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My friend Greg Cary from 4BC has been misrepresented by me and in The Australian's piece on Fairfax Radio today

I owe Greg an apology.

Earlier today I published a report about Jason Morrison leaving 2UE.   I included a little of Michael Bodey's piece in today's The Australian which refers to Greg Cary's departure from 4BC.  A reader who didn't know the facts of Greg's decision to leave 4BC may have been left with the impression that Greg's decision was the result of a rift with management or that Greg's show was being "axed".   That is entirely false.

Let me clear this up.   Greg Cary is a consumate professional and I have never known him to be in conflict or drama with management.   Greg just gets on with it and his listeners are his primary focus.   Besides being a great broadcaster  Greg is a highly credentialled Program Director and his understanding of what makes a radio station work is second to none.

Greg's decision to leave 4BC is Greg's decision.   He's made himself available extensively for interviews, he's spoken about his decision and his timing and he's given himself plenty of time to say what needs to be said to his listeners.

Greg is his own man and it's unhelpful to pigeon-hole him as a "conservative" or member of any grouping as I did this morning.   Greg can speak for himself without a label from others.

I made an error in not correcting the impression in this morning's piece about Greg's decision to leave, so let me fix that now.   Here's Greg's announcement from 16 September 2013.

Greg cary_001
I'll pass this note on to The Australian and I hope they'll correct the record.