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To Mark Scott, Editor-in-Chief, ABC. The Australian's editor took responsibility for his paper today. You should observe how it's done..

Mark Scott is the Australian Broadcasting Corporation's Editor-in-Chief.

Like a newspaper editor responsible for a newspaper that includes a lift-out magazine, cartoons, lifestyle, cooking, travel, news and commentary sections, Mark Scott is responsible as Editor-in-Chief for everything the ABC puts to air, not just news reports and programs.

Abc editorial policy_005
Some people grow in stature, influence and gravitas during their time in a job.  Mark Scott has done precisely the opposite.

Here's Mark Scott when he was newly appointed to the job as Managing Director of the ABC on 17 October, 2006 as published in this story in The Australian - it's just over 7 years ago.  

New ABC boss vows no more bias

ABC managing director Mark Scott last night admitted the national broadcaster had to respond to claims it was politically biased in its news, current affairs and other programming, by launching new editorial guidelines.

Mr Scott singled out the watchdog program Media Watch as needing an overhaul in his plan to ensure more balance and diversity of opinion on the ABC, long accused of perceived left-wing bias.

Mr Scott said he accepted a July ruling by broadcast watchdog the Australian Communications and Media Authority that found a Four Corners report on the Tasmanian forest industry by journalist Ticky Fullerton was not impartial. "I can understand how they reached that finding," he said.

As for Media Watch, presently hosted by Monica Attard, Mr Scott said he had "encouraged the director of television (Kim Dalton) to work with the Media Watch team to review their format and content next year to ensure there was more opportunity for debate and discussion around contentious and important issues".

Mr Scott chose the conservative think tank run by ABC critic Gerard Henderson to unveil a tough new editorial policy that subjects all radio and television programs to the same editorial scrutiny as news and current affairs.

He created a new position - director of editorial policies - to report to him in his role as "editor-in-chief of the ABC" to monitor and assess editorial performance across all television and radio programming.

Speaking to The Australian before his speech, Mr Scott said the ABC would "look to see whether, on ourstaff, or among those we recruit as contributors, we have the breadth and diversity of voices to be able todeliver what we want to deliver". [DISCUSS HOW HE WENT - MPS]

Mr Scott, who joined the ABC in July, gave the nod of approval to Barrie Cassidy's Insiders, Lateline host Tony Jones and The 7.30 Report host Kerry O'Brien. He endorsed their "rigorous" style of interviewing.

"And the best politicians know that to be subject to a cross-examination by a Kerry O'Brien or a Tony Jones, by a Virginia Trioli or a Jon Faine, and hold their own, increases their political reputation and support. That's why the best politicians keep going on."

But ABC staff, their union and Labor questioned how the rules could be enforced for drama, comedy and children's shows.

"This is outrageous. It's just another attack upon the ABC and its independence," said Community and Public Sector Union national secretary Stephen Jones. "It's also a little bit demoralising.

"Does it mean that comedians can no longer take pot shots at the Government? Is there some political content in Play School? We are getting to the stage where we are looking for political content and bias in children's programs."

Mr Scott signalled that the ABC newsroom would also be encouraged to cover more populist topics. "Unlike some of the commercial media, we have to serve all of the public, not just those who would come to the ABC for comfort of confirmation," he said.

"I am also concerned that we are not unnecessarily narrow in our news selection, reporting on interests of great interest to the newsroom, but of less interest to our broader community.

"This is a challenge for newsrooms everywhere, but particularly those populated by intelligent, thoughtful and serious-minded journalists, like our newsrooms."

I liked him a lot better back then.   Mark Scott sounded like he meant business.   What he said was spot on.   But the words were empty - Mr Scott simply hasn't delivered.   He's been an ineffective leader who seems to think his job is to author supportive Twitter messages and emails for staff.   Rather than take responsibility and lead, he's succumbed to the ABC's culture and appears to have given up on being its Editor-in-Chief.

When the ABC broadcast the image of Chris Kenny with his trousers around his ankles in a doctored photograph involving a dog, Mark Scott spoke of the issue as if he was a TV and movie critic, rather than the man responsible for the broadcast.

