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Labor leadership struggles - historical perspectives from Dr Craig Emerson

Today the parliamentary wing of the Labor movement will be told who to install as leader.

To understand how it works it helps to look at past practice.

Before June 2010 I was on very good terms with many in the parliamentary Labor party and I'd speak to a Minister most days of the week.   Yes really, especially Julia Gillard, I have heaps of interviews with her in the archives.

When the AWU decided her time had come and Rudd was rolled, I was phoned by successive ministers of the crown to explain why and how.

At the time I knew nothing at all of the AWU connections to Ms Gillard through Mr Wilson, I had never heard of Bruce.   I didn't understand Craig Emerson's AWU antecedents, nor was I aware of the extent of the contact-lens processor's personal entanglement in the Gillard web.

It's fascinating to hear Kathy Jackson's name just pop up here more than a year before Craig Thomson made waves again with me.


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While you listen, here are a few snaps of a handsome couple.

Gillard emerson
(snapped after the execution of a search warrant on her former offices and subsequent court action)

Gillard emerson ww
(Of Michael O'Connor, Bruce Wilson, Craig Emerson, Tim Mathieson et al)

Julia, craig and the tape measure
(Dr Emerson proves his standing - first among equals)