Media outlets smearing the Australian Defence Force with false claims of involvement in genocide
Another Aussie digger shot and wounded by an Afghani National Army "ally".

Details today for Abbott Government's 1st Judicial Enquiry, Rudd Roof Insulation. Stand by for enquiry number two.

Gillard rudd four

The first of the Abbott Government's promised Judicial Enquiries is about to kick off - 20 days behind schedule but better late than never.,

The second promised Judicial Enquiry shouldn't be too far behind it.

On 9 August 2013, the Liberal Party released this statement.


If elected, within a month, the Coalition will establish a full judicial inquiry into the Rudd Government’s home insulation programme.

Kevin Rudd’s home insulation programme was a disaster.

It led to the death of four young Australians, many other serious injuries, at least 220 house fires, thousands of potentially electrified roofs and it cost taxpayers more than $2.4 billion.

.........letters that have been released between the Queensland Government and Minister Garrett show there are many more questions that remain unanswered.

In particular, the letters raise questions as to when Mr Rudd knew of the risks, what advice was provided to him about mitigating those risks, and what information was in the letters about the programme from Minister Garrett to the Prime Minister.

The Coalition has twice written to Kevin Rudd since his return as Prime Minister in June requesting the release of all the warnings he received.

There has been no response to Mr Abbott’s letters.

We know that Kevin Rudd received 10 warnings about the program. He must release them all.


Rudd gillard one

Today the News Limited Sunday papers carry this story.

Kevin Rudd to be questioned over botched insulation scheme after Abbott Government orders formal inquiry

KEVIN Rudd will be ordered to reveal the secrets of his deadly home insulation program before a judicial inquiry to be commissioned by the Abbott Government.

Draft terms of reference exclusively obtained by The Sunday Mail reveal the judicial commission will demand answers of the top echelons of the former Rudd government.

Greg Hunt will apparently be the responsible minister but I'd imagine the Attorney General George Brandis QC will have a role in settling the terms of the Judicial Enquiry and appointing the Commissioner.

Most importantly, the Government is involving the families of the dead boys in settling the terms of reference for the Commission.

"We are currently consulting with families affected by this massive policy failure.''

Of the 10 terms of reference, the yet-to-be disclosed commissioner is ordered to determine how the then government made its decisions on the $2.8 billion program and what extra steps it should have taken to avoid deaths, fires and loss of business.

"The judicial commission is to be conducted in such a manner as to enable the families of the deceased tradesmen and all others who have suffered loss and damage (to get) the maximum transparency and access to information disclosed by the evidence before it,'' the terms of reference say.

The terms include:

● The process and basis of government decisions while establishing the program, including risk assessment and risk management;

● Whether the death of the four men could have been avoided;

● What if any advice or undertakings given by the government to the industry were inaccurate or deficient, and;

● What steps the government should have taken to avoid the tragedies.

The inquiry could also open the door to compensation payouts for families, business and homeowners.


Rudd gillard two

And don't forget promised enquiry number two.   Here's The Daily Telegraph reporting on Tony Abbott's promise on 1 December, 2012.

Tony Abbott promises inquiry on union corruption


THE Coalition's pursuit of the AWU affair will continue if it wins the next election with Tony Abbott promising a judicial inquiry into union corruption yesterday.

Coalition legal spokesman George Brandis claimed Prime Minister Julia Gillard may have broken WA civil and criminal law while providing legal advice for the incorporation of the AWU Workplace Reform Association, which she later called a "slush fund".

At the time Ms Gillard was a Slater & Gordon lawyer acting on the instructions of her clients - her then boyfriend Bruce Wilson and union bagman Ralph Blewitt - who sought her advice after they had at first failed to get their association registered.

Ms Gillard's letter pointed out to the commission the association was not a union.

Mr Brandis claimed the Coalition believed Ms Gillard had "broken the law because the Australian Workers Union Workplace Reform Association was established as a sham".

Ms Gillard has vehemently denied any wrongdoing when she acted on instruction from her clients.

Mr Abbott said he would establish a judicial inquiry if he won next year's election.