ABC managing director Mark Scott has expressed his displeasure at The Hamster Decides' sketch pillorying The Australian's columnist Chris Kenny.

In an interview on Melbourne’s ABC774, Mr Scott said he thought The Chaser's sketch depicting the columnist and ABC critic Kenny with a dog was "full-on", "tasteless", "undergraduate” and "personally I didn't like it".

"I can understand Chris Kenny and his family being upset by it (the Chaser sketch) and I'm sorry about that," he said.

Mr Scott noted only one complaint was received within 36 hours of the broadcast. It is believed the remainder of complaints, less than 200, came only after the sketch was highlighted in other media.

Today The Australian has nailed Mark Scott and the effect of his 7 years at the ABC helm.  This editorial is very well put together, particularly in its observations about the ingrained incuriosity and reluctance to research and break stories amongst the ABC's journalists and newsrooms.

The wasted opportunity is a tragedy.  All that money could have produced so much really insightful good for the nation.   Instead a stultifying torpor pervades the ABC, driven by a smug contentment about the moral superiority of their "mission".   That results in most ABC news reports containing a leader that quotes a "new study" or press release, followed by the confirmation-bias selected comment of some ABC approved expert.

The Australian has done us all a great service with this editorial.   I hope the Abbott Government is listening too.

Time to open up the ABC insiders to outside review

UNDER managing director Mark Scott the ABC has expanded and become less accountable.

It has used extra government funding and favourable allocation of a lucrative government contract to work its way into every corner of the media market, forcing all private media, even struggling digital start-ups, to face a public competitor providing free content.

Commercial news services can even purchase news content from the public broadcaster. As the number of journalists in the private sector shrinks, the ABC expands.

Divisions between print, television, radio and online are becoming blurred. The ABC was established to provide a national radio and (later) television service. Now it pushes taxpayer-funded content online at no direct cost to consumers, just as the private sector -- including, of course, The Australian -- strives to convince customers that content is worthy of purchase.

Our interest is clear, as is our role. But what is the ABC's role? Is it to continually expand its size and reach for no reason other than the unchecked bureaucratic tendency towards empire-building?

Mr Scott brazenly championed his empire and the Labor government was sympathetic. Twice the ABC contested a tender for DFAT's overseas television service, worth more than $200 million over 10 years, and twice the ABC lost to Sky News (which has small corporate links to The Australian).

Yet in a startling decision never convincingly explained, the ABC was given the contract regardless. Still, the Australia Network coverage of the recent bushfires was bettered by global players such as CNN and BBC World.

If we consider whether the ABC is reaching too far, we should also ask whether it is spreading too thin. Instead of asserting his editorial leadership, Mr Scott has been the cheerleader for his staff, extolling their virtues on Twitter. As editor-in-chief, his role is to impose standards rather than merely defend a largely autonomous editorial cohort.

Last week, when Mr Scott described our exclusive story about Barrie Cassidy as an "outrageous beat-up", he showed poor judgment. Slow to admonish transgressors in his own organisation, he prefers to find fault elsewhere. Yet when dubious government processes over Cassidy's election-campaign appointment were revealed (along with apparent ABC co-operation in keeping the arrangement quiet), Mr Scott's knee-jerk reaction was not self-examination but self-defence.

Our modest story was such a beat-up that it led to the intervention of the Arts Minister and Attorney-General, George Brandis, and a wise and gracious resignation from Cassidy.

Everyone will have their own definition of a beat-up, but Mr Scott's is important. For instance, he presumably wouldn't use the term to describe Four Corners' use of footage surreptitiously shot by animal rights activists to inflame emotional claims about Indonesian slaughterhouses. Nor, presumably, would he apply it to the way the national broadcaster fuelled public outrage through extensive television and radio coverage, prompting a reactive government to pre-emptively ban a live-cattle trade crucial to both nations.

On the other hand, Mr Scott obviously decided The Australian's revelations about the AWU affair, based on primary sources, constituted a beat-up the national broadcaster had best avoid. Given the claims about the pre-politics professional life of Julia Gillard have triggered an ongoing police investigation, we would query the reasons for the ABC's apparent aversion.

