Commercial broadcasters' standards are enforced with sanctions - the ABC has an in-house club
Brendan Nelson's resignation letter should be submitted today - how did the National Press Club miss this?

The National Commission of Audit should examine ABC and SBS funding in detail - with your help

Reader Marmion sent me this note - a lot of thought's gone into this and Marmion makes tremendously good sense.


The broad terms of reference of the Audit Commission enables a close examination of the ABC &SBS for duplication and waste leading to a cut-back on their funding and even their sale.

See at

And at -


It is better for the Government to receive and act on an "independent" recommendation about the ABC and like bodies than initiate its own action which would be portrayed as "political interference" in the "independent" ABC.

So, when the Audit Commission calls shortly for submissions, critics of the ABC should respond smartly.

I suggest the key words to focus on are DUPLICATION, WASTE, The INTERNET and STRUCTURAL.

Specifically, the Audit Commission is asked to look at DUPLICATION between the Commonwealth and the States, but the same consideration would apply when looking at Federal Government agencies such as the ABC & SBS. It is also empowered to recommend on asset sales.

The ABC and the SBS duplicate each other and within their own operations there is considerable duplication between outlets offering the same or similar content. The multiplicity of their television and radio outlets results in them acquiring programmes from foreign public and private broadcasters to fill in air-time.

Even the Friends of the ABC criticise its acquisition of foreign content rather than developing its own content. Lack of funds is suggested as the issue.

However, it is more likely that waste of funds by duplication of services and outlets is the root cause.

For example, the ABC and SBS both run the BBC World Service throughout the night. Why?

ABC's Radio National runs programmes from the UK's new Internet producer & broadcaster Monocle 24. Why?

See at

and at

"Monocle 24 has a content-sharing agreement with Radio National in Australia that includes its Culture programme and The Urbanist[15] and also sells its shows to the CBC in Canada. Programmes can be listened to live or downloaded at and are also available on iTunes."

ABC Radio National broadcasts New Dimensions programmes. Yet, they are available by listener subscription on the Internet directly at the Website of New Dimensions in the USA.

See at-

And at -


Monocle 24 is a private company modelled on the BBC  with the express intention of taking over public broadcast space. “Tyler Brûlé said “From the point of view its ambitions for global reach and coverage of world affairs, Monocle 24 will probably resemble and sound like many commonwealth public service broadcasters, including BBC World Service, as well as shades of ABC and Canada’s CBC. We are hoping to create a station which follows the tradition of the great Commonwealth broadcasters. It’s no surprise that we have drawn a lot of great people from the BBC World Service.

Whilst, Monocle 24 is an example of private enterprise willing and able to move into areas public broadcasters claim as their domain. But why are Australian taxpayers paying the overhead costs here in Australia for this private sector body to expand its operations?


The Internet enables  audiences to tune into radio broadcasts or to subscribe to broadcasts globally, so why do we need the capital cost of the ABC and SBS, simply to re-broadcast these foreign programmes?

Ironically, higher broadband speeds touted for the NBN offers more opportunity for interested parties to download foreign programmes directly without the need for the ABC or the SBS doing so at great expense.

It is not even clear in the ABC's Charter that it is permitted to broadcast foreign programmes. It may be desirable to do so to educate or entertain the Australian public but in the absence of a specific power to do so the ABC's Charter needs re-examination by the Federal Government. This might provide an opening for a thorough review of the ABC's Charter.


The ABC in its present structure is ungovernable, unmanageable and unaccountable.

In preparation for asset sales, the Government might be urged to consider establishing separate corporate structures each with a Board of Commercial Directors from the private sector for say ABC Radio, ABC Television, ABC News and ABC Radio Australia and subjecting these operations to the Corporations Act.

The ABC's internal complaints procedure is laughable. It must uphold very few complaints against itself!

The ABC legislation should be changed to subject the ABC to outside scrutiny by ACMA and the Commonwealth Ombudsman.


For anyone genuinely interested in reform and the idea that taxpayer money should be spent wisely this is a great opportunity!


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Good morning michael. Please get a petition up. I can't wait to sign


Certainly something has to be done about the ABC/SBS. Why are taxpayers paying much needed money for SBS and ABC2 to screen porn late at night? Is ABC24 needed? Couldn't what they screen simply screen through the night on ABC1? Millions can be saved. The organisation has become bloated and DON'T EVEN START ME on the never-ending bias and Tony Abbott hate spewed out by this mob.


I second that, and so too many others I know will sign the petition. Also INNAPPROPRIATE ?

 Denise & Peter Ravizza

Please do get a petition going we are out here ready to sign make ourselves be known how for yrs we have been ripped of by the ABC SBS substance of rotten programs it is time to cut the waste of both so many radio stations why is this needed

Peter of Mt Eliza

Quite so Jenstar.

ASAP or sooner preferably


Concerned Australian taxpayers are not paying to have the arrogant, unprofessional A.B.C.'s unwanted opinions! With a not so subtle hate campaign against the Liberal party and indeed against the Australian people.

We do not want the treasonous, immoral A.B.C.'s damaging opinions, by their usual offenders harming our country anymore. The counterproductive A.B.C. is worthless and must be shut down with the big money saved put to good use, like into our hospitals.

There are no shortage of television channels to choose from these days and the damned A.B.C, will not be missed one bit. There is no need for the costly A.B.C. and it's murky, political agenda.


Marmion is absolutely right - on all counts.

When it comes to yanking a knot in the ABC's tail Turnbull won't and Abbott can't - he'd be pilloried for bias just as Howard was.

It will take a fearless independent body to examine the waste and duplication of publicly funded broadcasting, not we of the Right whining about the fact that we don't like the ABC's attitude.

