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The ABC hasn't lifted a finger to tell people about my private website.   How come they're using taxpayer money to promote this one?

Tim Flannery relaunches scrapped Climate Commission as community-funded body

Updated 13 minutes ago

A climate science body abolished by the Federal Government has been relaunched as a community-funded organisation.

The Climate Commission was set up to advise on the science and economics of carbon pricing, but was scrapped by the Government last week.

The group's former chief commissioner, Tim Flannery, says thanks to enormous public support, it has been relaunched as the Climate Council.

"We need a clear, credible and authoritative and independent voice in this area and there has never really been a more critical time for that voice than now," he said.

He says the council has raised about $7,000 since donations started at midnight.

"We had our first donation from James in Perth for $15 at midnight. We've been raising $1,000 an hour and that's through the night," he said.

Under the previous government's model, the Climate Commission cost about $5.4 million over a four-year period.

But Professor Flannery says the Climate Council should be able to run on a smaller budget.

Professor Flannery says he and his fellow former commissioners will volunteer their time to get the council started.