And on 29 November, 2012 Senator the Honourable George Brandis QC released these draft terms of reference in a joint press release with Tony Abbott.


The Coalition believes a judicial inquiry into these matters is warranted and that the judicial inquiry should canvass the following matters.


To inquire into and report on:

  1. The incorporation of the Australian Workers’ Union Workplace Reform Association Inc. (“the Association”) in 1992, and in particular whether misleading statements were made to the Corporate Affairs Commission of Western Australia in relation to the constitution, objects and purposes of the Association.
  2. The conduct and activities of the Association and of its officers.
  3. The operation of all bank accounts held in the name of the Association or operated on behalf of the Association or its office bearers, and in particular the payment from such bank accounts of monies for unlawful or improper purposes and the subsequent use of such monies.
  4. The circumstances surrounding the purchase of the property at 1/85 Kerr Street, Fitzroy, Victoria, in 1993 and in particular the financing of the transaction.
  5. The preparation, execution and use of a Power of Attorney granted by Ralph Blewitt to Bruce Wilson.
  6. The source of monies used to finance renovations to the property at 36 St Phillips Street, Abbotsford, Victoria, in 1994 and 1995.
  7. The sale of the property at 1/85 Kerr Street, Fitzroy in February 1996, and the application of the proceeds of that sale.
  8. Any other matters incidental to these terms of reference.

29 November 2012

Gillard rudd three





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Edward James

Michael I am so excited to see this headline! I opened a largie and wrote this, before even reading the first paragraph. I like to have a little drink while reading great news! Edward James

Nigel K. Williams

Excellent news about the 2nd Judicial Enquiry.... Couple that to the ongoing police investigation and I can imagine Gillard spewing her weeties all over the table this morning..... its going to be a special few months.....

Old Codger

10 warnings?

Went through the shredder ages ago! Do not ask which shredder!


This is good news for those Australians who were and still are, very angry with the previous ALP governments but more importantly, for those whose lives were severely impacted on. This garbage is now part of our federal political history book and the level of mis-management which saw life lost, should never be repeated.


Can a Government instigate a full Enquiry whilst a fraud relating to such Enquiry is currently before the Courts as is the Bruce Wilson Case?

The Old and Unimproved Dave

Reasons for Peter Garrett not to turn Supergrass on Kevin Rudd.

Number 1 : Ummmm....


I have seen little tidbits that suggests that inquiry number 2 is in the process of being convened. A little bit of patience is required and all will be revealed :)


Deflect and divert: their timing is immaculate.

The Old and Unimproved Dave

Shredder? No problem.

I guarantee you that, unless every single hard drive of every computer the paperwork passed through has been removed and given the crazed-chimp-with-a-hammer treatment, the data is still recoverable.

Bureaucrats and politicians in their ivory towers just never seem to get "No names, no pack-drill". Guess they just can't believe that they'll ever lose power one day...

Edward james

I was posting my take below, on this great news. On "Crikey" a short time ago. Where their string extolling the high side of failed PM JG such that it is; "Totting up Gillard’s income — author, speaker, ex-PM" has been running as an attraction for rusted on Labor for a while.
My offering; Now this is great Sunday morning news for people who are working toward honest open representative government. Details today for Abbott Government's 1st Judicial Enquiry, Rudd Roof Insulation. But I am more interested in Tony Abbott being reported on December 1 2012 in a Gemma Jones by line as having promised an inquiry into the AWU and union corruption. If the coalition wins the next election. Mr Abbott said he would establish a judicial inquiry, if he won next year's election. "Let's have the inquiry, let's have it now, let's get to the bottom of these things and if the prime minister has nothing to hide she won't run scared from this inquiry," Mr Abbott said.
I expect politically active peoples right across the political spectrum will be as pleased as I am! Edward James. Then It occurred to me to submit a rewrite Andrew Crook's string heading. Totting up Gillard’s income — author, speaker, ex-PM.... and alleged wrongdoer. But I felt my little dig would be better received here on what I believe and promote as the premier public trust journalism site. Edward James

