Last delay clears away today in The AWU Scandal search warrant hearings
For all those who never wavered in their faith. Justice will be done in The AWU Scandal

What part of this is a surprise? PNG locals are filthy over asylum seeker free phones etc

The Rudd is devoid of care for others or anything like a conscience.

He speaks politely but that wafer thin veneer hides a cruel psychotic lizard or some other hideous creature that enjoys tormenting its prey.

Seriously - how else can you explain his actions?

Who would knowingly set up this sort of drama?

Tensions erupt on Manus Island as locals threaten to sabotage "PNG Solution" detention centre

AUSTRALIAN taxpayers are already pouring around $500,000 per asylum seeker into Manus Island under Kevin Rudd's rushed "PNG Solution" - but the money pot is igniting bitter clashes in the jungle between angry locals trying to cash in.

One Manus Island tribal leader is threatening to sabotage the makeshift detention centre by cutting off water this week unless its demands for 291,000 kina in "rent" are paid.

Inside the centre, local workers - who are astonished that asylum seekers are receiving free mobile phones, chocolate and ice-cream - have staged strikes to lift their pay from about 3 kina an hour.

Tempers are boiling in the steamy jungle surrounding the temporary centre - one tribal elder vowed to die before allowing construction workers access to gravel during a fiery blockade witnessed by The Daily Telegraph on the weekend.

"You can kill every one of us if you want, but we will be here - we will stand here and wait,'' village elder John Lillie told fellow Manus Island local Stenat Moli, who was stopped from digging gravel for the centre.

"Everywhere you go - dig, dig, dig digging to fill your own pocket, but what is left for us?

"The only thing is you die or we die - that's the bottom line and I am prepared to die on my land.''

Manus Governor Charles Benjamin said "things are getting bad" after the Lombrum Landowners Association shut down a dump which they claimed was being "illegally" used by the centre, which is being rapidly expanded at Manus' old military base.