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Report - Indonesian Police arrest 74 illegal Middle East boat-people bound for Australia

Illegal boat people get locked up

TRIBUNNEWS.COM, GARUT - A total of 74 illegal immigrants from the Middle East secured Garut police on Thursday (09/19/2013). Those bound for Australia via the Garut regency, was arrested in the District Leles.
Garut District Police Chief Adjunct Senior Commissioner Arif Rachman said, the immigrants came from Lebanon, Iraq, Iran, and Pakistan. They consisted of 7 children, 45 adult males and 22 adult females.
"They were arrested at 00.00 when a vehicle driven pumping gas at the pump in the District Leles. Arrest was made by police and handed over to the Police Leles Garut," said Arif Rachman.
All of these immigrants, while housed in the Hall Mapolres Garut. They get breakfast, lunch, and medicine. 12:30, they were taken to the Immigration Office Tasikmalaya uses two buses with police escort Garut.
He said immigrants without full immigration letter was originally brought from Jakarta to Garut using 10 units of four-wheeled vehicles. Based on the narrative of the driver, the car rented at a price of Rp 1.5 million.
"From the airport they were asked to bring immigrants to Garut. They were directed by a number of people in Cileunyi and Garut. The driver did not know that he had carried the illegal immigrants," said Supian.
Arrest immigrants, said Supian, is the result of Garut police orders to deploy patrols and raids after a vehicle transporting 12 immigrants from Myanmar were secured in District Kadungora, the day before.
"The driver who brought immigrants from Myanmar said that there are many drivers that will traverse Garut carrying illegal immigrants. They were arrested and interrogated as a witness," he said.