As always, money talks - it's the lingua franca of all sides of politics. If it can be demonstrated that taxpayers can get better value for money by changing the structure of the ABC, then they will have zero grounds for rebuttal.

Game over.


get this petition going micheal and lets all sign it and send it ferrel across the net

no time like the present

Account Deleted

BBC could lose right to licence fee over 'culture of waste and secrecy', minister warns


Count me in. Soo fed up with the bias, false or misleading garb and as to SBS and their smutty movies .... Taxpayers should not be funding it!


I'm ready to sign, getting rid of the ABC & SBS would create the same feeling as getting rid of the ALP misgovernment. O to be free of the blood suckers.

Wolfgang- of Melbourne



I cannot understand why the ABC has two television channels for children. Wouldn't one suffice? I detect some extravagant waste there.

As for Marmion's suggestion. I will be making a submission. The draft will be started today.


Michelle Two

Did anyone catch Q&A last night where Christopher Pyne got a pilloring, I missed the start of it but seen enough in the second half. Wendy Harmer didn't know what she was on about half the time she should just stick to the comedy routines, serious stuff doesn't come over so well for her.


I am ready to sign too. The disgrace that the ABC has become should no longer be tolerated.

Dennis Thompson

Inform them that their lefty comrades spent all the money and left many bills unpaid and now Operation Save demands that funding be cut to the public broadcasters and they will go back to basics as a single unit and adhere strictly to the ABC Charter from now on.

Account Deleted

I watched it an Chistopher did very well. Tony Jones was caught out badly showing his bias at one stage after he misquoted Judith Sloane - it was very obvious and he looked a bit sheepish after that. I was surprised that Ray Martin was quite biased too. Christopher and Joel Fitzgibbon went hammer and tongs a couple of times and Joel slipped and called Christopher the "opposition" by mistake but it shows that they think they are still in government!

Up The Workers!

"Two channels for children"?

Are you sure?

I could have sworn the A.L.P.B.C. had four or five channels for children.

My T.V. has full surround sound, but for some reason, whenever I accidentally land on the A.L.P.B.C., only the Left Channel works. I suspect that the set is functioning OK - it is just the content that is grossly defective!

Liz of Vic


The ABC as it is now will never be able to change.
They are the rusted ons!!!

Now do we have to send our complaints to the AMCA? Are they going to respond if we inundated them with some of our previously-sent complaints to the ABC? Yeah for sure!

I also think, that by now everyone, who comes here should speak English, so why do we still have all the News's in other languages on SBS. I think I told you once before, that I speak a few other languages and on those it is all leftish propaganda. Well we get enough of that in English on the ABC, so really anymore is not required.
And indeed the sexually explicit and worse films are shocking and not worth watching, scandalous actually, some of it is real porn. Lots of money to be saved.


Poor bastards will find it hard to round up a press secretary job from their "mates" when even the likes of Palmer has to beat his chest & make threats for a budget.

Born Free

Yes Lucille, they still consider left media is their way of controlling folks, that and concentrated propaganda with extreme communications.As if it is a political Sect ??
They have not accepted that the real vast majority see through the poor acting and misleading messages.
It seems their* self obsessed importance is in their over inflated minds.
Out of touch still, with how many are outraged and offended.
Hon Christopher Pyne means well for education`s principles.
He has sensible constructive and substantial ideas.
Miranda Devine makes some good points in her recent/Latest article about reading.


Like a rusted can Liz, throw them in the Trash bin.....NOT the recycling bin please.


Lucille, I too saw/heard Joel F's faux pas.

While I actually quite respect Fitzgibbon, his "eff up" was sooooo symptomatic of how the ALP (and the ABC) do not realise that the taxpayer trough has been taken away.


"On the other hand, Mr Scott obviously decided The Australian's revelations about the AWU affair, based on primary sources, constituted a beat-up the national broadcaster had best avoid. Given the claims about the pre-politics professional life of Julia Gillard have triggered an ongoing police investigation, we would query the reasons for the ABC's apparent aversion.

"Perhaps the ABC doesn't get enough practice making editorial judgments because it has such a poor record in breaking stories -- save for those spoon-fed by unions or environmental and animal rights activists. With vast resources and annual public funding of more than $1 billion, the ABC fails to break as many significant stories in a year as this newspaper does in a week.

This should concern Mr Scott, as should the news that even departing former foreign minister and NSW premier Bob Carr has referred to a Greens/Left/ABC/Fairfax point of view."

Pat K

So much material and so little time/space.
For example, the ABC and SBS both run the BBC World Service throughout the night. Why?
Let's get the third corner of the triangle into the picture. There is now a plethora of "community" broadcasting organisations in operation and receiving substantial government funding. Probably the most significant of these is the RPH network which also runs the BBC world service overnight. RPH coincidentally shows a marked preference of the running the climate change angle at every opportunity. They will of course deny this but it is not an editorial position as such. It is more insidious than that. It comes from the programming selection process. Listen in to Green Advocate (7:00pm Sundays) or Living Planet (8:30pm Sundays). Aside from readings from the daily press other readings come from magazines. The selection of magazines being read from is skewed to left wing ("progressive"?) publications. There is a significant presence of ABC people doing on air readings and promotional messages.
The worst thing about this is that this media outlet was established and operates under the guise of providing reading services for those who, presumably, can be expected to have no or little access to alternate news providers - The blind, the sight impaired and the illiterate. That this is the target audience makes the whole exercise more insidious.
RPH manages to maintain a national network on both AM and FM bands. They have an internet presence and are currently campaigning for government funds to support their move into digital broadcasting.


I don't know why they bother with the so called comedians and singers, they are always females and always clueless.


I agree.


Wendy Harmer isn't even a funny comedian she is just a low brained comedian who uses satire not genuine comedy.

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