Perhaps the ABC doesn't get enough practice making editorial judgments because it has such a poor record in breaking stories -- save for those spoon-fed by unions or environmental and animal rights activists. With vast resources and annual public funding of more than $1 billion, the ABC fails to break as many significant stories in a year as this newspaper does in a week.

This should concern Mr Scott, as should the news that even departing former foreign minister and NSW premier Bob Carr has referred to a Greens/Left/ABC/Fairfax point of view.

The ABC should have no political leaning and no discernible view except one of Australian nationalism, open-mindedness, curiosity, plurality and fair-minded debate. As a matter of priority, the Abbott government must review the ABC's reach, role, funding and internal leadership


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Maggie 47

Yes Michael I was pleased to read that editorial this morning, however my first thought was that ABC will dismiss it as "just The Australian".
I cannot watch any news/documentaries on ABC any more. Everything has a warped bias now.
I think it is going to take a lot more citizens unrest for Turnbull to take corrective action. Going by his left leanings I am not sure he would take appropriate action.


We can only hope that the ABC & SBS will have their wings clipped at the next budget. They have been warned and have chosen to ignore the warnings. The wages paid are excessive and the content of their programs are biased. Their empire is too big and unnecessary.Let's hope that the cut, cut, cut that they forecast under Tony Abbott will in fact be on the ABC & SBS as it is duplicating what is already available by private media organisations.

Dennis Thompson

He apparently did not read the ABC Charter after his appointment, so given his track record in ignorance when will he be replaced? I am aware that Malcolm Turnbull is well aware of the widespread anger with ABC partisan left politics and is considering the options he has to make changes. In my business experience employees who operate within an unhealthy culture never change, the only way to deal with them is to dismiss them. Can anyone assist me, are there any not biased?


Re: para 3 of The Oz's editorial.

"As the number of journalists in the private sector shrinks, the ABC expands."

And all on the taxpayer teat.

Then what the hell is this "expanded" fleet of ABC journalists doing?

They certainly are not pursuing balanced news/commentary reporting generally, nor can they seem exhibit anything other than incurious pro-left partisan presentations favouring climate change "warmists" and ant-Abbott screeching.

And of course there is the ABC's disciplined silent denial of anything to do with Gillard's pre political life in deep contrast to gleefully reporting on Fairfax's "aged" pollie expenses rorts stories.

Extreme Centrist

ABC doesn't get many complaints from its viewers.

Hitler didn't get many complaints from the audience of his broadcasts.
That doesn't necessarily make him a good and balanced person.


Mark Scott should be sacked!! The ABC is nothing but the propaganda arm of the left and far left of politics. I'm sick of my taxes being used to denigrate, lie, mock and slander those who have a different opinion (conservative) to those that host these political program's. It's a disgrace. There should be a shake up that either sells off the ABC and the SBS or go thru every program and if it is not deemed politically balanced or its porographic (SBS) why should my taxes be used for this? Why am I paying for pornography???


I get the sense that the drums of change at our ABC are beginning to beat even more loudly and insistently. I'm not holding my breath but I'm wondering how long they can continue to hold out before internal discipline begins to fracture. With a bit of luck the Coalition may be spared the unpleasant, divisive and messy task of cleansing the rat's nest.


Why bother writing a complaint to the ABC when (as I read somewhere) less than 3% of issues are resolved? No wonder complaint numbers are only 200 for the Chris Kenny issue. Anyhow the ABC reckoned it was okay!!!! As I stated, why bother complaining?


Harry Jenkins

Whoa! Such truths well spoken are difficlult to refute.

One wonders why, when the coalition will be in charge of the budget for the next three years, and possibly longer, that the ABC would continue to bite the hand that feeds with such ferocity.

Taunt it long enough and eventually the dog bites back.

The ABC is lacking in both commonsense and wisdom, to say the least, and they need to address the standards they claim to self profess before someone does it for them - in spades.

What is writ in the Australian has been obvious to many for a very long time and we are not happy at all.

The adults are in charge now and are looking to cull wastage in all it's forms.


I am pleased the ABC hasn't buckled under pressure and will air the second episode.

