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Former MP reckons "Professor" tag is devalued by former politicians who seek it out

Comments like Marilyn's usually go to the keeper - I'll take this ignorance on once and for all

This morning I received a comment from Marilyn about this post, published by us on Monday 21 October 2013.


Eyewitness report of 130 illegal boat people arriving at Christmas Island 20 October 2013

Shaz reports that she was on the water in her own boat yesterday and saw HMAS Warramunga coming in to Christmas Island.   She saw about 130 people on board and took these photos from the water on a beautiful day on CI.


Marilyn is a real person.   I'm seeing a lot more new readers coming to the blog for the first time and leaving comments on older posts like this one - often in language much like Marilyn's.   I don't know Marilyn, but the things said in this comment are vile and terribly ill-informed and I'd like to take this head-on just the once.

Race hatred

Inciting race hate is a criminal offence in New South Wales.   Accusing someone of racism and even worse, of inciting race hate is a serious and horrible allegation.   Marilyn is wrong about the race related element of our work.  She's also mistaken in her judgement about the "innocence" of the people she assumes I am racist about in so far as that innocence relates to a history of no illegal acts in Australia.

I'm very proud of the work Shaz has done continuously now for some months in reporting movements on Christmas Island.   It's never race based and always highly accurate, Shaz has very finely attuned radar to potential movements in her part of the world.

On Sunday 20 October Shaz took the shots above and on Monday, 21 October we carried the above report estimating 130 people had arrived.   I'm not aware of other media making that report.

Later on that Monday we reported that Triton had arrived with people on board.

As soon as we could confirm our estimate of numbers we carried this further report confirming 40 people transferred to Christmas Island.

I'm not aware of any other media covering those arrivals at the time.  

Government policy now is not to make arrival and boat information available as it happens.   The weekly briefings are held each Friday, here's a link to last Friday, 25 October, 2013.

Minister for Immigration and Border Protection and Commander of Operation Soverign Borders Joint Agency Task Force address press conference - 25 October 2013


ANGUS CAMPBELL: Thank you Minister.

Welcome to the Operation Sovereign Borders weekly briefing for the period 9 o'clock Friday 18 October until 9 o'clock this morning. For those who have not previously attended, I will just note that my comments will be confined to activities during the week, ending 9 o'clock this morning relating to the off-water reception and processing of illegal maritime arrivals under the control of the Department of Immigration and Border Protection. I will not discuss current or potential future on-water operations.

During the reporting period, people from two suspected illegal entry vessels had arrived into immigration processing.

On Sunday 20 October, 126 people were transferred to Immigration authorities at Christmas Island.

On Monday 21 October, a further 40 people were transferred to Immigration authorities from a second vessel. In addition, during the reporting period four crew members were transferred to the control of Immigration authorities.


Marilyn, the purpose of our articles, photographs and first hand interviews is to report the truth.   Your ill-informed observation doesn't advance that goal in any way - but we can help you in learning a little about the law that makes entry by boat without a visa illegal.

It may be Marilyn that you'd ignore our analysis of the Migration Act 1958 and in particular the provisions particularised in Section 14 that define the illegality.   You might be tempted to use some colourful language in dismissing our analysis.  That might make you feel better but it won't fix the gaps in your knowledge.

So rather than tempt fate with our own analysis, here's the ABC's in-house website which following your logic must be dedicated to "continuing to incite race hatred against innocent people, who are not more illegal "anything" than the ABC itself".

Fact check morrison


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Michael, it would be interesting to know if "Marilyn" is Marilyn Shepherd - the Adelaide pensioner. If so, you're wasting your breath trying to explain anything. Right (as in correct, not wing) thinking people understand the difference between genuine asylum seekers and economic [illegal] migrants, but you'll never convince the wrong thinkers of this.
There used to be some quite detailed potted histories of "Marilyn" Shepherd online that made for both amusing but also infuriating reading.

[it appears you are right. MPS]

Maggie Qld

I no longer respond to the Marilyn who attack reality. There is no way Marilyn has consideration for the laws enacted by Rudd/Gillard which lured people to their deaths and permitted well heeled country shoppers to abuse our hospitality and usurp the places of genuine refugees.

Caring people do not pander to criminal elements and there is no doubt Labor/Green policy has lined the pockets of people smugglers and threatened the security of this Nation.

I doubt the Marilyn's who inhabit our Country have genuine concern or real compassion and will continue to ignore them.

Michael this tripe is best filed in the WPB.

