Day one - Immigration Dept ordered to cease granting permanent protection visas
The Bill of Rights of 1688, The King, The Queen and the former Member for Dobell Craig Thomson

Small Mercies. But you know something? News of this calamity will probably be overwhelmed by Mr Abbott's first day.

Cate Blanchett was an important ornament in The Rudd Process.   Photographs of Cate were a key deliverable for The Rudd 2020 Summit.

Wanna talk insight and value for money?

Cate did pensive.

Cate pensive

Cate did cautious.

Cate cautious

Cate did open to alternative (but still fashionable) views.

Cate able to be convinced

Cate laughed at "funded-by" man's jokes.

Cate laughing at jokes from the man who signs the cheques

But it looks like a brilliant career might now be stalled at the start-line and you already know why.  Misogyny.   But not building site wolf whistle misogyny - this is more famous misogyny than that.   The culprit here is big-misogyny, global-misogyny, the sort of misogyny that Anne Summers gets up every day to root out.

So now, all because of the Global Misogyny Conspiracy, our nation's political processes will be forever deprived of these - and possibly even more - facial expressions.

Sky News reports on the news that has political strategists on each side heading back to their great big whiteboards.   Want proof that misogyny is at play here?   Sky News's white-anglo, dominant-paradigm men (~80% confidence level that's true) have this story filed under "Showbiz" and not man-topics like politics.

How can a putative political operative hope to be taken seriously when she's pigeon-holed by faceless men who wouldn't know a committed fashionable-cause promoter even if they got sprung perving at her outtakes?

Cate Blanchett's fears for women

Updated: 05:40, Wednesday September 18, 2013

Cate Blanchett has told Sky News she has ruled out going into politics, although she is concerned that a 'wave of conservatism sweeping the globe' is affecting the role of women in society.

The Australian is in London to promote her new film, 'Blue Jasmine', directed by Woody Allen.

He is famous for making muses of his leading ladies but Blanchett, who describes herself as a feminist, believes equality for women has yet to be achieved.

'I'm reading a book by Ann Summers called 'The Misogyny Factor', and I feel that all of the steps forward that we've made ... a lot of those have been rescinded,' she said.

'Conservatism is affecting the way women perceive who they are in the world.'

When asked about the sexism scandal involving Australia's former prime minister Julia Gillard, the actress said: 'Whether you admire her as a politician or not, as a woman and out of respect for the office of the Prime Minister, how she was treated was quite shocking.'


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wow. gillard is gone. rudd is almost gone (thank goodness) and we STILL have to listen to this garbage? we had ita buttrose stick her nose in, now it's cate blanchett.
talk about scraping the bottom of the barrel just to find someone to keep the misogyny myth alive. it's funny, almost like cate thinks she has an opinion worth listening to. poor love.

i would take ability and a genuine earned position for a women over tokenism and quota systems any day. imagine the sense of pride julie bishop has. imagine the sense of achievement, that those in the handbag hit squad never got to experience. not that they would have i suppose, as it takes talent to be promoted elsewhere. i pity them


Agree that how Gillard was treated is shocking - particularly how she managed to go for so long without scrutiny of her role in the AWU scandal. Absolutely disgusting that she hasn't had to fully explain herself yet. Simply shocking Kate.

Lucy Blundell

Thank Christ Cate isn't interested in being a politician.

Michelle Two

Thank goodness!! for that Cate Blanchett has ruled out Politics can't take much more of fake people in the public eye (or more like in my face)her career is based on playing pretend in front of a camera (bit like the ALP party politic).


Poor Diddums - get over it Cate.


Oh I hope that we get to witness the wailing, and the gnashing of teeth from these buffoons when Karma runs over JG's Dogma ...


Yeah Cate .. You lost my respect when you showed your colours with your cosiness to Rudd. You confirmed your splash when you have put Summers into the equasion ... You poor poor dear thing. As an actress (not actor [male].. you are an actress [female]) you provide entertainment for all that appreciate the fine arts and interpretations that you can portray. However, as a person, your values are less than admirable as shown by the company you keep and the values that you seem to have misguidedly grasped. Stay acting my dear (said in a comforting non misogynistic way), you are good at that. Please don't change your mind and try to delve into politics. We have enough nutbags in skirts there already filling the Opposition benches.

Maggie 47

We've so many fake versions of Labor that I had forgotten that one.


For many years we have had a Labour Government, heavily influenced by a group of feminists called Emily's List.

Emilys List has as its motto:

"When women support women, women win."

The reaction to Emily's List was that Men voted in the Liberals. According to the Morgan multi media poll taken in the week prior to the election Men voted 55% for the Libs and only 45% for labour, that is a difference of 760,000 male votes.

