out on the town. I suspect that closer inspection might have revealed their mate, Old Slippery Pete hiding under the table, up to heaven knows what.

Mitsubishi shut up shop 2 years ago; the A.L.P. have delivered on their last campaign promise of "Moving Ford"; Holden and Toyota are on their last legs, but at least under beady eyes of Labor's "Brothelyser Squad, the nation's knock shops and brothels will always be financial.

LABOR - bringing dignity, decorum and gravitas to a brothel near you!


Makes one wonder, doesn't it. Can't wait for the next installment.

Jane Smith

I cannot understand why the media are not all over the Tru Thai massage story. It is deeply disturbing to me that the deputy PM has been openly visiting an illegal brothel with what is known about underworld connections to prostitution, and I am referring to organised crime involving bikie gangs and sex slavery.

Mr Albanese and Mr Rudd, I demand to know what our deputy PM is doing entering a premise apparently known to be illegally offering sexual services. With the state of corruption in the ALP, I am concerned that the highest offices of this land have been compromised further by organised crime. An explanation is well overdue.

wendy brown

Its probaly a money Loundering
Slush fund on the books as a Government
Agency. Even had the cheek to sit and
Be seen.

Doubtful John

"IT"S A BOY!!" Albo shouted. "I CAN"T BELIEVE IT!!! IT'S A BOY!!!". And with the tears welling in his eyes, Albo swore he would never again visit a Thai brothel.

NameBogzy from Perth

Give them a break Michael! They were on a pub crawl and they were discussing what pub to go to next and what massage palour to end the night at!


Makes me wonder who else enjoyed a night's entertainment with Craig at the establishment on the credit card courtesy of the HSU.


'Who do you Trust?'. The New Way. Looks like the old, colluding way, to me. However, why should this worry Albasleazey, ahem, sorry, Deputy Prime Minister, a title he wears with pride and arrogance, but no class. What does he care Michael and fellow commentors, we are the 'people of no consequence'.

Grumpy Old Man

Gee it's a crook world when a couple of mates can't have a beer after work without you lot tipping a bucket of s**** all over them.
When was it Illegal to have a beer with a mate Australia's gone down hill since I left..
PS:I paid my phone bill before I left.


We know KRudd has a track record of leering at young women old enough to be his daughter getting naked in New York. I suppose when it comes to the sex trade it's just a matter of degree.

Obviously these Labor blokes are more adept at the seamy side of life than their now-best-buddy Malcolm Fraser who lost his trousers as well as his mind.

The Media have proven themselves to be a craven lot and would expect the same kind of threats Gillard unleashed over the AWU-WRA affair. They are gatekeepers, not watchdogs.


You would have to wonder at the street smarts of these two. Thomson has nothing left to lose, for better or worse Albo is still Deputy PM and in an election campaign. After the $ he's being paid, next time someone says pay peanuts you get monkeys about pollies I'll bloody thump em!

Flying Tiger Comics

I've put it on my blog before but it's a good one...

"Last night my Thai girlfriend told me that a small penis shouldn't be a problem in a loving relationship."

"But I still wish she didn't have one."

ba-doom tish.

Flying Tiger Comics

Albanese must be hallucinating and thinking they're the NSW ALP not the national version.

Or is it just that NSW ALP and federal socialism are basically the same monster with two heads?

Jane Smith


Kathryn. E

Hi Michael,

it really set my blood boiling every time I watched Albanese run interference whenever Thomson and Gillard were questioned in parliament. Everyone in the house, including every journalist, knew that what Albanese was doing was morally wrong.Every member of parliament knew of the eveidence you had on Gillard and still, Albanese kept on running interference.

If I had the technical ability, I would do a video of Albanese doing this to cover for Thomson and then I'd do another one of his unforgivable treatment of Julie Bishop. I will never ever forget watching our government laughing and enjoying themselves while watching Albanese and especially Gillard, ridiculing Julie Bishop and Tony Abbott who were trying to get to the truth.