Flying Tiger Comics

Your new "fans" are part of concerted, controlled and deliberate online targeting and stalking, to wear you down and in some cases play the middle ground until you trust them at which point we will be back in user "Hoax" territory.

God Bless etc.

Identifying them has to be done, but consider blocking them on a three strikes rule- they bring nothing to the table and in some cases are paid agitprop agents.

Or just bureaucrats hard at work in their Canberra sinecures...


Even genuine refuges are illegal entrants if they attempt entry without visas. They know it, and since many have relatives in Australia those families are all conspiring to subvert the processes needed for coming in legally. That is unfair to many in Australia who are trying to bring relatives in. There really is a queue also in refugee camps. If you believe in no borders you have to convince the government of Australia and indeed the rest of the world because Peace depends on recognized borders. These people may indeed have a genuine story to tell but experience has found many have not.


There was a "Marilyn" haunting Bolts blog some time back with similarly erroneous and emotive content, and often refugee focused. "She" disappeared abruptly.
This may be the same blogger, just released perhaps.
"Her" contributions always struck me as erratic, illogical and written at a time of hormonal inconvenience or permanent mental shortfall.
Allowing access to a keyboard could just be a therapists error.
Best to avoid "feeding" her for everybody's sake IMO.

john greybeard

Breaking the law is illegal no matter your skin colour or racial heritage.

Entering territorial waters without a valid visa or entry permit is breaking the law and is therefore illegal. If you tried it at an airport you would be on the next plane back.

The Lady-who-is-no-Monroe still sounds like someone who others would stereotype as a dumb blonde. As I don't believe in stereotypes I would just say her comments were dumb and offensive.

Maggie 47

It seems your well informed genuine supporters have "outed" Marilyn.
Well done guys.
All the best Michael.


Unfortunately Michael, we have too many Marilyns....usually left wing feminist weirdos I for one am tired of the rubbish that has been bought to our country in the last 30 years....Hence the violence in western Sydney and in other states as well but not as often....Under Labor they have been able to flout our laws......Thank God for Campbell Newman, they wont want to come to Qld........We must concentrate on bringing good quality people here I know of a Zimbarbwian Dentist who took 8 years to have his application approved, and he has never asked for one cent from the Govt, yet the Centrelink seekers are here in droves


To Marilyn, some quotes, enjoy - "Marilyn Manson Quotes" - http://www.brainyquote.com/quotes/authors/m/marilyn_manson.html


Not difficult to pick; Marilyn Shepherd and inflammatory speech go hand in hand.This woman has been at it for years. I read somewhere ( maybe she said it )she is confined to a wheelchair - all she does is fire off provocative missives to the next target.Quite correct Colours - absolute waste of time trying to reason with such an individual.Pathetic waste of space.


That was my initial thought, too, Colours. From memory, I think Ms. Shepherd used to get on well with Margo Kingston.

The poster is best ignored as reality is something people like "Marilyn" fail to actually get a grip of.



Good on you Michael. There are too many Marilyn's in this country just look at what is happening here. There is nothing racist about this website, the problem is they are illegal trying to invade our country. If it is good enough for other potential immigrants to come via the legal channels why do the illegal ones think they are so special.

I believe that until we can house our own homeless families we shouldn't be allowing anyone in.
Besides the more people living here the more carbon emissions we will release into the air. Heaven forbid we wouldn't want that now would we. Look at the fuel used by the planes to take them back to where they came from. One would expect to see Al Gore using a canoe to get around instead of jetting here & there, after all he is such a believer.

Shaz does such a good job Michael at least someone keeps us well informed.

Geoff L

Hi Helen

You are so right about borders. One only needs to look at the EC and see the troubles that are arising in Europe with migration through borderless countries to understand this.

Marilyn comes from the same state as Sarah 2Dads, and is probably a member of the same political party and therefore harbours these views.

Geoff L


For information, the following was published in The Age on 4 May 2009:


I first came across Marilyn Shepherd when reading the readers' comments that appear at the foot of some articles in Israel's Haaretz Newspaper. The posters in this section are an eclectic group who mostly correspond in strident fashion pushing various points of view - many of them particularly extreme. Included in this group are some mean and nasty types with axes to grind and they push their agendas with … shall we say … an unhealthy disregard for the truth.

Haaretz apparently moderates its readers' comments and I suppose it's a tribute to Israel's democracy that a newspaper gives space to a diverse group of anti-Semitic types, Holocaust deniers, Hamas mouthpieces (as well as extremists on the Israeli side) to express their views. After all, they do have Amira Haas and Gideon Levy on the payroll. In any event, you won't see such tolerance and openness in any equivalent Palestinian publication.

