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My friend Greg Cary from 4BC has been misrepresented by me and in The Australian's piece on Fairfax Radio today

I owe Greg an apology.

Earlier today I published a report about Jason Morrison leaving 2UE.   I included a little of Michael Bodey's piece in today's The Australian which refers to Greg Cary's departure from 4BC.  A reader who didn't know the facts of Greg's decision to leave 4BC may have been left with the impression that Greg's decision was the result of a rift with management or that Greg's show was being "axed".   That is entirely false.

Let me clear this up.   Greg Cary is a consumate professional and I have never known him to be in conflict or drama with management.   Greg just gets on with it and his listeners are his primary focus.   Besides being a great broadcaster  Greg is a highly credentialled Program Director and his understanding of what makes a radio station work is second to none.

Greg's decision to leave 4BC is Greg's decision.   He's made himself available extensively for interviews, he's spoken about his decision and his timing and he's given himself plenty of time to say what needs to be said to his listeners.

Greg is his own man and it's unhelpful to pigeon-hole him as a "conservative" or member of any grouping as I did this morning.   Greg can speak for himself without a label from others.

I made an error in not correcting the impression in this morning's piece about Greg's decision to leave, so let me fix that now.   Here's Greg's announcement from 16 September 2013.

Greg cary_001
I'll pass this note on to The Australian and I hope they'll correct the record.



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So all of this nasty stuff going on had nothing to do with his leaving? He was a happy little vegemite?

Maggie 47

If only the ABC could give such direct apologies.


The "onus" is now on the facts to be reported correctly. As a person who has communicated with Greg (4bc)for several years, I remember when he first started with 4BC and jointly compered the Morning Show and have been a listener since 1973-4. Since 1996, I've communicated with others who work behind the scenes in Brisbane's 4bc and even with Michael. Greg will be missed by his audience and including, those who have known him personally. Greg is entitled to depart his employment but I also lend support to Michael's comment re " Greg is a highly credentialled Program Director and his understanding of what makes a radio station work is second to none". With Greg's departure only a few weeks ago, I wish Greg the best and in anything he does. Michael, the old guard is changing even in Radio.


OFF TOPIC - I was reading the Tasmanian Mercury website and they were discussing a new site where patients can tell their stories of good or bad hospital/doctor experiences.


People should be writing to ex PM Kevin Rude about their crook hospitals, 6 years ago he then announced that he would fix-up the seriously crook hospitals, saying if they were not fixed-up within 2 years, 'the buck stops with me' and that he/Labor would personally takeover our hospitals and fix them.


Don't worry, these things happen Michael. I wish Greg Cary all the very best in his future endeavors. Mr Cary is one of the very best talkback presenters in Australia. Greg Cary is a well a true professional.

Michelle Two

OT again just read my FB wall from the:-

NSW Rural Fire Service
Unconfirmed reports of unapproved drone flying in Springwood area. If confirmed will affect aerial fire fighting ops. #nswfires #NSWRFS

Who and why would a drone be flying about the area..


I just luv Greg Carey, the best of the best.


i am not buying it hargraves going to both straight shooters out the door sorry it leaves south east qld under the grip of far left nutters with no choice pravda closing inn

Rod W

I've been listening to Greg Cary on 4BC since the days when he did the late afternoon sporting program - must be a couple of decades ago. He's a broadcaster of the highest order, and I'm sure the 4BC listeners will be in mourning for a long time after he leaves.

Regardless of the circumstances of Greg leaving, I think Fairfax radio losing the likes of Greg and Jason Morrison, and Gary Hardgrave all at around the same time will be similar to the Titanic scraping against the iceberg. It's only a matter of time...


When he said the buck stopped with him, he was full of sh1t!


Liz of Vic


I have never understood Fairfax.

It started with The Age, it was the paper to read, regarding lots
of things. I was a shareholder then and wrote some letters to the board, just common sense, that it is logical to bring out a paper and try and reach 100%, which of course will never be possible, but try one must.
To write for 50% is utterly stupid.
We then sold our shares, but still subscribed to The Age.

As it became the rag it became, we cancelled this paper.
I now live in Melbourne and the choice (other than the music stations) of radio is the ABC and 3AW.

Well no need to tell you what both stations broadcast, leftish
propaganda or they do not report at all.

One never receives a reply to any letters, written to Hywood or
any of the presenters. The attitude seems to be, we know best.

Well, that may be true, in how to lose a good business and go broke!

Btw I never understood that you gave a wrong impression of this gentleman. Did not think you had to apologise, but as I have always been taught, it takes a big man to apologise publicly.

The Old and Unimproved Dave

Pity the ABC and Fairfax never passed their first-year journalism 'General Apologies' unit.

Then they could have sat in on Michasl's 'Pure and Applied Apologies'.

Pat K

Michael, I have the greatest respect for you and you have my sympathy for having undergone what appears to be unfair treatment from your employer for doing your job. This piece, however, falls somewhat short of the mark.

You have said that you owe the gentleman an apology but you fail to deliver it. You have published a retraction; a correction if you like. Nowhere is there any explanation as to why the original (incorrect as it now seems) was published. The 'sorry' word is notably absent. Something along the lines of "I stuffed up earlier when I made certain suggestions on this issue (I was on the piss or whatever). I am mortified and contrite. Please forgive me. Mea Culpa." might have been more convincing.

[Pat - it's not that big a deal. Michael Bodey's piece in The Australian included this sentence that I republished:

"The move follows the axing of 4BC's Gary Hardgrave and Greg Cary in what Fairfax insiders have dubbed, half-jokingly, a "conservative purge"."

I should have corrected Michael Bodey's piece at the time, it was incorrect, Greg hasn't been axed, he decided to leave and announced it a month ago. That's it!

I've spoken to Greg quite a bit lately and you can rest assured that he and I have cleared the air. MPS]


In my opinion 4BC's new Manager Director Anthony Frangi is well suited to introduce the new Fairfax directives.

Frangi worked for 4BC 1988-94 but has spent most of his radio career working for the ABC except for a 4 year stint at UQ School of Journalism.


Whats interesting though is how many people have left 4BC after the new GM took over. And now with Mary Collier leaving that makes four presenters leave? Come on, the GM must have something to do with it.

Vicki Maguire

Very disappointed in 4bc lately

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