The ABC says social media is now essential to its mission
Bill Shorten announces shadow ministry, old yet young, male yet female, hard yet soft, tough yet humane

150+ Sydney families homeless - ABC LOCAL Radio hosts 3 hour radiothon for Syria this Sunday

Sydney bush fires

That photograph is a screen grab from the Sydney Morning Herald online now, 18 October, 2013.

Here is a screen grab from the ABC's taxpayer funded website taken at the same time.

The website address is

This is what you see when you go to your taxpayer funded Australian Broadcasting Corporation website.

Abc syria

Last updated: 18/10/2013

The people of Syria are experiencing a humanitarian crisis due to the civil war.

Aid agencies are reporting more than two million people, including one million children, have fled their homes and are living in relief centres in neighbouring countries. They need food, water, shelter, and health care.

Support is also being provided to communities housing Syrian refugees in places like Jordan, Lebanon and Turkey.

Your donation can help overseas development agencies deliver urgently need aid to the region. The ABC is asking people to consider how they can support the Syrian Humanitarian appeal, and we are partnering Australia for UNHCR and other aid agencies.

The United Nations has appointed UNHCR as the principal relief co-ordinator. Donations to Australia for UNHCR will go directly to the relief appeal to be used in the Syrian region.

In response to the refugee crisis now building in the Middle East as a result of the conflict in Syria, the ABC will be broadcasting a national appeal on Sunday October 20, asking Australians to donate money for humanitarian relief.

The appeal will be heard live on Local Radio across the country from 12pm to 3pm (AEST, please check your local guides) and will be simulcast on Radio National between 2pm to 3pm.

The broadcast will be hosted by Karen Tighe, who will be joined by a wide range of ABC personalities throughout the afternoon.

The program will focus on real-life stories from the refugee camps, interviews with aid workers and others who have witnessed the difficult conditions in the refugee camps and information on how donations from Australia will be used.

The ABC is partnering with Australia for UNHCR to present this fundraising appeal, but will also draw upon the experience and perspectives of other Australian aid agencies to illustrate the depth of the crisis and the breadth of the humanitarian response.

You can donate to the listed organisations or your preferred overseas aid agency. The need is great and your support will be appreciated.



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Obviously, in the eyes of the ABC, charity does not begin at home.

john greybeard

"While Sydney burns the ABC saves Syria"

That's quite reasonable Michael.

While the Global Economy burnt, Labor saved the ABC.

Wendy brown

They must have released there April fools joke
by mistake They can Donate Half there Wages
We Overpay them if they want to save People
over there own at home They make Me so
Sick Michael.


G E T R I D O F T H E A B C!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What else is there to say or do.
They must go. It is an enemy of our country and government!
The bile they spew everyday against the Liberals is outrages.
And while you are at it...sack Turnbull too. He is responsible that this is still going on.

Rod W

Of course the so-called "Arab League" of cashed-up, oil-rich Middle Eastern nations will be leading the charge with donations, and quelling the fighting, and reconstruction effort in Syria.

They wouldn't want the stinking money of infidel nations anyway, would they?



Whatever happened to all the A.B.C.'s 'Arab Spring' fanfare??

After 6 years of those damned bleeding Labor/Green leeches! Australians have no money left for the A.B.C.'s reckless stupidity. This is further evidence that the mischievous, polarising A.B.C. need to be shutdown A.S.A.P.

N.B. Why do we need the treasonous A.B.C.?? We don't!


There is an explanation for the rhetorical question that you ask Michael.
What Are They Doing?
They are displaying for all and sundry who have wondered what the view is like from inside ones own rectum.