"When men support men, men win."


Oh for Goodness sake Cate Blankette,go away.
You live in fantasy land.


Piss orf Cate Blanket.
You live in fantasy land.


It's a shame when the opinions of high profile people like Cate Blanchett (don't mind her acting) and David Williamson (great playwright - but a tired old leftie as heard on Q&A this week) are given so much airplay by journalists and other media groups who have never had thier youthfull idealsim tested/modified by having to work in the real World.

Evocative opinions, ever thought provoking but rarely coming up with real or practical solutions to problems.

I have ZERO interest in the opinions of Actors whose $$ demands are so far out of whack or from juvenile journalists providing "all-knowing" commentary on matters about which they know very little.

A bit also like school teachers who know a little about a lot but act as self-proclaimed experts on everything!!

Maybe I'm just a bit tired of having leftist theology proclaimed from all sources for the past 6 years!!

Hoorah for 7 September 2013!!!! Proud to be Australian again.

Wendy brown

Why are we all still up Must be the Full
Moon. MSM are backed into a corner
All the things they have clung too have
desolved before there eyes. thats why
they have Cate another pretender Bet
She got to the Top of her game by Men
Giving her a go.How ungratefull calling
men Names. Thats just nasty.when she's
on the red carpet its a Man she gloats.
Made her dress.

Doubtful John

Fairfax now sets about the task of softening history and takes a rather cowardly poke at in publishing Paul Sheehan today. I am quite disappointed. I mistakenly thought more highly of Sheehan. I won't be filling an extra glass if I spot him navigating towards my table. Another hack on the agenda teat.


Cate has all the attributes of a good LieBore girl, one can see she has worn knee pads a lot in her career,I'm sure she like Labor wimmen have hidden asset's, which are only on show in the bedroom or boardroom or union hall, she sure knows how to kiss butt and suck it it, just like Emily listers have done since foundation, at Least LNP Ladies have earned their way up the ladder by merit


Gee I wonder how long it took Cate to decide she didn't want to be a politician?
I mean really, I'm sure her financial adviser would have had to be consulted......and that analytical brain of hers must be itching to change the world. She has so much to offer the plebs of Australia.

Another dope who thinks she's smarter than everyone else just because she sat next to Rudd while other dickheads took a photo of him with her.

Tinaroo John

Alas poor Cate. Is she a member of the Twisted Sisters mob or just looking for headlines, so sad

Flying Tiger Comics

Oh but she is.

When her career tapers off, look to see her suddenly coming back and actually pretending to be an Australian again.

Jane Smith

Cate, a woman who spends her life pretending to be other women (often from other countries and eras) whilst living in the sterile bubble of the entertainemnt industry, far removed from the real women of Australia, who, while she was sleeping, have been rising to the tops of their professions, and getting on with having real lives with people they love (often men, shock horror!).

Bugger off back to New York or wherever the next soiree is, Cate, we are over narcissists, big time.

And yes, I'm shocked by how JULIA EILEEN GILLARD was treated, specifically the way she also pretended to be a woman, whilst trashing freedom of the press, the economy of this great country, and the laws of the land.

Hopefully soon she will have a fixed Victorian address, at her majesties leisure, and you can pop in on arranged visits with Anne to bewail the worldwide misgony conspiracy (aka a system of law).


I'm so disappointed. I really admire her as an actor. Who'd have thought that she's actually as dumb as dog poo. Well her and Ms? Summers will be very happy together on their crusade to rid the world of sexist men. Start in the Middle East please. Leave us thinking women alone.


Poor Wolverine. Bored out of his skull with all this nonsense!


Well an actor with how much money and success is complaining about misoginy? Where is her glass ceiling? It must be in her bank account. What a tosser!

Phabulous Phil

Wasn't Woody Allen the upright citizen who left his wife for his adopted daughter? Cate Blanchett calls herself a feminist yet apparently has no problem working alongside such a person. Obviously her feminism has more to do with headline-chasing than commitment.


Carbon Cate - she of the Climate catastrophe commercials who makes a handsome living pretending to be someone else, reading dialogue written by other people who, ignoring her own dire warnings of rising sea levels, buys a beachfront property in Vanuatu.

I can almost guarantee she didn't actually buy Summers' book - it would have been sent to her as part of its marketing strategy - but, true to form, Cate needs cues written by other people. As a professional 'mouthpiece', she can be relied upon to 'deliver' on time and on budget.

Btw, in the top pic, is that Hugh Jackman impersonating a stunned mullet?

Bribie John

What is so special about Cate Blanchett?

