To Mark Scott, Editor-in-Chief, ABC. The Australian's editor took responsibility for his paper today. You should observe how it's done..
NBN Co's Annual Report breaks new ground in defining the term "construction commenced"


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Abdul Azim


Besides rescuing scheming pesky country shoppers, a few inches from the Indonesian mainland, just what else does the peculiar Australian Navy do?


A regular feature on the seascape, but only since Labor changed what was a working border control policy to a welcome fest for illegal arrivals.

The taxi service has been greatly curtailed.

Now just keeping watch.

Abdul Raafi


How is it that the productive right wing Australians who are making all the money for our country are somehow supporting, feeding and carrying all of these damned hypocrite left wingers and their damned useless and costly ideologies, using up our taxes for their own bloody benefit.

I find this totally absurd, that without the hard earned money from our hardworking businesses, the damned sabotaging, treasonous lefties would be on the bones of their lazy arses, so why are they so easily accessing our money?

Lefties should be cut off from the tax revenue honey pot, which is not meant for rorting, scheming left wing Labor/Green "scumbags"


Oh, oh.... That water makes me want to try my luck there fishing ! Beautiful scenery, some bait and my rod....bliss

Edward James

Shazzaratzi. I love the sea birds on the chain ! Edward James


Well thats the very kind of thing I've trying to say for ages, only I get too mad to put the words together in a calm thoughtful manner, do me a favour and go into the Washington Post USA and look up Lallay Weymounth re interview with Tony on 25-10 and post that very same comment amongst all the Get Up crew who have blogging furiously there. go yer for that one, beaudy mate!

B Carson

Refer you and readers to an article written by Michael Kile in Quadrant 20 Oct 2013.

The other main income earner/employer on C.I.(apart from servicing the illegals )is phosphate mining.

This resource originally and rightfully belongs to the C.I. locals but via series of companies / share transfers now rests with 3 Malaysian businessmen - C.I. Resources.

The company's lease was till 2019.

For some undisclosed reason just prior to election, Labor granted lease extension over 1,755 hectares to the Malaysian company C.I. Resources to 2034.

This lease could have been re-negotiated / tendered in 2019 and higher lease benefits gone to locals.

Smells like the Obeids getting NSW Labor Gov to extend Circular Quay leases without paying higher rents.

C.I Resources also granted the maintenance contract for detention center.

Appears locals have been duded of profits from their only mineral resource on C.I and your tourism potential disadvantaged by the occupation of illegals.


Looking at that peaceful scene and the absence of Centrelink Seeker photographs, I feel the same calm as waking up each morning knowing the air waves will never be contaminated again with the waddling tart and her daily, "I am here today to announce..."

It's so reassuring to know our country is now being quietly, sensibly governed and the show pony circus, with all its constant noise and clowns, has gone.



I am keeping watch! Of all the happy 'country shoppers' still loose on the streets of Western Sydney with many new faces bobbing up everyday from somewhere? I thought they were being sent back home by the Liberal government?

DEnnis Thompson

They were, no longer accessing, illegal immigrants no longer welcome, the adults are back in government again. New world order socialist scum lost the keys to the lever room. Let's make sure they never get them back.

Been there done that

I went to that blog and gave the writer plenty of AWU-WRA facts to research and write about in the future, including the link to this publication. I advised the WP that the former PM is widely reported as being under police investigation.

My post stayed there about 15 minutes - then disappeared.

The consolation is that they probably don't have time to fact-check all the details. Hopefully the writer/moderators were shocked enough to follow up the generously supplied bones of a very powerful story.


There does not appear to be any persecuted Christians on these so called illegal boats, I hardly why?


Ummm, very interesting.

I have only sketchy reports on such goings on, but no doubt it would be very interesting researching.

Old Rooster

A chain gang CI style. Yes it was quite poetic.😊

Geoff L

Hi Michael

Just a small point on this article. It is NOT the Warramunga as shown in this clip but it is the HMAS Wollongong being an Armidale Class Patrol Boat. The Warramunga is an ANZAC Class frigate pennant number 152 (if memory serves me correctly). Kind regards

[Thanks Geoff, I was a bit taken with the early morning PA announcements that were apparently being made from HMAS Warramung that accompany that video - goes to show what happens when you assume! MPS]


Loved the birds too, they may be Christmas Shearwater (Puffinus nativitatis)

Abdullah Abdullah

yes the same as 2ue who are biased lefties not worth feeding


I hear the previous Government signed away CI other income with no tender or investigation?

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