While 'NSW' burns the ABC rambled on about climate change at every opportunity. Perhaps they should do some research into fires in decades past. Some fires burnt for hundreds of kilometres. Of course they didn't destroy as many houses, BECAUSE THERE WEREN'T AS MANY HOUSES TO DESTROY!!!!!!!!!!! The ABC is beyond a joke.

seeker of truth

Hopefully those oil rich Arab countries are digging deep into their pockets to help their fellow muslims. (ha ha ha)

paul of chester

Seriously, this is the sort of thing you while away your time with. There will be appeals galore for the bushfires and I bet the ABC will be tellign you all about them, and contributing people and time as well.

Get a grip, the lot of you. No sense of proportion, no sense of humanity and certainly no sense.


Turnbull is and always was a poseur.

Dennis Thompson

The ALPBC march: left, left, left, left ....... clean out essential!


So, you have all those qualities, that you say I, and others lack? Well, thank you so much!...not.


I don't know if you remember this but the Queensland floods Sarah Hanson Young climbed on a plane heading for Queensland NOPE
Also the Greens Party are blaming Abbot, he's been in power less than 2 months.
They had power for 3 years and did nothing but hand wringing and wailing about climate change


I have just banned the ALPBC in my home. They are a bloody joke. Michael, I can hear the disbelief and anger in your voice and when I read your blog I was feeling the same. I am so angry. What is wrong with these IDIOTS? I shall be writing a very strongly worded email to the ALPBC. What a joke!!!!!!

Rob Greer

I just sent this e-mail to the ABC. I shall post the reply I have asked for should I get one.

The Syrians are fighting amongst themselves not a foreign enemy. A civil War. None of your God-damned Business.
Huge bush fires in the Sydney area and other parts of NSW have rendered families homeless and you have the audacity to spend our money on aid for Syria before helping our own AUSTRALIAN CITIZENS.
You knew about the fires yesterday yet you still advertise your Sunday exercise in humanitarian assistance to a foreign country rather than support the people who pay your wages and costs.
You are a disgrace and I most sincerely hope the new government tears you apart and makes you justify your existence.
In the world of commercial radio you would not survive.
R S Greer


Ah - yes, the taxpayer-funded ABC showing loyalty to the mother country and her people, some of whom are now suffering terribly. The ABC where priorities and facts fail to materialise.

Memo to Mr. Turnbull: We are watching your clock ticking. Do something about this disgusting, disgraceful public broadcaster now.



I agree Paul.

This predictable "disaster" occurring in predictable places because people like to live in the bush, really doesn't rate a mention beside some of the really tragic bushfire events (Black Saturday 2009).

The avoidable Jan 2011 flood in Brisbane together with the flooding of nearly three quarters of Queensland over the 2010-2011 summer caused us all to nearly overlook the monstrous cyclone Yasi(Feb 2011).

All of these events occasioned significant loss of life and massive property/infrastructure damage.

The Syrian calamity has killed 100Ks (est.) and displaced Ms of sunnis, shias, and christians. Somehow I don't think a couple of hundred houses and one death so far, is in quite the same league, even of genuine Australian tragedies.

john greybeard

When you look at the $Billions that Australia donates to world catastrophes. How much did other Nations donate to the Brisbane floods? The Victorian and NSW bush fires?

How much?

Such Much? ($0)


Sorry, waste of time. The ALPBC will put your correspondence in the "internet nut job" tray.
They are the clever ones, remember.

If you must write, write to Turnbull and inquire when can you expect some action from his government.

His reply may suggest an understanding of the matter. However, may not.


No, you get a grip Paulie (..99 change hands). "Proportion" is a matter of perspective.

Syrians are shooting the crap out of each other. It's a very un-civil war, that is entirely preventable and in their own hands to resolve.

The point of the post is to demonstrate where the priorities of the ABC lie, and it isn't with Australians suffering the ravages of another catastrophic fire season.

And how any of us spends our time is none of your biznez.


The ABC has become the enemy within the gates.

The senior, long-serving presenters like Caroline Jones, and Geraldine Doogue are unmatched, and will never be equalled, it seems.

