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Ms Gillard's honorary professor position at University of Adelaide

I spoke with Dennis Shanahan of The Australian this morning.   Dennis is a highly respected journalist and The Australian newspaper is a journal of record with very high standards of accuracy and a track record of correcting errors when they're made.

Dennis told me this morning that he stands by the accuracy of this story at the time it was written.

Professor Gillard steps up


JULIA Gillard's life after politics won't really be a life without politics. Australia's first female prime minister is to become a professor of politics at Adelaide University.

Ms Gillard and alumni of Adelaide University will establish the taxpayer-funded executive office she is entitled to as a former leader within the university grounds. Her appointment as an academic will be formally confirmed and announced after next Saturday's election.

As you know last week Ms Gillard was named in proceedings in the Melbourne Magistrates' Court and we wrote to the Vice Chancellor of the University of Adelaide drawing his attention to those proceedings.

Our correspondence was noted.

Today I've spoken with the Communications Manager of the University of Adelaide.  I asked if the University was about to make an announcement or if it wished to say anything officially in answer to the media stories that Ms Gillard was about to be appointed as an Honorary Professor.

The answer to every question I posed was a very polite, "The University has no comment to make."

Ms Gillard is apparently engaged in rebuilding her public profile.

Julia Gillard to end self-imposed exile at two public forums

Julia Gillard is set to end her public silence in an interview with journalist Anne Summers at public forums at the Sydney Opera House and the Melbourne Town Hall in the next few weeks.

The 90-minute interviews will take place at the Opera House on September 30 and the Town Hall on October 1 and include 30 minutes of questions from the audience at each venue.

Dr Summers, who was an adviser to Paul Keating during his prime ministership, has been one of Mr Gillard's most outspoken defenders – before and after she was replaced by Kevin Rudd after serving three years and three days as prime minister.

'We treated our first woman prime minister disgracefully while she was in office and, now that she has been driven out, it seems she is going to be denied having her achievements recognised,'' Dr Summers wrote after Ms Gillard was removed.

Julia Gillard breaks her silence

During the seemingly endless oration from the ousted Labor prime minister Kevin Rudd, and the triumphant speech of election winner Tony Abbott, neither man spared a word for the woman who had led the country for three of the past six years.

Former prime minister Julia Gillard was invisible in these moments.

But Ms Gillard, who kept a low profile throughout the campaign, surfaced briefly on social media on Saturday to congratulate her successor, the winners and the losers.

After almost two full months of social media silence, Ms Gillard sent a first tweet of the night to congratulate the new Labor member in her former seat.

Two hours later, Ms Gillard returned to the microblogging site with a message of support for her former colleagues, making particular mention of Rudd and Anthony Albanese, the leadership team who had deposed her only months earlier, and George Wright, the party's national secretary.

Ms Gillard has been keenly crafting her image, a spin-doctoring job that Associate Professor Haydon Manning has reacted to in this story

"She has been a model of dignity," said Haydon Manning, associate professor of politics at Flinders University in South Australia.

"And that sharply contrasts really with the person who replaced her (Rudd) when he was replaced by her.

"She has done nothing to harm Labor's campaign, unlike in 2010 and obviously the campaign has been one of the worst Labor has ever managed to pull off."

Dignity was an important choice of words.

Dignity is a term used in moral, ethical, legal and political discussions to signify that a being has an innate right to be valued and receive ethical treatment.

Dignity was denied to Bob Kernohan and others Ms Gillard hurt in The AWU Scandal and its cover-up.  That's why it's important that she is not now improperly cloaked in a gown of improperly acquired dignity, particularly with police proceedings open for all to see in the court documents.

Now is not the time to forget the lessons of the past.   The temptation may be to let bygones be bygones, but that is to invite their repetition.

The absence of an announcement from Adelaide University can only be a good thing.  Don't let the university or Ms Gillard think we've forgotten what she did.