When will we stop idolizing actors/actresses and realize they are ordinary people like office workers,stay-at-home mothers, boiler makers,mechanics etc.


"Do as I say, not as I do"

Michelle Two

Just reading this article by Paul Sheehan on How Gillard will win the History War

No doubt she will go down in History but not because of anything she done whilst she was in the top job but because of how she got to that position and from where I sit she will not be looked upon favourably as we here on this blog know the truth.

I wonder if all the journo's out there are still going to ignore that real truth on her rise to power? or will they one day wake up to what she was really like.


So true Michelle. We are all sick of dills.

"She is concerned that a 'wave of conservatism sweeping the globe' is affecting the role of women in society" - unlike Islam.


I’m sorry but I can’t take Cate too seriously. I keep seeing her, doing her bit for women’s empowerment or something, trying to swing that great big sword around in Robin Hood. One of the funniest things I’ve seen. I’m sure I read somewhere she demanded Maid Marion be made more....modern? I hope it’s true.

john greybeard

For someone who has spent a lot of time in the UK, Ms Blanchett posed for a dodgy political snippet which showed the Battersea Powerhouse as a current source of pollution. Her conduct was deceptive and as a theatre director she must have known that her conduct was unworthy.

The Clean Air act which came into effect in 1957-8 in the UK. It cleaned up the London Smog and closed the Battersea Powerhouse. It did not tax Carbon Di-oxide. It stopped the burning of dirty 'coal' in open hearths and made people use 'coke'.

The pollutant was carbon particulates and acids not carbon dioxide and few in the UK would have denied a wish for some global warming.


A small addendum if I may Michael, how could you leave out this pearl of political judgement...


I agree with Brad's comment. True. She got away with it... up until now...

KB worrier

"how she was treated was quite shocking."

Not if you bother to look at her background and behaviour at the time !

I will not be lectured on misogyny by that misandrist , over rated actress !


Like Di Smith? Did you see how that turned out? ROFL


Very good actress, very poor judgement.


Bribie John

Fair-weather Feminist, Weekend Earth-Mother & Chardonnay Socialist spring to mind

Celebs do a really good job selling glossy magazines & attracting members to the Scientologists. Does not really improve my life, how about yours?


Everything that Twitchy said... I agree... especially the bit about being an actress. We have a male and female for a lot of words. Yes even the French distinguish male and female in their language... Get over yourself Cate.


I disagree about Cate's acting ability. It is not that great.... Did you see her in the latest Robin Hood movie? She was not that good.


Bravo Michael, for the post & Jane, for your comment. I've never been particularly impressed by the leftist grandstanding of people who make their living pretending to be someone else...


Blancett is someone who has been given every opportunity and is still not happy. The sense of entitlement is alive and well. I no longer go and watch Blancett's films after her association with the last Labor govt. Next they will be suggesting that we give women a head start in politics, just like we even out the horse races. Unless we ensure the best candidate wins this is a race to the bottom.


Yes!! I am a woman. I agree with Bribie John.

Stop idolizing these actors and actresses. They ply a trade, a craft, based upon lies....


What a joke! Who was one of the most famous detractors of Julia? The leader of the feminist movement Germaine Greer. How does cate explain this or has this incident been moved to the Rudd family's forgettery?

Beam Me Up

Dear Cate,

The problem with Gillard was not her gender, it was her utter lack of ability. Her own behaviour also called into question her ethics, honesty and character.

Her very thinly disguised communist politics are anathema to honest Australians, and that is why we never warmed to her.

Her screeching misogyny rant in my Parliament was demeaning to me personally as a woman who has had the guts and ability to make it on my own merit. I have never had to hide behind any confected outrage in order to succeed in any endeavour in my life.

I note that Gillards apparently deep-seated convictions for the urgent need to address "climate change" don't prevent her buying waterfront property, and at a vulgarly inflated price to boot.

No doubt that is being paid for by we tax-payers via her obscenely excessive "pension" "entitlements" - yet another reason why Gillard will continue to be despised.

So when you look at it, Cate, Jools hasn't done so badly for a victimised woman after all, has she?

John H

I love that actors/actress always hit the headline with something they have dug up when a movie they are staring in is about to be released (uncanny). Also how self justification can always be turned on when the person you are working with has a checkered record, ie: a movie about feminism/misogyny directed by Woody Allen ha ha ha give me a break! It's all about money and fame.


