Here's a bit of value for money from Mr Magnificent - the Global Carbon Capture Something or other
The ABC gets into the fundraising business for the Climate Commission - good model for the ABC itself

Sydney radio ratings released today 2UE breakfast small, Paul Murray show smaller

Sydney radio ratings
This was the election period, up until Saturday 14th September.

2UE breakfast dropped further to 3.3% of the available audience.   Alan Jones 16.9%.

2UE dropped even more listeners during Paul Murray's show, his share was smaller than the 2UE breakfast show with 3.2% against 2GB's Ray Hadley on 16.2%

One of the hardest shifts on a talk station is drive-time.  In an election campaign people have often had enough of politics by the end of the day and the big ratings winner in drive was SmoothFM up 1.5%.  The ABC's Richard Glover lost 1.7% of share to Ben Fordham's drop of .9% and my friend Jason Morrison bucked the 2UE overall trend to increase his drivetime share by .3%