The Defence Minister and CDF with copybook perfection in responding to constituents
As the chopper crashed the rotor chopped the foliage I thought "this is what an ant must feel like" when I mowed the lawn.

There is no escape when Fairfax/ABC multi-platform synergistic news teams target the issues that matter

Exhibit One - the corporate plan

The stupidest ad you will ever see

Exhibit Two - 2UE's breakfast show sets the news agenda with stories that matter

The team pursues the story that matters with multi-platform presentations that push way past the boundaries of good taste that stop lesser "news" teams in their tracks.

You'll find a whole  morning filled with stuff almost as great as 2UE's search for Stan's ghost on producer Alice's twitter feed

Then follow the 2UE agenda-setting as the strategy is taken up by the team on day shift at ABC News.  No carved pumpkin is safe from being outed by the investigators at work.   Corrupt, lying, thieving politicians are, safe that is.   But Halloween stuff?   Full court press, no stone unturned.

Exhibit Three - ABC News teams deploy after those with something to hide.


And it's egg on the faces of the arm-chair experts who said the Fairfax/ABC strategy would never deliver the news that Sydney needs.

Just ask the ghost of Stan Zemanek.   2UE did.