''Gillard was taken out by her own sisterhood, they knifed her in the back, drinking from the chalice of blood'' - Senator Michaelia Cash, Senate Hansard
Rudd leaked during the election campaign and destabilised her government

Cate is disgusted by ''deniers'' and sees Gillard's weakness and bad performance as misogyny. Cate is as deluded as many from the left who still believe Rudd won the election

Gillard was deputy PM when the 4 young Australians were killed in ceilings and hundreds drowned at sea. Gillard was PM when she could have stopped the drownings
If Cate excuses death, that's her problem


couldn't agree more, twitchy,these acting types get well paid
for carrying out the directions of others, speaking the words of others, and all of a sudden they think they have the solutions for everything & their s*** doesn't stink.


They will fade away if they don't get any attention!
She just belongs to a ( thank goodness ) shrinking minority who can only get places when she is on the left and she knows it. Why anybody ANYBODY would "follow "her OR Rudd anywhere ( social media ) is a total mystery to me. I would rather be tasered. I have to much pride to follow anybody just because they encourage me to do so.

Rob Greer

A position may command respect but, the person holding that position must earn respect.


"Carbon Cate won't be moving to politics' hard to see that one coming.

Poor pet, she's delusional....after suckling from the public teat between movies to promote Krudd's Climate Hoax, Carbon Cate is at it again trying anything to promote her latest flick. This time she's batting for the Twisted Sisters.....anything for a headline and anything to promote 'Cate Inc'.

We're over it lovey.....

Maggie Qld

Children left behind in a World where famous women want to be greater than all and feminists want us to be patronised with promotions purely for our gender and not our ability or talent. Date Blanchett andb Julia Gillard do nothing for women as both live in a world of fantasy.


I love your thinking Wendy Brown, you are so-o-o-o right....but I guess those factors are different???!!!


Cate Blanchett and her fellow travellers just dont get it. Perhaps they never will if they are determined enough not to.

According to Blanchett, "Whether you admire her as a politician or not, as a woman and out of respect for the office of the Prime Minister, how she was treated was quite shocking".
Julia Gillard was not liked or respected by a large majority of Australians. It wasn't because she is a woman. Nor was it because of her political persuasion. Nor was it just becasue she was prepared to use the knife to take the Prime Ministership before she was ready for it (and there is plenty of evidence to now say she would never be ready or suitable for the role).

Blanchett and the rest of the gaggle that have been totally focussed on their gender war, say that "as a woman and out of respect for the office of the Prime Minister" that Gillard should have been treated with more respect and that her treatment was shocking. The facts are that Gillard did great harm to the Office of Prime Minister and indeed for the cause of women. And worse, like her supporters, she seems clueless about it. The reasons why she was so totally disliked and offensive to a large section of the electorate are numerous. Make your own list.


I understand that she has been WANTING to do a movie for Woody....just about sums up the hypocrisy.`


Off topic but funny

A climate modeler increasing his model’s sensitivity.


Reading or listening to Anne Summers says it all.


Please Kenny, she's an actress, no more of this PC crap. Men are actors, females are actresses. I'll call them all actors the day they award ONE Academy Award for acting.

Account Deleted

I see that Deb O'Neill (Julia's friend who backed Rudd) is lining up for Senator Carr's position - can't she take a hint - she was voted out! Look that up in your Funk & Wagnalls Deb!


Can't stand her. In London to promote it's new film directed by WOODY ALLEN - nuff said.

FB of Perth

Selective hearing, selective sight, selective ability to understand the truth - these conditions affect so many in Australia. Cate lives in a world so removed from the normal people but she is free to express her view just the like the rest of us. It is astounding that even after the new Government has been sworn in sections of the media and the Labor Party has not yet woken up to the fact they lost. The quota system for female Ministers was an absolute failure under Labor not one of them was up to the job that is were the problems begin and ends. The media thinks they are on to something with the gender issue to have a go at Abbott about the rest of us are over it so it seems. I expect sections of the media will continue to enlighten us with Rudd's tweets they (the jurno's) would be perfect candidates for the next election when Labor is looking for people to stand.


Carbon Cate ....

"how she was treated was quite shocking."

.... please provide evidence of any treatment dished out to Julia which was different to any other politician male or female. Whatever happens, if you are shit at your job , don't deliver anything of substance and trash a country you deserve to be pilloried from pillar to post relentlessly until you learn. Gillard never learned anything from her time as Australia's worst PM and Albanese and Shorten are heading down the same track.

To claim or infer that Gillard was unfairly treated because she was a woman is absolute crap. She was fairly treated because she was no good as PM of this great country.


thank you Michael. And Jane Smith, a fantastic post.
The Labor Party to a tee, pretending to be someone else and in the mean time doing such an injustice to our Country

Rose Bush

Cate, Cate, Cate..... we have moved on from self promotional fools who want to be loved and adored.