Marilyn always seems to stand out: not only because she's an Aussie but because of the systemic and pervasive racism that drips largely from her acidic computer keyboard. I can imagine her skulking in some cellar, tapping gleefully away inventing another imaginary crime perpetrated by those nasty Jews against those poor Palestinians.

Since she first came to my notice, I've followed Marilyn's vicious, racist hyperbole through a variety of media and internet outlets. Hatred of Jews has become her virtual trademark. I have also discovered that Marilyn Shepherd is one of very few people to have been banned from blogs at both extremes of the political spectrum as well as plenty in the middle.

Based in South Australia, Marilyn visibly has anger management issues. Scarcely a post of hers isn't peppered with swear words, calling others "wankers", telling them to "piss off" or similar comments which would make the most foul-mouthed brickie blush but are standard for the 56 year old "lady".

Born Free

No it is not racism Marilyn ..it`s the principles* sweetheart.
Just as you can`t call an apple a racist, no matter what damn colour it is.
Apples are apples.
Try as you may to accuse or blame others to suit an agenda? It is the principle and very easy to see.
There are matters of queue jumping, ID, quarantine, safety even unto them and US the masses that supposedly tax fund this dysfunction resentfully, and that we were not given an option to refute this in any reasonable consideration en-mass.
We en -mass are the med- to long term effected and payers , their coming is to our detriment because we can NOT sustain or support it safety wise or financially.
Common sense. One has to have sources to even sustain charity otherwise it is* a form of self inflicted harm in a persecution sense of irresponsible.
See Marilyn?
How is it different to having a caravan plot and inviting thousands of people to inundate that plot knowing it is asking for risk when you have not been grated the surrounding peoples consent* nor can it accommodate them all safely(nor insurance wise).. it would end up an uncontrolled, gatecrashed dysfunction.
Not hard to see at all.Even police say tweet(fBook informed viral ?? house parties are unsafe.Due to results, they like to be informed as to street residents in advance for responsible reasons.
See that parallel?


Hi Michael you can back it London to a brick its this person https://twitter.com/MarilynShephe15. She has been banned from most conservative blogs and a pretty nasty person with a foul mouth. A few years ago she, along with approx 7 kids, were all on the dole and or invalid pension. She has been peddling her filth for some years now. If you like to feed the troll go for it. personally she's not worth it. She has also changed her 'online' name many times to avoid being bagged. One of her favourite tricks is to post a reply after her comment saying how right the previous comment was.

Born Free

Many Many Resident Australians also have stories to tell and are being denied their warranted justice for true resolution also.
Influx of more of the same (only supposedly more detrimentally effected, in varying degrees) or neglected, is, result wise.. exacerbating resolve(and backlogging true justice) not addressing the foundation issue responsibly.It places the majority at more risk rather than helping the foundation source initially , so as we can thereby help those waiting in camps patiently , honestly for their justified turn for liberty and a chance they were promised.


I have never read you inciting race hatred Michael (or Shaz).

I have seen many races of illegal immigrants in pictures on this forum, but never a derogatory or racist comment I've seen.

Africans, Somalis, Iranians, Afghans, Asians, Europeans... many races come here illegally.

The thing they have in common is not race, but a dangerous and violent RELIGIOUS totalitarian ideology. ISLAM. MUSLIM.

My brother was in a religious sect many years ago called the Children of God. We knew how unsettling and dangerous this religion was to our family, and hated the religion. We hated the ideology behind it, and the child sexual abuse that went with it. Never, ever, did we hate the people or the different races of people who joined. What we did do is want the RELIGION dismantled.

There is only 1 Qur'an which says to ALL Muslims to hate anyone who is not Muslim. This ideology has to be gone from a Christian country, from OUR country.

Race hatred is an entirely different thing.


Further on Marilyn http://theblankpagesoftheage.blogspot.com/2009/05/politics-of-marilyn.html and http://www.onlineopinion.com.au/author.asp?id=4255

Edward James

Colours may have a point Michael. There are other sites where I often publish the link to michaelsmithnews.com because I am proud to be associated with your work as you are succeeding in drawing attention to the activity of corrupt shonks still being ignored for the most part by main stream media. One of those sites is notorious for for the ranting of trolls who are not willing to identify themselves. While I accept many posters on electronic soapboxes, have a legitimate reason for wanting to remain anonymous. Unidentified posters who promulgate aggressive or accusatory comments will often whinge about being moderated. It is a simple enough, do not post comments you are not willing to sign your birth name to. That tends to influence some restraint among rational people. Edward James


Quite so, Helen. There's an old saying my mother used to quote: "good fences make for good neighbours." It's as true for nations as it is for neighbourhoods.