Edward James

Perhaps they still have the same ones they used to shred the Heiner documents when Kevin was Chief of staff to Wayne Goss? Edward James

Edward James

I was posting my take below, on this great news. On "Crikey" a short time ago. Where their string extolling the high side of failed PM JG such that it is; "Totting up Gillard’s income — author, speaker, ex-PM" has been running as an attraction for rusted on Labor for a while.
My offering; Now this is great Sunday morning news for people who are working toward honest open representative government. Details today for Abbott Government's 1st Judicial Enquiry, Rudd Roof Insulation. But I am more interested in Tony Abbott being reported on December 1 2012 in a Gemma Jones by line as having promised an inquiry into the AWU and union corruption. If the coalition wins the next election. Mr Abbott said he would establish a judicial inquiry, if he won next year's election. "Let's have the inquiry, let's have it now, let's get to the bottom of these things and if the prime minister has nothing to hide she won't run scared from this inquiry," Mr Abbott said.
I expect politically active peoples right across the political spectrum will be as pleased as I am! Edward James. Then It occurred to me to submit a rewrite Andrew Crook's string heading. Totting up Gillard’s income — author, speaker, ex-PM.... and alleged wrongdoer. But I felt my little dig would be better received here on what I believe and promote as the premier public trust journalism site. Edward James


No doubt their friends at Fairfax will spend their last days defending them to the death, until they are finally obliterated by the ABC juggernaut that Kev and Julia built. Ironic.


I concur Edward.
A recall of Tony Abbott's own words in relation to the matters discussed - aired here on the aptly anointed, "premier public trust journalism site".

A good dose of Sunday spirituality all round. Indeed.


My lips are sealed.
Nothing like a Royal Commission to prise them open.


No hurry on this one Michael; it would be lovely to have it bubbling along through the next election campaign.
The AWU/Wilson business should keep us entertained until then.


Bring them on.

Margaret of Mittagong

I recall in interview of Julie Bishop on that bias ABC insiders by ALP insider Barry Cassidy. She stated that the would not commence an inquiry into the AWU matter until the outcome of the police investigation was known. If our friend Juliar and others are charged I guess then we will have to wait until court proceedings are complete. This could take some time, especially when you look at the Thomson matter.
I think maybe we will end up with an enquiry that includes both HSU @ AWU.
We all here on Michael's site live in hope

Michelle Two

Timing is everything and and I have never doubted that Tony Abbott and his team would and will get things done, as long as they are in Government.

As Maggie has suggested patience is required and when the time is right and all cards are in place then things will happen as long as you stay positive that it will.


Can these judicial inquiries over the pink batts disaster & the AWU fraud (I hope) can result in charges by the federal police?. If the Abbott government are not satisfied with Rudd, Gillard & others explainations, for example lying etc, can there be indictments?. Surely the Abbott government have the power to do that. These were 2 horrible things that happened, Rudd & Gillard used their political powers to rush a home insulation scheme that killed 4 people. With Gillard herself as lawyer she created a false account to benefit herself & her boyfriend at the time (in the 1990s), also the stolen money was used to buy a house in 1993 and also renovations were done to Gillard's house in 1994 with the stolen money as well. The federal police need to be involved if Rudd, Gillard & others refuse or not turn up to answer questions on these coming inquiries.

Maggie 47

That suit Gillard is wearing is the one Ms Bishop addressed Gillard as "The Minister for David Jones" during question time. The suit was never seen again?


Wonderful news for the families and friends of the men who were tragically killed in this industry.

Let us hope that one of the mums gets her wish and Rudd disappears?

I do have to ask though, what about the other industries where Labor contributed to workplace deaths (as found by a Coroner)?

Yes, sadly, there were others.

Mr. Abbott will you ensure that the families of other young men killed at work in avoidable accidents also receive some long awaited justice?

You asked Australia to trust you. That is what we are doing.

Born Free

Thank You Mr M.P.Smith for aiming to return Respect and decency back to Australians vast majority , even Internationally.
You deliver welcome news professionally and ethically.

Nonna from FNQ

Big surprise to see the inquiry into home insulation get a mention in the early stages of Insiders.