"Professor urges ABC to pull Catalyst episode on cholesterol drugs" it could result in deaths

Being a low fat diet skeptic and watching the first episode reminded me of the debate around climate change and the true believers call, the science is settled and try to shut down any debate.


ABC = Foxtel lite. Let's make things tougher for Rupert Murdoch and his media interests, surely there's room for a few more digital kids channels on ABC? /sarc

Up The Workers!

"Mark Scott is the Australian Broadcasting Commission's Editor-in-Chief"?

Don't you mean: "Mark Scott is the Australian Labor Party's Brown-tongue-in-Chief"?

The A.L.P.B.C. is a $1.2 billion annual embezzlement of taxpayer's funds for A.L.P./Greens propaganda purposes.

Mark of Brisbane

In my humble opinion the ABC, particularly since they, along with Fairfax, the Greens and the ALP, lost the election, appear to be more outspoken, provocative and aggressively critical of the LNP and it's policies and almost seem to be looking for a confrontation.

I think they have devised a strategy in that they want to use the confrontation to support a PR campaign which would be something along the lines of "The govt can't stand the ABC's scrutiny and questioning of their actions and they are trying to silence/gag us by changing management/reducing budget/removing journalists". I think we may also see the "Freedom of Speech" line used more often when commenting on Govt/Conservative media criticism.

The calmer and more quietly the LNP Govt can stay when dealing with the ABC, the more shrill they will become which would be counter productive for them. The current LNP strategy of starving them of ministers is one I would like to see ramped up as it would continue to highlight their irrelevance and remove attack targets.

Old Rooster

Yes the irony of the position taken in this issue as opposed to climate voodoo er science seems to have escaped the staff of the ALPBC Science Unit. I too await with interest for part two to be broadcast. Then again over the years I've become a skeptic of many areas of science—Medical and Climate being only two near the front of the queue.


The science is NEVER settled. That is why more research is done in all fields all the time. If the climate warmists knew it all then there would be no need to go and drill deep ice cores from Antartica - as they are planning to do again. Ongoing research shows that they do NOT know it all for climate, the effects of fatty diets and the effects of statins.

As always, only the rusted on refuse to keep on looking at new research results. Many believe that science is the be all to end all but it's not and I have a science degree. Just when we think we know it all, along come more facts. This is why Conroy's "Pixie Dust" comment decrying the likelihood of faster speeds for copper was just downright stupid. Only the truly ignorant will paint themselves into a corner. It really is a case of a little knowledge being a dangerous thing. The state of knowledge today is a snapshot of science in time - nothing more. Even the speed of light is not a constant, as many think.

seeker of truth

With the ABC, the more things change the more they remain the same. No more bias, eh Mr Scott!!!

Abdul Hazeez


Dear oh dear, oh dear, Mr. Mark Scott, so called Editor-in-Chief and the whole damned toxic ABC are having themselves on, treating us all like damned stupid idiots and gloating about it, happily prostituting our intellects on a daily basis.

Smart arse Mr. Scott needs to resign from the job, that probably pays him about $300,000+ dollars a year for absolutely doing nothing useful! We must bloody well shut down the redundant A.B.C. and sack all of it's mischievous parasites, who are doing so damage to Australians' interests.

Why in hell are we paying for this A.B.C. garbage?


I don't Complain about the ABC because I never watch it.sell it off or close it down.


Typical public service response, create another position and install a fellow traveller. I thought that was his job to"monitor and assess editorial performance across all television and radio programming." Nothing surprises me really with this mob.


Saw that Muslim apologist Turnbull on Q&A and he was shocking, Tony should kick his backside into touch, cannot trust Turnbull, he's as bad as Krudd.

Wendy brown

The man does not watch his own
Stations or he would see things as he should
all one side leaning to the left there about Siberia
Now heading further into the waste land.
He wont find it to bring back.

Hassan Aziz

Red hot global warmer/taxer, Malcolm Turnbull is actually part of the problem and not the solution. To make things worse he is a bit of a smarts arse with a big head, not unlike that dope Bill Shorten.


Despite what some people think, the ABC is answerable to the Australian Communications and Media Authority.

ACMA's powers directly relating to the ABC are found under Section 150 of the Broadcasting Services Act.