If Marilyn has nothing constructive to say or uses inflammatory language you have every right to block her, Michael, because it's your blog. Let her start up her own.

As an ealier poster noted, she's been at it for years and is a complete pain in the neck.

Rose Bush

Michael there will always be bleeding hearts who can't be told anything and don't want to learn the truth. This lady seems to fall into this category. What always fascinates me I mean fascinates me is that they spill bile and throw around names and stamp feet and hurl abuse to people like Michael in this case and then reply that that person does not respect the other group - when in fact they have often displayed worse behavior to the individual they berate. Fascinating.

Silly Sausage

David Marr on 'Insiders' on Sunday was asking what law these people had broken to justify them being called 'illegal'!!


Al Gore is the genius creator of Global Warming Judy, and the people who have fallen for his scam only have to look at his mode of transport as you point out, to realise what a scam it is. They only have to look at how much money he and the UN scam from each country to know. There are a lot of suckers out there.

Tinaroo John

Maggie, I agree 100% . Congratulations , very well put.

Michelle Two

Yes I've seen Marilyn's work before over the net same old, same old..

Michelle Two

Wonder if they are a part of the Socialist Alliance as they seem to be making a fair bit of noise lately and are trying to stir up trouble in a manner of places ..as their Ranga-ness is no longer is charge.


If my memory serves me correctly I think Andrew Bolt banned that Marilyn, who was undoubtedly refugee cheer leader, Marilyn Shepherd from his blog, because the post Michael received is not representative of the kind of poisonous and abusive stuff she is capable of. The Labor government found little support in similarly branding Australians who simply wanted the government to do its job as racist and red necks - they were actually proved right and where is Labor now?


Marilyn is Gillard, like when Gillard put on her glasses trying to make her self look important but looked dumb.

Michelle Two

Wonder if that was her that came on here before with a picture that Shaz took and put up on her own blog.. which would of been easy to do as she would of only to have deleted and edited an old post say from 2009 and copied one of the photo's off this website and put it up with her blurb.. (she may of had a different handle/name on that comment or it could be someone from the same team of sh*t stirrers).


I think it's the law of... "ya can't come here unless you go through customs, ya can't come here unless you have a visa and identification papers, and you can't come here ILLEGALLY!!!"

What a big fat sausage head Marr is...

Michelle Two

David Marr is such a dill.. I wonder if he would let anybody in his front door(a trespasser)come in sit down make them self at home, would he not call the police to come cart this person away. With his logic this person that entered his home would not be doing anything illegal..


Yes its the one and only marilyn sheperd of letters to the editor of the Adelaide Advertiser fame, lucky you Michael seems you have arrived, now all you need is kon kourteff to start writing to you now, expressing his deep and undying love and loyalty for julia and the the labor party as he does almost daily, dont take them seriously Michael nobody in south Australia does.

B Carson

I suspect Marilyn is not the only culprit.
There have been a number of posters that post to be provocative / disruptive to topic discussion.

Nothing wrong offering an opposing view, preferably with some factual support.

I sense a number of posts intended to fill pages with inane comment or to invoke criticism of poster thereby achieving same result.

The type of tactic one might expect from 'Trash The Joint' or 'Get Up' denizens.


This story has unfolded over the last week with one of my daughters (all 6 we educated at a good Catholic college)and all became vegetarian tree huggers among other things and most have moved on and had families and gained some life experiences.The only husband on the tools runs a plumbing business and is being persecuted by the unions forcing him to join and all his workers or the job stops. The union rep has been intimidating the apprentices and workers for weeks. At the same time my daughter posts a comment on Facebook supporting Get Up on the illegal boat people.
Of course Dad took pains to tell daughter the very union persecuting her husband was a major funder of Get Up.
Disbelief Dad can not be right. The average person has no idea how it all fits together and the ABC does,t help


if marilyn wrote the same thing in either primary school,high school or university,she would get not just a pass, but honours for her insight,and awareness of the issue.the presentation of the awareness doesn't matter,just that she feels 'the right way' what hope do the kids have?.


Michael, people such as this I think we need to realize are ignorant, a bit sloooow, dim witted and so it goes on. Anyone who watched your concern and interest in the plight of REAL refugees trying to come here via LEGAL means would realise what ding bats Marilyn and the likes are.