Then Christine Milne appeared as guest, so I turned the TV off.
I don't need my ears to bleed on a Sunday morning!


I will keenly wait to see what Peter Garrett has to say.

On the AWU matter, I believe they will wait until it blows up in the media - I would suspect that will be when Ms Gillard is questioned by Victoria Police. If she remains in the US for an extended time, will they call her back to Australia for questioning? This has the potential to be a bit unseemly on the international stage doesn't it? Better get back home Ms Gillard and save some face.


Yea, one returning passenger who should'a been on the Titanic.


Hmm, I am guessing Ms Gillard will not return to Australia until she looks 'respectable' following alleged plastic surgery in the USA. Oh, WHAT WAS SHE THINKING when she wore that jacket?

Michelle Two

Yes! I turned over as the real loopy brigade was on this morning. It could brainwash a sane person if they watched it non stop, however they might be lacking in brain power and logic to start with.
Agenda based journalism in action guys.. they can have it, it's just a pity that we have to pay them for it.

perque  wisset

Don't stop at the unions Tony.....
There are members of all political parties who (in my opinion) should be in jail..
.There are public servants who seem to have had extremely good fortune .(at the races??)
Those companies who have been accused of bribing Asian Governments just might have been using the same tactics IN Australia...
PULL the chain TONY; flush out anybody who was even close to those deals; then you might have a show of gaining the respect of the Australian people..

perque  wisset

BBPD---------With a face like that ...Who would want to save it???

Michelle Two

Tony Abbott is a pretty fit guy and rides his bike all the time I'm sure those at the SMH, the AGE and ABC can expect our PM to either walk or ride his bike to all future engagements, he will have to however train up the rest of his team, and put some wings on his bike.

Edward James

Insiders seemed somewhat reserved this morning Barry was 'different' and yes Milne was well GREEN! It was a program where the Insiders seemed a little cramped. Oh how I long for some of the high ranking political allsorts to be answering questions under the duress of inquiries and royal commissions. Edward James


....or the booby singlet...... next photo...


@ MJS - Mate- none of this ( the AWU - WRA Enquiry ) would have gotten off the ground but for at least three things 1) Julia Eileen Gillard's vindictive treatment of yourself in the first instance ,2) Your incredible dedication to pursue the truth no matter what the potential cost to you and your family.You sir were a voice in the wilderness, when almost all mainstream media were too gutless to stand up and be counted.Establishing this site struck a cord with intelligent, astute and right thinking Australians.That you were able to draw many learned contributors ( we know who they are), speaks volumes.For those of us who have followed you right from the outset,( and those who have subsequently joined the chorus) the broad Terms of Reference are familiar and crystal clear.I for one would like the Government invite your input ( if they have not already done so )in setting the Terms 3) My personal view is only a leader of Tony Abbott's calibre will ensure that justice will be served.It is indeed a happy day that your tireless efforts are at last bearing fruit.

With deepest respect...


Michelle, by getting the timing right I was referring to the opposition digging out as much travel (and other) dirt as they can to diffuse and divert public attention from new inquiries and police investigations.

The opposition's timing is, and will be ongoing, immaculate. Positivity is a good thing if it is strictly accompanied by vigilance, demonstrably holding to account politicians who make promises. In matters of public interest, positivity alone simply won't bring home the bacon.

(I was a ministerial insider for various governments and politicians of different political persuasions and portfolios over many years. The "inner sanctums").

Ministers must be constantly pressured, re-pressured and publicly held to account, as exemplified by MPS through this astoundingly effective publication.



lips of murderous rage ^^^^^^^^^^^^



Yes me too Nonna.

What planet do they live on at the ABC?

The amount of carbon dioxide released by the bushfires pales man made emissions into insignificance. Why aren't they talking about that? What about volcanoes and their carbon dioxide emissions? Climate change is fraudulent excuse to rob countries of money to fund socialist causes eg the UN. The ABC are fraudulently scaring the Australian people into accepting the bushfires as being caused by climate change, they are a complete fraud and doing so on taxpayers money.


