I'm off to Wagga now - won't be publishing much until later on this evening.
Why not get Bernie Madoff or the Gold Coast's Peter Foster on to complain about the Opposition on expenses?

Shaz is back - here's HMAS Warramunga unloading today

We reported HMAS Warramunga in a search pattern north of Christmas Island 3 days ago.


Today Shaz took these photos of HMAS Warramunga unloading, here's Shazza's note to me:

Approx 60-70 POB Afghani/Sri Lankan/Middle Eastern - about 6 kids ......maybe a dozen females
Black and white because I bumped the setting, again, but noticed it ! Out of practice ! [ editor's note, I've omitted the photos of the children, there were two 8/9 years old and apparently unaccompanied, MPS]