I hope someone here can do something, for Michael to put up in a few days time.I want Australia to see the the government laughing at the people who were trying to uncover the inherent corruption in the labor party.

Thank you Michael for everything you do.

Edward James

That photo of Anthony Albanese drinking with Craig Thomson reported in the Telegraph Patrick Lion by line. Must bring the Office of Deputy Prime Minister into disrepute!

Edward James

Political consorting or just Labor mates having a drink? Labor should know by now, It is all about voters perceptions. Edward James

Up The Workers!

At $5.00 per donation, their contribution would not even be rewarded with a 'quickie knee-trembler' up against the galvanised iron fence down the back alley-way behind Craig or Alwaysleazy's favourite brothels.

Come on fella's!

If you are going to try to entice the punters to donate, at least offer them a marked private car-parking space out the front of the local brothel or pox-clinic, or a carton of condoms personally autographed by all of A.L.P. Caucus, or maybe a spanking paddle with Alwaysleazy's grinning dial on it.

Up The Workers!

It is not just the brothels that Right Dishonourable A.L.P. Parliamentarians frequent, that have organized crime connections - Kelvin Thompson, the A.L.P. Member for Wills (Bob Hawke's old seat) gave a favourable character reference for Tony Mokbel a few years ago, when the notorious convicted heroin dealer and multiple murderer was applying for a liquor license.

Don Mackay, Oily Al Grassby's Liberal opponent in Griffith, NSW, was murdered just after he orchestrated Grassby's long overdue defeat as A.L.P. representative for the seat of Eden-Monaro.

In every State and territory that the crooked, rotten and corrupt A.L.P. operates in, there are A.L.P. connections with criminals and A.L.P. former Parliamentarians either in, or about to be sentenced to, or recently released from, jails.

That's probably why they refer to their membership as the "rank-and-file". The members are rank, and a lot of them need a file to start work on the window bars in their cells.


Albo might be after Craig’s private address book contacts. All for therapeutic reasons of course!


Today it has been announced that millions will be spent on a "centre of excellence" for the South Sydney RLFC members and officials to enjoy. By the way , wasn't Albanese a former director of this outfit? How many more millions is this corrupt government going to borrow to ensure the fix is in?

Up The Workers!

His next words were: "Last time I take Old Slippery Pete's advice on which knock shop to visit on a taxpayer-provided cab-charge voucher!

"Come here Slippery - I've got a jumbo-sized jar of mussels for you, I'd like to insert!"

Labor - they're a classy lot.


Albo meets Thomson, now Dastyari going for Senate, my bet court case over the so call arrangement to pay the legal fees has gone away as Albo fixed the problem. Dastyari in the clear.


Ooooooo Min. There a very interesting thought. My mum always said "birds of a feather fly together"


Hi Kurt.
For me, the moment that defines Albanese is when he reportedly left a chair on a political panel typeTV show and passed Piers Akerman in the wings. Akerman was replacing Albo in the chair.
Albo's comment to Akerman was along the lines of -
"If I had known it was you coming in, I'd have 'gollied' in the water glass." (Spat)
All style is Albo
There is no recovery from that level of slimy thinking.


Some wag on the radio this morning suggested that Albo & Craig must have been discussing the "pros & cons" of their common interests!


Double snap ...

At $2.5K dollars, she was either one helluva hooker, or he had best buddies similarly occupied in the establishment or there was more than one player in the room.

Maybe that's why he was so aggrieved by his predicament - they all got their 'jollies' and he's the only one paying for it.

A beer a bit of rub and tug whats the problem even better if you can get the union members or the tax payers to cover the costs. You bloody beauty. I think they might have been saying hope Big Kev can get us across the line for another 3 years of this. Go boys no misogynists amongst these progressives.

Michelle Two

A bit OT but did you read that a Sydney Massage Parlour was robbed on Monday.