I bet Peter Garrett has a copy of his letters safely packed away waiting for the moment to clear his name.


Thank god we haven't seen the royal wedding outfit either. She must have a David Jones and Myer credit card.
"THE Prime Minister, Julia Gillard, graced the royal wedding in an outfit showing off Australian designers from east to west.

Accompanied by her partner, Tim Mathieson, Ms Gillard arrived at Westminster Abbey wearing a silvery cream jacket by the Perth designer Aurelio Costarella. Underneath was a navy slip by Carla Zampatti teamed with a navy skirt by Anthea Crawford. She completed the outfit with navy shoes by Alan Pinkus and navy fascinator from David Jones.

Ms Gillard bought her outfit at David Jones and Myer

Up The Workers!

Those two Parliamentary Pensions and Superannuation handouts could go a LONG way towards providing a partial compensation package for the families of the four young Australians killed by the stupidity and incompetence of those who devised this idiotic A.L.P. cash give-away.

It will be interesting to hear what the "Bollard who Talks", Peter Garrett has to say when he takes the stand, of the instructions he was given by "Kokoda Kev".

"How can they sleep while their Batts are burning?"

Michelle Two

This I understand and know what you were talking about and understand that all pollies do need to be held to account and they will be as the tides are turning.

Positivity might not bring home the bacon but it sure helps a long way in determining the outcome of any situation in life..

Excuse my frame of mind this morning as I've been working on a very special gift to send some special people..

Graeme Weber

Reference No. 9

To determine who authorised and who was responsible for, the removal of secure files on the same incident in various jurisdictions in Australia.

Go inquiry!


i thought it was 'different'' this morning... rather 'cramped'', as well. Subdued?? can i use that word?
now that cassidy has been removed from that position the labor party put him into? Are they wondering ''whats going to come next ?''...

Tony Abbot and party are starting to show some teeth..... they didnt expect it. Now we need to see the whole ABC commo fiasco wound up. i hope it is.


Oh pray, do tell. You must know a lot of interesting stuff.

Michael Rogers

No doubt the Abbott government's inquiry into the insulation scheme will lead to federal intervention to ensure greater regulation of safety and training standards for contractors and sub contractors undertaking potentially hazardous work. Inadequate state regimes can expect to face oversight from federal inspectors in the future. Also only the federal government has the taxing facilities to provide funds to ensure all workers are properly trained and supervised along with regular assessment and inspection of work practices - areas state governments have obviously failed in.

Liberal led federal governments have will to override incompetent and capricious state legislatures.



where are you? Very quiet indeed, or did MS have the good sense to save us all from your drivel?

God bless to either scenario....god is good, but Karma is better !


As soon as I saw Christine Mills as the guest and the other 3 panel members, that was enough for me - I turned the TV off. When will we be able to regain "our" ABC from these left leaning journalists?



For our children's sakes, surely by now!

Honest Liberal-Prime Minister Hon. Tony Abbott must be thinking a broad referenced Royal Commission into the badly corrupted, unionised Labor party? To uncover the cover-up and "reform" our tainted political process.

Flying Tiger Comics

Actually on top of all the other farcical carbon scam crap, Australia due to its immense size and equally immense forests is a net carbon capture positive country. One of only two in the world.

So it's all utter bollocks from beginning to end because we are not polluters. We're net carbon positive.


The remark about Gillard's suit from Julie Bishop was both clever and funny unlike Gillard's "mincing poodle" description, not clever, not funny. Thanks Maggie I hadn't heard that one before.


Yes. I agree. Peter Garrett will want to clear his own name.



Is the ABC insiders biased, well I'll be darned, what has the world come to.

No doubt "an inquiry into the AWU matter" right now would be invaluable to the police investigation...surely thirsting barrista Julie Bishop can see that?

Liz of Vic


Very good news indeed, especially for the families of these young
people, who lost their lives.

They will never get their children back, but some justice will be done to perhaps ease the pain a lttle.

Where is Rudd actually, is he in his electorate or still walking the world-stage?

Up The Workers!