A person can complain to ACMA if they have previously complained to the ABC about an alleged breach of the ABC's Code of Practice, and
a] have not received a reply within 60 days, or
b] the person considers the response inadequate.

Maybe its time to flood ACMA with instances of the ABC's breaches of the ABC Code of Practice.

ACMA must investigate a complaint which is
a] relevant to the Code of practice
b] not frivolous
c] not vexatious and
d] made in good faith.


Yes Dennis Paul who reads the sports with Rowlands and Trivoli. He never ever gives a nasty or biased remark.


I now forward all responses to my complaints from the ABC to Abbott and Turnbull. I was not satisfied with their response to my complaint about Marr stating that Michael Smith was sacked, and also the disgusting and degrading picture of Chris Kenny, plus the fact that they had a whole Q & A segment with just Shorten and Albanese on the panel during their leadership campaign. I suggested that the ABC was just a propaganda machine for the Labor Party. I asked for the ABC to offer an apology, but no apology was forthcoming. I also forwarded the ABC response to my complaint to Michael and also to Chris Kenny.

The ABC is fully funded from us the taxpayers, whilst the Bolt Report is on a Commercial Channel, and we are not paying for the latter, so the lefties cannot make a comparison between the two Channels.

I urge every time you make a complaint to the ABC and receive a response, you forward copies to Turnbull, Abbott and other significant persons. If the politicians start seeing a huge pile in their in trays or many emails to do with this bias of the ABC, they might decide something is wrong, and that they need to provide a satisfactory solution.


ACMA is far too busy pursuing Alan Jones over minor errors to worry about having to expend energy investigating major errors committed by those so-called credible journalists at the ABC which have, of course, already been excused by the oh-so-independent in-house Audience & Consumer Affairs.

It's time for an audit of ACMA too. I am sure ACMA would agree with Audience & Consumer Affair who agree with the ABC, its presenters and staff.

Done deal!



First to go should be Robyn Williams.

Williams has hosted
the Science Show since 1975,[38 YEARS]
Ockham's Razor since it was created 1984[30 YEARS]and
In Conversation since its creation in 1997 [17 YEARS].

Then next to be examined should be the cozy employment regarding husband/wife combinations.


Unfortunately I agree with you JMH....but a little stirring never hurts.

Rob Greer

Perhaps Mr Scott should understand that being politically correct does not necessarily mean he is correct.

Number Player

Even Gardening Australia has been taken over by the ferals and tree huggers pushing the Climate Change dogma.

There was one episode suggesting viewers should request a grant from the local council to grow vegetables!

Spend a few hundred dollars of council money to save you fifty and undercut the professionals who would do a better job in supplying a broad range of fresh fruit and vegetables daily.

Please, sack them all!


A brilliant editorial by the Australian newspaper on the failures of the ABC & their managing director Mark Scott. The ABC is an untrustworthy, unreliable service to watch news & current affairs. There is no accountability by many journalists at the ABC. They are a TV station that have abused taxpayers money to report their dishonest agendas, like supporting climate change, disliking the liberal party, no debating (Q & A is no debating show at all) etc. They only report the news which suits them, while reporting on stuff like the AWU fraud is out of bounds and not allowed. Some of these "so called" journalists at the ABC wouldn't get a job in most other media outlets.


I with you Mark. I especially appreciated the comment about how many stories the ABC actually break too.


Gee Dennis, I hope your mail on Turnbull is on the money.
It needs to be. Turnbull and Co need to know there are other conservative parties out there that will take Scott and his ABC out if the Libs won't do it this term.

Australia was conned by labor, not the liberals too.


It is interesting to me to note much commentary regarding Malcolm Turnbull, in this and other related ABC posts, and I cannot help but wonder that the ABC's relentless attacks on Tony Abbott and the more sanguine treatment of Turnbull may be generating a "he's (i.e. Turnbull) on the ABC's side and not ours" mentality within some segments of conservative supporters.

Firstly, I sincerely doubt such a situation exists, preferring to think that Abbott is not concerned in a day-to-day sense of how the ABC portrays him, preferring to concentrate on the chief executive affairs of the day rather than whatever "irritant" level the ABC's relenting slagging of him may be.