This current crop of sneering, smart-talking, biased, rude and ignorant scoffers are an insult to Australia, and to us, its people.

If the ABC was re-vamped, re-organised, re-staffed and renewed, from the very top to the tea ladies, maybe it could be great again.... because it was, once. There was balance, accuracy, truth, decency and dignity in its programmes and staff.

With a big enough, new enough, tough enough broom - maybe again?


Streetcred said it best when he said "If you own the medium, you control the content". This is how the United Nations works, look who is involved at the highest level here, you do what your boss tells you to do. We commission KPMG to do a report on the ABC they say to give them more money, does the ABC have a volunteer from KPMG on its staff like the BBC does? The ABC ARE being instructed as to what their content should be look at what they are doing look at the words they are using -DIVERSITY - COMMUNITY - they are all buzz words for our beloved owners The United Nations. Will this government do anything about all the perverse rubbish the ABC promote such as the little girl going to the park with her two mums and playing happy families like it was normal. Which of the mothers reading this wants their 3 or 4 year old child asking why has that girl got two mums on Playschool. 3 and 4 years old children shouldn't even have to think that way. The UN are a sick, perverted, debauchourous (sp?) pack of deluded fools. This is what they do. Read the above comments, they want you to feel displaced in your own country./rant over. This is a tragedy for all involved, of course we will help them, that's what Aussies do, just PLEASE, PLEASE, don't put Christine Nixon in charge of all the donations, much of the goods donated to the Ash Wed fires in Vic., ended up going mouldy in some warehouse.


Turnbull will do nothing, that makes sense!


I am disgusted with the ABC, and have let them know. What I posted to their comments / feedback section

"Why are you wasting my tax money on an appeal for Syria, a conflict which has no right side when there are literally 100s of people here in Australia who just had their homes burnt out.
Your hypocrisy, one sidedness is so galling that I now believe the time has come for the ABC to be sold off or disbanded

As an organisation that is supposed to represent all Australians you are a dismal failure & an embarasment to the nation"


Hi Michael would you be able to set up a protest letter to the ABC and one to Toni Abbott we all can sign please.
We need to stop money going out of the country, our people who have lost everything since yesterday are priority.
I am so angry like you and so many of your contributors.
It is time we are allowed to have a say, and Mr Abbott you will have an overwhelming "yes" vote to clean out the ABC by a majority of Australians, who value a fair go.


I do wonder when the Liberals are going to make the decisions we voted them in to make?




ALPBC/UNHCR wont get a cent out of me. Treacherous lot - they can go to @#"@.


THEY NEVER HAVE and they never will. It is the job or better the duty of the infidel to do so.


The people living in suburban Canberra in 2003 certainly were not living "in the bush" and had no expectation that over 500 homes could be lost and a number of people killed.

Nor would the people of the Tasmanian town of Dunalley consider they lived "in the bush" when they were wiped out this year and a volunteer firefighter died.

Your mealy-mouthed opinion that Sydney's current disaster "really doesn't rate a mention" reveals just how a pathetic cretin's mind works - only stirred to compassion if the numbers are high enough ... and in the right geo-political zone.



Thanks for visiting Paul. Now get back to school before we report you for wagging!


I don't particularly give a dam about what happens in Syria, nor Lebanon or anyone of those places over there and I think most Australians think the same.
But I and a lot of Australians do care about what's happening in this country, especially Sydney at the moment.
So ABC. stick Syria and your beloved ALP.up your clacker and start working for us.

john greybeard

How much is the ABC giving the Victims of the Bush-fire?

They must have saved a fortune in Royalties for the programs they cancelled to run their non-stop news on the fires.


Thank you Blackswan.


Max, you're coming across as too clever by half.
Too much higher education time maybe?

It's simple mate - Stuff Syria.


That correspondence you suggest to Turnbull will go in the same "internet nut job "tray.
There will be no action taken by Turnbull whatsoever.


