Another boat today, 21 October 2013, Customs Vessel Triton preparing to unload
Kathy Jackson no-holds barred 30 minutes, naming names in union corruption, a job we started 24 August 2011


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Can someone please ask the busy Liberal Immigration Minister Hon. Scott Morrison when are they going to send back home those pesky "30,000+ country shoppers" that Liberal affirmed in their election campaign? Cashed up $$queue jumpers, very dubious country shoppers who throw away their passports, deceiving entry into Australia! These so called "clients" of Labor, obviously must all be sent back home A.S.A.P. And make way for the legitimate, terrified Christian refugees waiting for 10 years, in God damned UN refugee camps!!


Last Friday was a big fire day in NSW – all Televison outlets had extensive coverage and the ABC had a rolling coverage – so something important like the weekly report from Scott Morrison and Angus Campbell went un-noticed – there was no coverage on any TV outlet that I saw.

Then along comes Tony Burke – opening his mouth and inserting both feet – the Abbott Government had changed nothing (never mind the TPVs)! Burke obviously didn’t know what was said and reported at the weekly presser re Border security. So here is a bit of what was reported which indicates a co-operation between Indonesian authorities and Australia. None of this has been reported by the MSM that I am aware of!

These few words from Angus Campbell, Commander Operation Sovereign Borders:

With regard to disruptions, I would like to express my sincere appreciation in regard for Indonesian authorities, in particular, the Indonesian National Police, working with members of our Disruption and Deterrence Task Group. This cooperation has seen the arrest of one organising in relation to multiple ventures bound for Australia in the last week.

Also since last week's briefing, the Indonesian National Police have affected two successful disruptions of people smuggling ventures. The Disruption and Deterrence Task Group has also assisted Sri Lankan Authorities with the recent surrender of a significant people smuggler and three associates on Wednesday who are, together, allegedly responsible for at least eight ventures, and have been questioned by Sri Lankan authorities.

Additionally, a smuggler suspected of organising a venture in September 2012 was arrested by Sri Lankan authorities on 14 October. And finally, I'd like to acknowledge the work of those authorities in recent weeks in disrupting three additional people smuggling ventures that might otherwise have moved towards Australia.

With regard to people smuggling and those who undertake that crime, I'd like to make a few remarks. People smugglers prey upon the vulnerable and manipulate them by peddling lies for profit. As long as these lies continue to circulate, I fear vulnerable people will still get on boats and risk their lives and those of their family and the very real possibility of drowning at sea.

We know from interviewing arrivals at Christmas Island and from rumours in source countries, that people smugglers are circulating various lies to promote their business. People smugglers claim families will receive preferential treatment and only criminals and drug addicts will be sent to Papua New Guinea and Nauru. This is a lie. Anyone who arrives by boat is subject to transfer offshore.

Fulltranscript can be read here:


Michael, well OT, but I just visited the Kangaroo Court website and Shane Dowling seems to think that the judge hearing the case, Peter Lauritsen, is a Labor boy through and through. What hope of justice being done?

'What is guaranteed based on all the evidence so far is that John Cain and Maurice Blackburn have plenty to hide and some of those seized documents from Slater and Gordon will have correspondence with John Cain and Maurice Blackburn lawyers. Some of those documents will quite possibly be extremely incriminating of John Cain and Maurice Blackburn or at the very least extremely embarrassing for them.

And who will making a judgement of what documents can and cannot be used by the police? And if they can be used by the police it in effect makes them public documents for everyone to read. Well the decision maker is Mr Lauritsen who is a friend and former employee of John Cain Jnr’s father, John Cain the former Premier of Victoria. As I previously stated it is highly likely that Mr Lauritsen paid John Cain for his share of the law firm. It must also be noted that if it was not for John Cain Mr Lauritsen quite possibly would not be a Victorian Magistrate.

So would the average person think Mr Lauritsen might be biased to protect John Cain Jnr. If the answer is yes then he has to stand down from hearing the matter. The AWU fraud has been in the media for a couple of years now and Peter Lauritsen would know that it involves John Cain Jnr and so he should have stood down from hearing the matter without being asked. But I suspect Mr Lauritsen would think that no one would ever notice the link. Remember Mr Lauritsen says on his CV that he “worked as an employee solicitor and partner in a suburban legal practice until 1987.” and did not mention that it was John Cain’s.


Hopefully they will be on the next plane back to Africa.

B Carson

Agree with you.
When Rudd was resurrected, he said no new illegal arrivals would be entitled to permanent residency. Coalition said the same. Fine.

What about 35,000 + already on temporary visas in detention centers or wandering free in our community ?

What about illegals who arrived after Rudd's announcement and up to this point in time ? at least another 5,000 and growing ?

At least 40,000 accommodated and living off Aus tax payers ( borrowed money ) costing $ billions and growing bigger every week.

Do we and our children pay for them forever ?

Nothing to do but churn out babies and use taxpayer funded lawyers for appeals up to the High Court of Aus. or for compensation claims.


Most recent boat load of Tamils have been sent back.

But 85% of Tamils arriving under Labor are still here. We know where they came from from. When are they going to be sent back ?

About 1,400 Vietnames illegals arrived under Labor. When are they going to be sent back ?

Even if it costs $3-4,000 to send them, it's cheaper and more than desirable than having them here.

About 95% of illegals are Moslem. No nation wants them.

The government knows who are Pakistani, Afghani, Iraqi, Iranian etc. Why let them stay just because they have no I.D. ?

Moslem governments are corrupt.
Pay them per head to take their illegals back.
Give illegals $5,000 to resettle back home. Suddenly they'll find their ID.

Much cheaper and more desirable than keeping them here.

After the first load arrives in each country they'll stop coming. Then terminate the PNG extortion payments.


One would hope that Chief Magistrate Lauriston would have the decency to recruse himself from residing over this matter!


They can all be easily put on secure Army transport planes and flown out of Australia, preferably at night, where there is a will there is a way, this is not an insurmountable problem for the can-do Liberal government, who often require a little prompting, just in case they think we forget about these things. Giving the illegals $5,000 is like throwing petrol on a bushfire. Give them a 20 man ration pack and see you later charlie! This single action will stop the boats!



Too right mate, this is all about our childrens future. Some areas of Sydney are in a very bad way, because we have let in the wrong people and our poor children will be paying for it in more ways than one. Australian soldiers did not get killed for this damned shit to happen in their country! This crap must be cleaned up, once and for all, right now! And Labor should be charged with treason, this evil is all Labor's doing!

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