Mince on toast for dinner.
Macaulay Culkin redux

Thanks to Jane Smith and many like her

There are lots of people with really demanding day jobs who take the time to contribute here.  If you don't recognise the stage-name, you'll certainly remember Jane Smith's videos.   Jane is representative of a group of people with professional careers who find time to care for the things on this website.
Like whether our PM is a crook.
Jane Smith said:
Well mince on toast sounds better than doing porridge.
Maybe there is an audioboo there but it hasn't come up on my iPad and I'm too exhausted from my other job to get up and check the desktop. But can I say this. It has been just over a year now since Michael Smith News started publishing the documents on the AWU fraud. What a year, eh, team? So much fun had.
I reflect on how the site has changed since then and the deep friendships forged across this country as a consequence. Back then, Michael started blowing the trumpets around the walls, at first just himself and our dear dear friend Bob, but as the facts emerged, more gathered to the cause, each once convinced of it's rightness, found the courage to throw their support behind the effort and contribute what they could. And being right, nothing could stop it.
What a source of immense pride to have been involved, for each one of us. As well, we got to hear the poem Barnaby recited at the wedding, no small thing (wink).
The walls are cracking, the last ineffectual shot has left the opposition's chamber. Nothing can stop the inevitable conclusion of events.
See you in court Julia. We asked you to take us there, in front of a judge, to test the truth of your assertions, when you held the highest office in the land and we were just the plebs. You wouldn't. Looks like we'll have to drag you kicking and screaming, dear, but I for one want to know what happened, and WHY and WHO bashed Bob K. It's not like we didn't warn you.