We need to clean up our own backyard first Max. We have been stretched too far. Beautiful young Australians are actually dying because of an apparent lack of resources (that is the excuse given). If you have not been personally touched by such tragedy then you are fortunate.


ABC - Arrogant Bloody Cretins (IMO)


One little example of these people remember Kevin(iwannajumpinbedwiththeun) Rudd, told the Australian people he was for gay 'marriage' and there was no room in Australia for anyone to be homophobic? Where do you think that came from, not that idiot, he was told to push for it, it is no coincidence this stuff happens around the western world at the same time -all the time. My point is when a dictator, sorry Prime Minister tells you what can think or what you can believe, you know you're in big trouble. No, I'm not homophobic, each to their own. Remember when Gillard was having trouble pushing through her Carbon Tax, who was standing next to her for a news conference about it, he just happened to be flying around the area as I recall, the Sec/Gen of the UN. They were pushing this all around the world, well to the wealthier 'compliant' countries. The Carbon Tax wasn't her idea. NO WAY she was told to do it. Obama said energy prices would NECESSARILY sky rocket under his tax, different name, same destination. What sort of leaders want to screw the manufacturing business and overtax the people of that country at the same time. Come on just think about it. Was it Gordon Brown who was in charge at the time they put CCTV cameras into peoples homes. Government homes of course, and only for the worst families of course. FIRST THEY CAME FOR THE JEWS.

old timer

This poem, written a long time ago, sums up my thpughts in this matter.


I have grown past hate and bitterness,
I see the world as one;
But though I can no longer hate,
My son is still my son.

All men at God's round table sit,
and all men must be fed;
But this loaf in my hand,
This loaf is my son's bread.

Dame Mary Gilmore

Bert Albert

Yes Janelle

Exactly the same realisation came to me last night.


Kazz51.. "New Tricks", "Midsomer Murders" and "Landline"
are the only shows we watch on the ABC.The rest are absolutely pathetic left wing rubbish.

Dan Lewis

I'm sure the Syrians will be thrilled to know that the UN gets first dibs on the money and will have its staff driving around in brand new Land Cruisers, 'assessing the situation' before returning to their hotels and air conditioned offices.

These NGOs have form.


I won't be donating a cent because I'm unable to watch " our ABC" anymore. It's a disgraceful and anti Australian organisation of the left and I object to its very existence. If the liberals don't do something about it soon ill be taking to the streets

Flying Tiger Comics

Shark: Jumped.

Defund the ALPBC.

Irene Hough

Yes I heard this too. Give mooney to the Middle East while our people can suffer their own loss of homes and mental anguish as they realise they have absolutely nothing left of their former life.

We can assist the Middle East by sending back all their healthy young men who have lobbed on our shores so they can assist rebuild their own country. What of all their millionaires with their goldplated taps, etc, they should be able to fund their own resettlement needs.

Get real ABC, it's not too late to change the charity target to our very own Australian citizens, Bishfire Victims, who do not get a share of our government aid donations which we provide to the world on an annual basis.

This is as bad as Adam Bandt's rave that our Prime Minister, Tony Abbott, caused the NSW bush fires. Don't forget it's the Greens who won't allow clearance of undergrowth or running stock in the high country to prevent bushfires. We seen it all before in Victoria and last January in Tasmania. No responsibility for their actions.

Personally I'm pleased Russia is standing firm on the greenpeace rebels. It's about time someone put them in their place. They think they rule the world, nothing could be further from the truth.

We need to ensure our people are helped in their hour of need first and foremost. The taxpayers of Australia pay your inflated salaries and you should be loyal to the Australian Nation first.


I have just sent this email to Malcolm Turnbull.


"Our" AUSTRALIAN Broadcasting Corporation is spending 3 HOURS of its radio broadcasting time across the whole of AUSTRALIA on an appeal for SYRIA! While Sydney burns! While more than 100 families are homeless. While kids are holed up, terrified, in schools. While our firefighters (including our PM, no doubt) risk their lives to save lives and property.