He knows that they "ain't for changing" and he has more important toxic legacies from the previous government to deal with.

Secondly as for Turnbull, I know that his new ministry is profoundly concerned with the handed over flawed NBN which is of monstrous financial concern, not only to the new government but to treasury officials as well.

I am sure that both Abbott and Turnbull share our frustrations and disquiets with the ABC but with just a month and a bit since achieving executive office, I believe them both to be focussing on "bigger fish".

However, this is not to opine that we the public stakeholders cannot achieve much in having the ABC know well that we are increasing unlikely to remain mute and well behaved as relates to their pathetic overall performance whilst in our employ.

Percy Phelps

One of the very first things Mark Scott did when he took over his position with the ABC was to implement a recycling regime. Nothing wrong with that par se, but it was how it was done (with a warm fuzzy feel good piece of propaganda), and done so quickly, that gave me the impression he maybe a closet lefty of the environmentalist kind. Quite frankly, nothing he has done since then has changed my mind about that.


You will note that he said only one complaint was received soon after the program went to air! That's because no decent, sensible people were watching the program! The 200 complaints that came in later were probably from the readers of this news blog after Michael published the story! Just shows you, no one with any real intellect watches ABC programs like that, or most others, come to think of it. We only watch drama on the ABC now. Any news, current affairs programs, QandA, etc, etc are verboten in this house!

Dennis Thompson

Thank you Diana, I knew there had to be at least one employee worth keeping.


Old rooster, this may be of interest.
Greg Carey talking to David Gillespie, author of Sweet Poison and Big Fat Lies, about the Catalyst programme.


I guess you haven't planted up your verge?

Abdullah Abdullah


Yes how is it that the highly productive right wing Australians who are making most all of the money for our country are somehow supporting, feeding and carrying all of these damned sabotaging hypocrite left wingers and their damned useless and costly ideologies, greedily soaking up our taxes for their own bloody personal benefit.

I find this totally absurd, that without the hard earned money from our hardworking demonised businesses, the damned sabotaging, treasonous lefties would be on the bones of their fat lazy arses!

So why are they so easily accessing our money?

Lefties should be cut off from our tax revenue honey pot, which is absolutely not meant for these rorting, scheming left wing Labor/Green hypocrite "scumbags" seriously and irreparably damaging Australia.

N.B. Over to you Mr. Abbott! Do what needs to be done!

2 Bobs Worth

The ABC has pet causes notably Global Warming and Same-sex Marriage- coincidently, pet Green's Party policies.Listening to the ABC you would be forgiven to believe that on the issue of Same-sex marriage (euphemistically called by them "marriage equality"). On ABC Radio News 24 there was a report of the Same-sex marriage bill which went through the ACT parliament. It featured a single opinion form a pro-same-sex marriage proponent. Here's my complaint.
"A news report on the introduction of the same-sex marriage legislation introduced in the ACT was followed by a five-minute interview with Rodney Croome, spokesperson for the Australian Marriage Equality organisation.
Again, like most reports on the same-sex marriage debate on the ABC, only one side if the debate was presented. The SSM issue, I contend, disproportionately represented.
My question to you is this:-
When will the ABC demonstrate neutrality on this issue and allow equal time for the opposing opinion form any number of anti-sam sex marriage organisations.?"
There is no shortage of potential commentators who would be happy to give the opposing view.
Their response:
"The interview with Rodney Croome, National Director of the Australian Marriage Equality, ran during NewsRadio’s Afternoon program on 19 September, the day legislation was introduced in the ACT Parliament to legalise same sex marriage. Croome talked about the significance of the legislation and his call for Bill Shorten and Anthony Albanese, contenders for the Labor leadership, to back the legislation.The same day on NewsRadio Drive, Christopher Brohier, lawyer for the Preservation of the Definition of Marriage organisation, was interviewed about opponents of the bill questioning its constitutional validity. NewsRadio continues to cover same sex marriage/marriage equality and related issues as and when they feature on the news agenda taking into account newsworthiness and the impartiality standards."
So present a news item and present one side as a part of the news, then have a "drive-time"interview separate form the news item is balance? Has anybody else experienced this fobbing off of complaint?

