Bob Kernohan's statement about a savage bashing he got in 1999
New documents on Bill Ludwig, Bruce Wilson and a certain "Audit

We've made Greenpeace's Climate Change online news!

Earlier today, I posted this little audio grab of the unintelligible Garnaut gabbling.  I thought it epitomised the unintelligible rationale for Rudd's carbon tax trading scheme and thus should be preserved as a record of our madness during the Rudd era.



This is Safa Al-Jayoussi on Twitter.

Safa lives in Amman and is Greenpeace's Climate and Energy Campaigner in the Arab world.   She is also the Earth Hour organiser in Jordan.   Very good green credentials.

Safa al jayousi

She is also followed by our Julia on Twitter. I didn't photoshop that in.   Promise.

Safa runs a news website, called Climate Change.   It has lots and lots of news reports and videos from the Climate Change industry.   It's very worthy.

Safa al jayoussi

Well, today we made it!   Michael Smith News was included in the Greenpeace daily round-up of pro-climate change news, reinforcing the need for urgent action on dangerous catastrophic global warming, climate change and associated disasters.

Top story on climate change

And it's true!   Here we are with our Ross Garnaut Audio!

Here we are with climate change crap

Sometimes you don't know whether to laugh or cry.