A bit of nostalgia for the Sunshine Coasters - a letter from my dad's best mate Gerard to dad, August 1976
To balance the Legally Brown garbage with some decency - here's Lieutenant General Ken Gillespie

Make Australia Halal. Hilarious. The families of 40 dead diggers, killed in action will be thrilled.

Your taxes at work.   I don't find anything remotely funny in trivialising the actions of the Islamist enemy.  I don't see anything funny about Islamist Jihad.  This is social engineering at taxpayer expense and it stinks.

I know Tony Iffland, the MD of SBS and I've always thought he was a good bloke.  Tony's dad Martin Iffland was our family butcher at Rockdale between Allen Wills's paper shop and Pat Daley's chemist.

Tony has huge experience in the TV industry.   I'm buggered if I know how he could be associated with this garbage.   SBS says this about Legally Brown:

Comedian Nazeem Hussain is host and star of a daring new comedy series which pushes all the boundaries. Starts Monday September 23 on SBSONE.

It pushes the boundaries all right.  There is nothing remotely acceptable in normalising Islamist stone-age proclivities.

As a hangover from the Gillard/Rudd days the Human Rights Commission has jumped on the anti-us bandwagon by dedicating a government funded website to the promotion of Legally Brown.

Here is the link, note the exhortation to complain about how badly you have been treated in Australia.   It comes with the territory on the Australian taxpayer funded site.

While smart-boy shows us how funny Jihad is, real Australians are taking the fight up to real Islamists in the Middle East.   I can think of 257 Australians battle casualties wounded in action who probably wouldn't see the humour in Legally Brown.

I know a few of the families of 40 dead men, killed in action by Islamists.   Legally Brown boy might laugh at Jihad but I feel nothing but disgust and contempt.   Sorry to spoil the party.

We should spend a lot less money celebrating this shitbox culture and a lot more solidifying our own.  If Jihad is so amusing and offers so great a suite of comedic opportunity, go and deliver your routines in Riyadh or Mecca on beheading day in the square.   Don't try to pretend it's acceptable here.

PS - there is nothing remotely funny about Al Qaeda.