I love to have a beer with Albanese
I love to have a beer with Albo
We drink in moderation
And we never ever ever get rollin' drunk
We drink at the Bavarian Bier Café
Where the atmosphere is great
I love to have a beer with Albo
'Cause Albo’s me mate, yeah


They say you are known by the company you keep. -


Birds of a feather flock together!

Edward James

Craig was one of the masters apprentices, Senior Labor people know generically as the men who lunch a lot! Many of them are still lunching a lot! Edward James

Edward James

THE NEW WAY? Australians will vote NO WAY!

Edward James

Pros and cons, wonderful spot on i am sure! Edward James

marg of nambour

There is a third shadowy figure in that photo. Was it only Albanezy and Thomson there or could there have been another(s) in on the conversation?

Also, this meeting brings to mind the surreptitious meeting in 2007 of a Mr K Rudd with a certain man in West Australia by the name of Brian Burke.

seeker of truth

Secretary of NSW Labor, Sam Dastyari (born in Northern Iran), denied a couple of weeks ago that he would be standing for the Senate if Matt Thistlewaite was chosen as the Labor's House of Reps candidate for Kingsford Smith.

It was announced today that Sam Dastyari will be on Labor's NSW ticket for the Senate.

Craig Thomson's lawyer (Chris McArdle) had recently taken legal action against NSW Labor and Sam Dastyari for reneging on an agreement to pay $35,000 towards McArdles' fees. McArdle has text messages between himself and Dastyari evidencing the agreement.

Anthony Albanese meets with Craig Thomson yesterday for a drink and to talk about old times.

Today we have the Sam Dastyari announcement that he is entering politics.

Could it be that we will hear very soon that Chris McArdle has lodged a Notice of Discontinuance of his action against NSW Labor and Sam Dastyari? What did Craig Thomson and Anthony Albanese really discuss at that meeting? Why was Dastyari given the green light to be a Senate candidate? Did NSW ALP right wing faction have its way? Albanese belongs to that faction so was he sent to be the mediator in the McArdle legal stouch?

How do the people of Kingsford Smith feel about their candidate Matt Thistlewaite being a pawn of Labor powerbrokers in this game of musical chairs - not once but twice. Matt Thistlewaite (a former General Secretary of NSW Labor) was parachuted into the Senate at the 2010 elections, taking office in 2011. In 2010 he worked for a short time with the legal firm Mallesons Stephen Jacques which was a change of direction for him as all of his working life had been with NSW Labor. NSW Labor was starting to smell. NSW Labor must have got desperate as they called him in to stand in the Federal Senate elections held at the end of 2010 and he gave up a promising legal career to answer the party's call.

Another former NSW General Secretary of the ALP, Mark Arbib, resigned from the Senate in 2012 as "it was getting too hot" in the kitchen, and he was replaced with that great man Bob Carr who, by the way, lives in the electorate of Kingsford Smith.

NSW Labor powerbrokers will never die.

Up The Workers!

Does anybody know whether Alwaysleazy and Herman Munster use the same hair stylist?

There is a remarkable similarity, and he obviously uses the same "fang farrier" as "Jaws" from the James Bond movies of the 1970's.


Not a pal o' mine, just a palomine -

"Bettie Serveert – Palomine"

"Well I wish I had known your name
Is it possible that we might have felt the same
'bout the senselessness within the air
paints it's words almost everywhere
now the sun will always shine on this palomine

Well I wish I had known you then
well who knows I might have been a better friend
but now the senselessness within the air
paints it's words almost everywhere
how come life sometimes makes you feel so scared
I know the sun will always shine (2x)
yes the sun will always shine on this palomine

Well even when I think out about
the things you used to say out loud
even then I can't say I was prepared
to settle down to what you did
you made your choice and that was it
how come life sometimes makes you feel so scared
I know the sun will always shine (2x)
yes the sun will always shine on this palomine"


Now we know why Albo urgently needed to have a chat with Thommo:

Dobell ALP candidate Emma McBride does preference deal with Craig Thompson:

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