And the ABC worries about Syria???!!!!

Malcolm, you have to stop this program, or get them to make it an appeal for all those in NSW who have lost homes and property.



The UN have to much involvement in how sovereign countries must comply to their agenda. We have to break free from the UN and the Agenda 21 perfidy.

The LNP have the chance to realign how we relate to the UN.


Too right! Syria is man-made disaster, and the bushfires are a natural disaster. I know which one I would support, first. Syria is not on my radar for immediate help.


You're absolutely right Ulla - Turnbull is the Darling of the ABC. He's Labor-lite. The ABC has spent the last four years relentlessly promoting Turnbull in their campaign against Abbott.

Turnbull will be gnashing his teeth that his buddies in his old firm of Goldman Sachs only turned a reduced profit of $1.8 Billion this year. All those Green investments of his will falter as Abbott repeals the Carbon Tax and the Climate Fraud Scam becomes increasingly apparent to all.

Turnbull will do nothing to further the interests of Abbott. He's like a carion crow sitting on a fence waiting for Abbott to make a wrong move. As Communications Minister he'll do nothing to invoke the ire of the Tsars of the ABC, his lifeline in his aspirations to topple our current PM.


Rod, the Arabs will do as they've always done. They will gnash their teeth and wring their hands and cry crocodile tears but will make no donations at all for their co-religionists. they have done nothing else over the Palestinians and they'll do nothing for the Syrians, either.


Calling Malcolm! Malcolm!...anybody at home? I think he is lacking in an effective response.


maybe Putin and the Chinese will dip their hands into their pockets for the Syrians, eh? After all, they are the ones providing the wherewithal for the destruction and killing and maiming. Would that be justice or what?


Thanks for reminding us Old Timer. Dame Mary spoke for us all methinks ...

"We are the sons of Australia,
of the men who fashioned the land;
We are the sons of the women
Who walked with them hand in hand;
And we swear by the dead who bore us,
By the heroes who blazed the trail,
No foe shall gather our harvest,
Or sit on our stockyard rail."


Irene - I agree that the Russians are showing the West how to deal with these rabble rousing Green fools.

You might enoy this perspective on the issue, with a follow-up article posted today ....


Malcolm will do, as Malcolm his own interest.


Thanks for the link Dan. My first experience of how charitable response to disasters works (or doesn't) was with Cyclone Tracy in 1974 and we have learned very little since.

The only difference is that since 'outsourcing' was deemed to be a great idea and NGO service providers proliferated, even less goods and services ever reach the true victims.


What happend to the alleged hundreds of Syrians living in Australia who dcided to head back to Syria to "lend a hand" in the Civil war?

I sincerfely hope our Government strips them of their Australian citizenship/residency and refuses them re-entry to Australia. Or is this just another example of things sliding down the memory hole in order to not rock the multicultural/Islamic boat (pun intended).

Jeff of FNQ

How much publicity will the ABC give to our Diggers for this event:


Research - World Vision -
The website address is
Here is a starting point for you.


Let those countries who are making the big money supplying arms to the terrorists in Syria, pay for the refuge disaster created by their guns and bombs. Meanwhile Australians must look after our own people first and foremost.


I think the ABC is doing justice here.
While the bush fires are definitely an important issue, we can't do much to help the people affected right now. Don't get me wrong, it is such a horrible thing for all those who have lost homes and memories, but we can't do much to support them at this moment. The moment we find out what we can do to help, I'll definitely lend a hand, but I can't help but think of the innocent children in Syria suffering because of something they can't control. If we have the power to make a change and save thousands of lives, especially innocent children, why don't people support that?

All the best to the ABC and UNHCR this Sunday.


Do you not have a TV Peter Petrum?
There is CONTINUOUS 24 hour coverage and live updating of the status of the bush fires on ABC 24 everyday...I think Australia can spare 3 hours of their time listening to ways they can help people in other countries on the radio??


