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Details today for Abbott Government's 1st Judicial Enquiry, Rudd Roof Insulation. Stand by for enquiry number two.

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The first of the Abbott Government's promised Judicial Enquiries is about to kick off - 20 days behind schedule but better late than never.,

The second promised Judicial Enquiry shouldn't be too far behind it.

On 9 August 2013, the Liberal Party released this statement.


If elected, within a month, the Coalition will establish a full judicial inquiry into the Rudd Government’s home insulation programme.

Kevin Rudd’s home insulation programme was a disaster.

It led to the death of four young Australians, many other serious injuries, at least 220 house fires, thousands of potentially electrified roofs and it cost taxpayers more than $2.4 billion.

.........letters that have been released between the Queensland Government and Minister Garrett show there are many more questions that remain unanswered.

In particular, the letters raise questions as to when Mr Rudd knew of the risks, what advice was provided to him about mitigating those risks, and what information was in the letters about the programme from Minister Garrett to the Prime Minister.

The Coalition has twice written to Kevin Rudd since his return as Prime Minister in June requesting the release of all the warnings he received.

There has been no response to Mr Abbott’s letters.

We know that Kevin Rudd received 10 warnings about the program. He must release them all.


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Today the News Limited Sunday papers carry this story.

Kevin Rudd to be questioned over botched insulation scheme after Abbott Government orders formal inquiry

KEVIN Rudd will be ordered to reveal the secrets of his deadly home insulation program before a judicial inquiry to be commissioned by the Abbott Government.

Draft terms of reference exclusively obtained by The Sunday Mail reveal the judicial commission will demand answers of the top echelons of the former Rudd government.

Greg Hunt will apparently be the responsible minister but I'd imagine the Attorney General George Brandis QC will have a role in settling the terms of the Judicial Enquiry and appointing the Commissioner.

Most importantly, the Government is involving the families of the dead boys in settling the terms of reference for the Commission.

"We are currently consulting with families affected by this massive policy failure.''

Of the 10 terms of reference, the yet-to-be disclosed commissioner is ordered to determine how the then government made its decisions on the $2.8 billion program and what extra steps it should have taken to avoid deaths, fires and loss of business.

"The judicial commission is to be conducted in such a manner as to enable the families of the deceased tradesmen and all others who have suffered loss and damage (to get) the maximum transparency and access to information disclosed by the evidence before it,'' the terms of reference say.

The terms include:

● The process and basis of government decisions while establishing the program, including risk assessment and risk management;

● Whether the death of the four men could have been avoided;

● What if any advice or undertakings given by the government to the industry were inaccurate or deficient, and;

● What steps the government should have taken to avoid the tragedies.

The inquiry could also open the door to compensation payouts for families, business and homeowners.


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And don't forget promised enquiry number two.   Here's The Daily Telegraph reporting on Tony Abbott's promise on 1 December, 2012.

Tony Abbott promises inquiry on union corruption


THE Coalition's pursuit of the AWU affair will continue if it wins the next election with Tony Abbott promising a judicial inquiry into union corruption yesterday.

Coalition legal spokesman George Brandis claimed Prime Minister Julia Gillard may have broken WA civil and criminal law while providing legal advice for the incorporation of the AWU Workplace Reform Association, which she later called a "slush fund".

At the time Ms Gillard was a Slater & Gordon lawyer acting on the instructions of her clients - her then boyfriend Bruce Wilson and union bagman Ralph Blewitt - who sought her advice after they had at first failed to get their association registered.

Ms Gillard's letter pointed out to the commission the association was not a union.

Mr Brandis claimed the Coalition believed Ms Gillard had "broken the law because the Australian Workers Union Workplace Reform Association was established as a sham".

Ms Gillard has vehemently denied any wrongdoing when she acted on instruction from her clients.

Mr Abbott said he would establish a judicial inquiry if he won next year's election.

And on 29 November, 2012 Senator the Honourable George Brandis QC released these draft terms of reference in a joint press release with Tony Abbott.


The Coalition believes a judicial inquiry into these matters is warranted and that the judicial inquiry should canvass the following matters.


To inquire into and report on:

  1. The incorporation of the Australian Workers’ Union Workplace Reform Association Inc. (“the Association”) in 1992, and in particular whether misleading statements were made to the Corporate Affairs Commission of Western Australia in relation to the constitution, objects and purposes of the Association.
  2. The conduct and activities of the Association and of its officers.
  3. The operation of all bank accounts held in the name of the Association or operated on behalf of the Association or its office bearers, and in particular the payment from such bank accounts of monies for unlawful or improper purposes and the subsequent use of such monies.
  4. The circumstances surrounding the purchase of the property at 1/85 Kerr Street, Fitzroy, Victoria, in 1993 and in particular the financing of the transaction.
  5. The preparation, execution and use of a Power of Attorney granted by Ralph Blewitt to Bruce Wilson.
  6. The source of monies used to finance renovations to the property at 36 St Phillips Street, Abbotsford, Victoria, in 1994 and 1995.
  7. The sale of the property at 1/85 Kerr Street, Fitzroy in February 1996, and the application of the proceeds of that sale.
  8. Any other matters incidental to these terms of reference.

29 November 2012

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