As the chopper crashed the rotor chopped the foliage I thought "this is what an ant must feel like" when I mowed the lawn.
ASIO is back in town naming our biggest threats - violent Islamists - also highlights dangers in making Syria an issue here

Andrew Robb really stands out with this letter to constituent Chris

Here's Chris's story today:

Hello Michael, read today about manners in replying to constituents approaches for want of a better description.

I was very worried about the rorting the NDIS poses and bought a book as shown in the attach. I thought the message so important to the country that I bought 10 . I sent them to Coalition members. Joe Hockey, Julie Bishop, Andrew Robb, Malcolm Turnbull and the lass from Kooyong. I sent a copy to Ross Stevenson and John Burns and to Neil Mitchell 3 AW.

I have attached a letter from Andrew Robb. A humble man. The only person who saw fit or found the time to thank me. Not that I wanted thanks but maybe just an acknowledgement that they had received the book for the trouble I went to.


Who do you think I will be making my donations to next time?





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