You see while you were swanning around Cannes promoting Woody Allen and his stepchild/wife's latest movie we the Australian people voted in a government that will govern. I know it is shocking I mean you must have nearly choked on your evian or hermitage but it was true.

Poor Julia tried to get the Labor car on the road - but it turned out she was hopeless and when her own party started sharpening the knives she pointed to Tony Abbott and said it was all his fault as he was a women hater. It worked for a little while but you see Julia got it from her own party and they put back your Acting friend Rudd.

I say acting friend because Kevin spent more time wanting to be loved by everyone he forgot about policy.

Time for you to zip it (i.e. your lips now) and go back to Americal.

PS so relieved to know that you are not going to do anything but act in the future - don't think you have anything else to offer.

Maggie 47

I'm waiting for Rudd to appear on our TV screens as a political commentator!!!!!


Hey Cate, Bugger off.....we don't need another human headline. Your movies are not all that good, go away and get some practice in. JEG deserved all she got and then some


Back on about lack of females working with TA.....I think TA is playing fair ball cause realistically , we have the well groomed articulate, smart Julie Bishop and the equally talented and stylish speaker of the house....these two alone have to be worth at least 6 of the other females posing as politicians with Dudd/Juliar. Class and brains not in the liebor dictionary !!!!


This is a very disappointing post ... it displays all the worst attributes of "playing the man" (in this case a woman) rather than "playing the ball". Furthermore it has engendered catty invective from some of your blog followers.

None of this advances the debate on the status of women (ie. whether it has progressed or regressed) because none of it addresses this issue.

The only aspect of the Blanchett segment that caught my eye was "'I'm reading a book by Ann Summers called 'The Misogyny Factor'". Blanchett would do well to diversify her sources.

Of course you may have a personal antipathy towards Blanchett but using your blog in this overtly personal and defamatory way is simply gutless. If you have concerns about Blanchett barracking for the left of politics, perhaps you should consider looking in a mirror.

Journalistically methinks you should aim higher.

[Thanks for your frankness Max, I always value your thought through comments. I have a particular aversion, you are right and I do react badly. Particularly at the end of a lengthy day!]

Belle of Tweed

Gillard deserved more than what she got - and I am not being
complimentary. Have any of these admirers of JG watched
her Question Time performances in Parliament. Disgusting
behaviour for any male or female let alone our first female
Gillard didn't have a clue about running a country - correction
she did a very good job of running Australia into the ground.
She was vicious, vindictive and incompetent. Her behaviour
was a disgrace and as a female I am deeply angry at the damage
she did to the reputation of women as fit persons for hight office in Australia.

Old Rooster

As my cousins in Nord-Pas-de-Calais and Picardy would say > 😉📢🐓


'Whether you admire her as a politician or not, as a woman and out of respect for the office of the Prime Minister, how she was treated was quite shocking.'

How so? How was Gillard treated shockingly? She was treated exactly as her own manner and actions dictated and warranted. Cate seems to be an Emily Lister in an actor's mask. Spare us!

Is there anything more irritating than an activist actor - be it Charlton Heston waving around his magnum, Jane Fonda cosying up to Ho Chi Minh, Sean Penn acting like a dick, [ditto, Susan Sarandon, George Clooney, Tim Robbins and the list goes on]

Memo to Cate and her fellow thespians - political opinions are like a***holes - everyone has one, but nobody wants to see yours.


That obscenely paid hypocrite, blonde bombshell, Hollywood starlet carbon Cate Blanchett is an air head adored by the elitist Labor/Green, intelligenza...ditto macho man, tough guy actor Rusty Crower.

Steven Kaye

Actually, you're quite wrong about Woody Allen. Do some research. And Cate's political views might be idiotic but she is incredible in Blue Jasmine and is going to win the Best Actress Oscar.

Not on the Left

No, Cate, what I find "shocking" is a PM who (allegedly) uses her position as a union lawyer to rip off union members' money to fill her, and boyfriend's wallets; tells a flagrant lie about not introducing a carbon tax before an election; falsely accuses an honest, decent man of being a "misogynist" while hiding behind the privilege of "coward's castle" (as part of a defence of a true misogynits!); and, probably worst of all, provokes a race riot designed to make Abbott look like a racist, and her look good.

Oh, and Cate, I think it's very rich for a multi-millionairess actress to be pontificating about "misogyny", and "conservatives."

chicken little

its the same woman people blanchett is gillard. john hartigan is tim mathison. look & learn. obama is ron prescott bush .


"pretending to be an Australian again."

You sure are one bitter moron.

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