That's an interesting contrast between the two sides, Michelle Two.

As you say, "Tony Abbott is a pretty fit guy and rides his bike all the time...", but many of the blokes in the A.L.P. were utterly unfit for just about anything useful, yet most of them rode THEIR bike all the time!


Boffo, I saw and heard a lot of "interesting stuff". Memories tend to fade, but the built-in radar remains.

These days I pick up on things such as the recent Turnbull brush-off: the circularised letter from his office: subject line, "ABC Concerns".

The style of the letter tended to suggest there were enough complaints regarding ABC bias and current affairs content to have a staffer concoct a standard non-committal reply. I would like to know exactly how many ABC-related complaints Turnbull's office has received.

That reply was unacceptable. It's the sort of slap-dab stuff the public shouldn't accept over the longer term. If we go to sleep, rest assured, they will.

Up The Workers!

Sorry Shaz, but I think that Tony Abbott's KARMA ran over Hoax's DOGMA.

john greybeard

Pink Batts, Yellow Batts all run by dingbats.


Well said We all just want the truth to come out AND changes to be made so it should never happen again


absolutely none- - - - go for it Peter


i did post this elswhere but more relevent here.

haa'' you all seem to have forgotten the carmody enquiry in to heiner'' wheres that report sitting on the shelf gathering dust.

why was rudd not called at that enquiry?
as a matter of fact
the only ministers at that enquiry one changed there mind?

the other may i say OBFUSCATE RULED.
and even with all that there was a case to answer. but oh no no one is going to open that lid

the putting off of the awu matter to dec2 is in my belief

more obfuscation

the attorny general needs to look to see conflict of interest here



Do I recall correctly when I seem to remember that one (or perhaps both) of the above whispered, barely audibly across the Despatch Box to the Honourable Leader of Her Majesty's Opposition in the Federal Parliament, Tony Abbott, "Game on."?

Well now the pair of you, know it well that now it is indeed "game on".

And for each of you in it's own very special way.

Please excuse the premature schadenfreude.


I hope he is where Michael put him, in the waste paper bin.


Well bring it on all good things come to those that wait. I think a royal commission is really required as the corruption tentacles reach far and wide and possibly to the judiciary. Hopefully the terms of reference will include how secure documents conveniently and mysteriously dissappeared and the coersion used to try and silence the media at every turn. Hopefully when the enquiry is finished the ALP will be finshed too, as a lot seem tainted either by there action or inaction.

Graeme Weber

No James, we do need an opposition and I personally prefer Labor to the Green's or that dear large pompous Clive P.


peter marsh

i dont think peter garret has a leg to stand on, at the time he was the minister responsible for the pink batt rollout, if he thought it was going wrong, and could not get an answer from kevin rudd, he should have advised him that without an answer he would have to offer his resignation as a minister. that would have put the issue back on rudds plate, by not doing so the buck stops with him.

peter marsh

big boys games, big boys rules, game over julia

marg of nambour

Susan, it was actually Bronwyn Bishop who said, looking in the direction of the then Deputy Prime Minister, Julia Gillard, "Perhaps the Member for David Jones over there could..."
To think of it still makes me giggle.
I agree with you regarding the "mincing poodle" insult being neither clever nor funny. It could in fact be deemed misandristic.

Michelle Two

Labor in their current form does not make for a good opposition, if they can rise above all the scum that exists within the party and survive is another thing as it will never be the same party as it was prior not with all the corruption as no-one will trust them let alone vote for them as a representative...
Interesting political landscape for our futures ahead..

Edward James

I watched George Wright address the national press club . My take on what he had to say is Labor are slowly understanding, Australian voters like me have had a gut full of Labor Party members and team players who are constantly being exposed as shonks, cheats and most recently in the case of past Labor Party President Michael Williamson admitted criminal. In my opinion most of the criminals if not all could not have operated in a perfect vacuum, i expect mort of the truth to be exposed. Party members must have been aware something was up. I am so disappointed Labor were not completely destroyed in September. Fortunately there are matters on foot which i believe will go some way toward addressing my disappointment. Edward James

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