Legal fee funding for illegal boat people
CONFIRMATION ~40 POB ACV Triton unloading via RIBs at Christmas Island now


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Am I paranoid?

Thought you might be interesting in this article:

Gives full credit to HMAS Melbourne.



Again, can someone please ask the busy Liberal Immigration Minister Hon. Scott Morrison when are they going to send back home those pesky "30,000+ country shoppers" that Liberal affirmed in their election campaign? Cashed up $$queue jumpers, very dubious country shoppers who throw away their passports, deceiving entry into Australia! These so called "clients" of Labor, obviously must all be sent back home A.S.A.P. And make way for the legitimate, terrified Christian refugees waiting for 10 years, in God damned UN refugee camps!!


Immigration Minister Scott Morrison says he is simply calling ''a spade a spade'' by directing public servants to refer to asylum seekers as ''illegal''.

''I'm not going to make any apologies for not using politically correct language to describe something that I am trying to stop,'' he said.

Mr Morrison has come under fire for telling immigration staff that boat arrivals must be called ''illegal maritime arrivals'', and asylum seekers in detention must be called ''detainees'' instead of ''clients''.

Advertisement The Immigration Minister is unrepentant.

''I'm not going to engage in some sort of clever language to try and mask anything here,'' he said.

''I'm going to call a spade a spade.''

Mr Morrison said his directive simply concerned the way asylum seekers arrived.

''People who have entered Australia illegally by boat have illegally entered by boat,'' he said.

''I've never said that it is illegal to claim asylum. That's not what the term refers to. It refers to their mode of entry.''

Labor immigration spokesman Richard Marles accused Mr Morrison of demonising asylum seekers in what he said was a return to the inflammatory rhetoric of the Howard era.

''This is an area where language is bullets: it is really important that we are careful about what language we use and that we depoliticise this area of policy,'' Mr Marles said.

''Those who come by boat are not the enemy.

''In terms of calling a spade a spade, people who seek asylum here are asylum seekers.''

Now please correct me if I'm wrong but didn't the old windsock Carr claim these people were Country Shoppers looking for economic security rather than Assylum Seekers where I assume Asylum menas they are in danger if we don't take them in?

Marles and his ilk must think we are retarded if he believes his own stupid, stupid statement?


I tell you what Am I paranoid, these pirates certainly know how to "assume the position" PMSL!!!!


So not picked up west of CI which is where one would expect Africans to be arriving from. So one can only assume they have departed from Indo and heading for the Australian mainland.

Nothing more heard about Indos negoiations on stopping the boats from departing from their shores.

So now they are been granted the purchase of Australian land for breeding halal cattle, now they are not as active as they were?

Ummm....time for a wake up call I think !

Linda M

It is not surprising that boats keep coming. In last week's briefing which didn't get aired and little coverage Morrison outlined some of the lies prospective passengers are being told by people smugglers anxious to keep their hands on the lucrative trade. They are being told that families are not being sent to offshore processing, only drug addicts and criminals will be sent there; that even if they get sent home the Australian government will give them $15,000 to return with, and this really imaginative one - Nauru and Manus are the names of detention centres within Australia! How much money did the Labor government spend on advertising in Australian newspapers to what avail exactly?


Nothing to do with Abbott then, Sharon ?

God bless.


Agree Shaz.
Earlier this year Labor gave Indonesia :

$320 million to improve education in Muslim schools and $60 million to improve their cattle breeding stock.

Now Indonesia is placing a special tax on Aus beef imports to pay for improvements to their schools.

Now Coalition is allowing Indonesia to buy a million acres of Australian beef country to breed and supply Indonesia.

We gave Indonesians millions to buy breeding stock and land from our farmers who were cash strapped because Indonesia banned cattle imports.

Indonesians have cut the throats of Australian farmers, bleeding them of their major export market and future.


It's a dumb and criminal act by stupid Australian politicians. And Abbott is promoting free trade with every country.

God help Australia cause our pollies won't.


Agree wholeheartedly STP, why are Australian abattoirs paying a halal tax ?

Time to get realistic, the abattoirs should be charging the tax to adhere to the brutal and cruel killing practices of mulims.

In fact better still ban all halal methods due to animal cruelty. Where are the greenies and animal activists? No where to be seen, to busy slinging mud as celebrity fire fighters!

This whole halal certification is nothing but extortion and the naive and foolish have fallen for it.

And who gets lumbered with the halal extortion tax, us, the end consumer at the register. Not too mention where the $'s are being channeled.

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