Old Rooster

Husband and wife combinations? Careful or you'll be done for discrimination against same sex couples😉❗️


Yes and Don Burke was ostracised by those from Gardening Australia and they eventually hounded him out of the industry. His crime. He started an alternative environment group that was not controlled by the Greens. He has paid dearly for such inpertinence.

Old Rooster

Actually I was comforted to know that I would never have to wait for much more than a fortnight to see 'Man of Aran' or 'Wings over the Empire' (got to love those Fairey Swordfish) but they seem to have worn them out as they don't get shown anymore.😊

Irene Hough


'Their' ABC are promoting a 4 part interview commencing 12 November 2013 by Kerry O'Brien with none other than that illustrious Australian Statesman, Paul Keating. Why is Paul Keating getting all the publicity????? Could it be that he is pulling the strings and positioning for when Australia becomes a Republic or is he looking to be the next Governor General????? Heaven help us if he ever gets appointed to a position of influence as in his words "It's all about the POWER".

Also ABC saw fit to send Heather Hewett to the Clive Palmer conference held in Melbourne so we can expect the ABC to be promoting him on all their talk back shows.

ABC where is your promotion of our LNP Government?????, Scant reporting on the trip to Afghanistan except the Ambassador's comments regarding Australia will need to increase aid when they withdraw their troops as they will be saving money. I caught this on Sky News yesterday. Humble for all Australia has done including loss of life and many injuries inflicted, I don't think so, as he kept quoting various overseas meetings and our agreements with the previous Labor government.

Are the media trying to influence the LNP Government policy????? If so, they needn't waste their time as the adults are now in charge and will govern without their input.

Time for the media to take a step back into the pack as they are no longer front and centre and dictating the press conferences only attending and hopefully reporting, not making up their own views and Labor bias, to feed to the public.


With the current budget difficulties, there is a saving of 1.5 billion from ABC and 250 Million from SBS. Why waste any more time!!!!!

It is better to be private hands to compete with other media outlets than wasting tax payer funds


Q&A has become a lefty green weekly lovefest that drives Monday night Twitter traffic on its core themes:

Global warming and climate change
Same sex marriage
Tony Abbott and LNP bashing

It must be culled.

Allen Ford

There are so many elephants in the rooms of the ABC/SBS zoo that they will need a massive increase in their respective budgets to build yet more elephant houses to accomodate them!

Cull the elephants, please.

Maggie Qld

Malcolm Turnbull in reply to question when being interviewed defended the ABC and indicated there would be no change. I am not sure Mr.Abbott is keen to interfere either. Turnbull is not keen to privatise or sell.

The ABC is no longer viewed in this household with the exception of New Tricks on Saturday evening and I am no so sure I like the new characters cast so may move on.

Something needs to be done. I must say I have been tardy in writing to the ABCafter a couple of dumb explanations to objections I had made that appeared pretty straight forward to me.

ABC is for. The amusement of the ABC only.


To the unedifying Mark Scott, a song dedication...perhaps, no? ;)

"R.E.M. - The One I Love"

For with him at the helm, the ABC is left behind...


To the unedifying Mark Scott, a song dedication...perhaps, no? ;)

"R.E.M. - The One I Love"

For with him at the helm, the ABC is left behind...

Maggie Qld

I am Happy enough with Abbott but am already looking for another person in Groom for whom I can vote. Mr.McFarlane is not listening to the people and he made empty promises. I voted for him for the last time.

Maggie Qld

ACMA? You must be mistaken it only goes after conservatives.


Harry, in year 2000 a patent was filled by a Bill Fogal of the USA for his invention called a "The Fogal Charge Barrier Device" also known as a "Fogal Semiconductor". Test at the time showed communication speeds through copper and fiber exceeded 8 times the speed of light.
(Energy From The Vacuum: Concepts and Principles by Lt.Col Thomas.E.Bearden, Ph.D. (U.S. Army Retired) page 242.

Not only was this type of semiconductor able to achieve such speeds, it was also able to deliver band width equal to or greater than fiber, through the standard copper wires.

As with many inventions the public may not see the benefits of this technology until the patent expires in the year 2020.

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