Another Aussie digger shot and wounded by an Afghani National Army "ally".
His Royal Highness Senator the Honourable Robert (Bob) Carr has certain standards in personal comfort

Tony Abbott's interview in the Washington Post should go down a treat at the Brookings Institute.

Washington post

Lally Weymouth: An interview with Australia Prime Minister Tony Abbott


The interview was going along swimmingly - US/Sino/Australian relations, trade, boats etc.

Then Lally Weymouth started asking about the National Broadband Network and the new government's revised plans.   At that point the truth serum kicked in with Tony Abbott and here are the last few questions and answers as published in The Washington Post 25 October 2013.


Is that (fibre to the node) cheaper and more efficient?


But Labor wanted to extend fiber to every household?

Welcome to the wonderful, wacko world of the former government.

So you believe the former government was doing a lot of things that were bad for the country?

I thought it was the most incompetent and untrustworthy government in modern Australian history.

Be more specific.

They made a whole lot of commitments, which they scandalously failed to honor. They did a lot of things that were scandalously wasteful and the actual conduct of government was a circus. They were untrustworthy in terms of the carbon tax. They were incompetent in terms of the national broadband network. They were a scandal when it came to their own internal disunity. They made a whole lot of grubby deals in order to try and perpetuate themselves in power.  It was an embarrassing spectacle, and I think Australians are relieved they are gone.


Astute readers will note that not only is Washington DC home to the Washington Post newspaper - it also hosts the Brookings Institute.

And Australia's loss is the Brookings Institute's gain, for nestled in the bosum of Washington DC our first female Prime Minister has just become a fellow.


Her lectures will sell-out with the Tony Abbott introduction.  

Brookings Institute nonresident senior fellow Julia Gillard was Prime Minister in the wacko world of the most incompetent and untrustworthy government in modern Australian history.

During her nonresident fellowship at Brookings, Ms Gillard will deliver lectures about a whole lot of commitments which she scandalously failed to honor.   Students will work on real-life Cases of the scandalously wasteful while studying Ms Gillard's "circus-ring" style of leadership and government service delivery.

Nonresident fellow Ms Gillard will deliver tips on introducing the value "untrustworthy" into a team -  using the carbon tax as a recent example.    She'll emphasise the importance of incompetence when building a national broadband network.  

For students taking the degree course in internal disunity, Ms Gillard brings no end of personal scandal and dirt-files held on others.

The USA's RICO racketeering provisions will be applied to a whole lot of grubby deals Ms Gillard delivered in order to try and perpetuate her government in power.  

The Brookings Institute believes that the Gillard Fellowship and lecture series will follow the traditions of the Gillard government and deliver to Brookings the embarrassing spectacle that Ms Gillard is famous for.

Thank you Brookings.