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South Australia's ICAC comes into operation today

False claims about experience and qualifications on work CVs - crime and punishment

You'd be angry if you paid for a 20 year veteran master tiler to do your period bathroom tiles and came home to a crappy job done by a year 3 apprentice.

Glen Oakley was found by the NSW ICAC to have corruptly made false claims about his qualifications to gain paid employment.

Here is a link to the ICAC's report prepared by Commissioner Irene Moss AO.

Commissioner Moss particularised criminal offences disclosed prima facie by Mr Oakley's conduct, including making and using false instruments and deception, or fraud offences.

Normally for a fraud, or obtaining property (money) or financial advantage by deception, the prosecution has to prove the deception (ie what bulltish did the crook tell) and that a person was deceived by it.   If the other person wasn't deceived, no offence under that section.  Commissioner Moss says Oakley might have been given the jobs anyway - if so this offence would fail.

But the NSW Crimes Act also provides for an offence that must be one of the greatest aids to putting crooks away I've encountered, it is a ripper, 5 years, serious indictable offence, statement in writing or not, doesn't need to prove who was deceived just the statement was false and made with the intention of getting the money (ie job).   And it captures anyone who knowingly concurs with the false statement maker, they just don't make laws like this any more!

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