'racist' is one of the 'new' fashion terms that seem to thrown around in order to try and keep people from stating the truth. Quite frankly I think a greater majority of us have had a gut full of it and want some plain common sense reality to return.

Account Deleted

I hope they are paying their subs - the banking details are easily found using the search box at the top right of the page!!


Funny how, in order to play the race-hate card, you need to define a person as being of another race. You need to acknowledge his skin colour and/or language barriers and make your judgement about his plight based on your own preconceived notions and stereotypes about the society and culture he is fleeing from. If you don't, then all you've got is a man on a leaky boat. I guess the irony of such hypocrisy is lost on racists like Marilyn ;)

Bribie John


Please put your brain in gear before using your keyboard, or, your mouth. Your naivety is amazing!


I would concur with most other postings. Marilyn's opinion should be respected and I would allow her comments. Gotta be fair and balanced. However I would not tolerate incivility, bad manners or language or libelous remarks.

Some sites, like WUWT will publish an edited version of the posting with either all the content or just the offensive bits removed, eg (snip - libellous) I like this, you can't be accused of censorship, you have not published some of my comments probably because of possible libel (though it is unlikely I wasn't in fact factual or hadn't added the obligatory alleged) but it would have been nice to see you publish the fact of the submission but without the content for the reason noted.

I would also validate the email address she provided, personally I would not allow any content from unvalidated e-mail addresses (snip - unvalidated email)


This person is an agitator. Unfortunately the blog gets hijacked - which is their intension - and instead of discussing the topic, it usually ends in a bun fight. The calibre of contributors makes it a great place to share, learn and contribute without being commandeered by someone who is probably unstable. I've seen contributors give up on a blog because the focus was on the agitator and it became an unpleasant place to visit. Time to cut them loose Michael.


' ....56 year old """"lady"""" ? You seem to be infatuated with her...


Exactly right , Isabell : these trolls end up hijacking the site because that is their agenda : once they enter in the host they immediately attack, there is no longer a rational discussion, not a thread to follow, the language become very rude, they insult everybody in the community, and the community retaliates and people end up leaving . I don't mind , people thinking differently, and I am not scare of the swearing but I despise profoundly people who with a fake name behind a laptop feel brave and say things that in person would never dare to say . This is our site, but Michael is the surgeon, Michael has to extirpate the cancer .

Michelle Two

Here is a group that were harrassing Joe Hockey and Christopher Pyne.



Isabell and Eduardo,

This isn't yours or ours, and the Marilyns of the world in a free society deserve to be heard too, ignored because they are wrong - but heard nevertheless. I don't support banning because I dont want to live in an echo chamber I like to be challenged, it makes me a better person to have to justify my arguments

I don't think Michael has any intention of building a progressive free zone, he in my experience is a pragmatist, he appeals to conservatives only because he has compatible views about life, liberty, corruption, and freedom of the individual. Michael has always been respectful of both sides of politics, but not afraid to call either side out when they are wrong, that's why I like him. The fact that he's singled out one side at the moment, I think, is more a reflection on where the cancer is than Michaels personal politics.

Michael, feel free to chip in as I hate speaking for others - but this is how I read you...


Michelle Two

Did you catch this news yesterday


I am only responding for Eduardo.
I would appreciate if you refrain from using other peoples' name to reinforce your point. As long a Michael does not post any comment endorsing -or otherwise- your post, I will disregard your point about his opinion.

'Listen to the Marilyns of the world' is OK, when you are young and naive, but I am not and wasted a lot of time with 'Marilyns' . I was taught that discussion and exchange of ideas is always beneficial, if done with people who have the knowledge on the topic and have a constructive approach, otherwise, you are better off playing tennis .

If you read with attention my comment , I am forecasting an account to the admin of what might happen in the case that a troll infiltrates and hijacks a page ( a generic troll , I never ask to 'ban Marilyn' ) . My experience is first hand and from the fb trenches where Labor trolls used to post some comments that most of us considered atrocities, tremendously rude, which were immediately endorsed by other Labor trolls, in particular were targeting PM Julia Gillard with the sole purpose of getting an excuse to press Facebook to shut down the site. (the poor Admin was banned a few times because he was responsible for everything posted ) .
And I call it 'our' site, because I read not only Michael's posts but also comments of the community and I feel part of .

You have a nice day,



I believe Michael's blog values work well for most of us who post on his site.....TEAM -- i.e. Together Everyone Achieves More.

Joh Torkildsen

How can some on a disability "pension" afford to cruise the balmy waters off Christmas island?
Centrelink - Report a Suspected Fraud.
She is receiving kick backs from people smugglers.

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