I will be too busy donating to the Salvos to aid the NSW bushfire victims to be worrying about the ABC's fundraiser Syria. I feel for the people in Syria who just want to get on with their lives in peace but afraid charity begins at home.


I wish you luck PeterP no doubt in about 4 weeks you will get the stock reply that I did yesterday, to make a complaint to the ABC if I was dissatisfied even gave me a link wasn't that kind !!! Don't think Mr Turnbull is interested somehow.


It doesn't matter who you give to; as long as you give. If you're not supporting the Syria appeal, then donate to the bush fire victims. As long as you give; that's the important thing.

michael (Tango Delta Alpha)

The ABC is a giant organisation doing many things, some of which are probably scheduled weeks in advance. Why not a post with a headline "150+ Sydney families homeless - Michael Smith News still banging on about one of its bete noires, the ABC, and on Sunday it will probably be going on about another, Julia Gillard"?

[Because I am not a taxpayer funded government-owned-corporation with a specific purpose set out in an Act of Parliament. That purpose in no way authorises the Corporation to use 3 hours of its national Local Radio station network for the purpose of raising money for foreign countries. MPS]

Born Free

I could have sworn they keep telling us China is a boomtown? That Brussels is doing ok .. that Switzerland is all sorted (wink), Indian wealth nearby and Mid East huge construction plans for schools and health Institutions with recycling plants and contracts going ahead, even resort funparks in the pipelines like Sth Africa has had, (some Gold Hotel chain Internationally) and Singapore all sorted.So .. why OZ that has just given 5 big ones to the UN when the EX Prime minister visited The States , and last Xmas we gave to pacific Isl womens aid via The minority Party and Mr Carr helped Afghan mining aid also ?
We have just suffered close on 400 Billion debt in six yrs and every Australian owes close on 16 thousand dollars each including *some ones idea of the pathetic n b n debt*, that I doubt would have withstood those FIRES correct?? eg intense heat fiber melts as do tree roots.
So How is that responsible to gift a nation in Syria?? given all that and the immigration debts mounting to aid them also? I say get actual needed goods to our fellow closest loyal Aussies ASAP.
The stupid nbn won`t tolerate those heats.Wireless is the go and user pays is only fair.

seeker of truth

Why is the ABC shaking the begging bowl at us when we, the Australian taxapayers, have given $24million (yes $24million) to the UN for Syria in the way of medical and food aid. That is if Bob Carr did what he said he would do in April - it was to be immediate aid:

"Bob Carr reveals plan to take lead role in aid for Syrian refugees
April 22, 2013
.......Foreign Minister Bob Carr last night took an emergency aid plan to a meeting of European foreign leaders and the Arab League last night, which will see Australia immediately boost its medical and food aid by $24 million for the two million people so far forced from their homes."


Max as usual you are wrong.... dead wrong.

There is a difference and that difference is natural disaster compared to human caused disaster.

The natural disaster is the destruction that occurs here, not in Syria.

Middle Eastern countries, you know, those oil rich countries such as Saudi Arabia and Qatar to name just two of them can supply the cash to help Syria.

In fact the Syrian government can stop spending money on arms and help Syria.

It is not up to us to help people who are bent upon their own self-destruction.

There are hundreds of people who are left with only the clothing on their backs. They need clothing, food and accommodation. I think their needs should come before the needs of those who have willingly caused a civil war.


as an extra opinion here. There were parts of Canberra in 2003 where there was a massive amount of farm land on the outskirts of the suburbs. I am probably not describing that correctly.

I will use the region of Gunghalin to try and explain, because this was one of the areas where there was a real threat to homes.

Canberra is still very much a country town. New suburbs are created in areas that used to be farm land. The Gunghalin region is a prime example, as is the area surrounding Evatt and Girralang (this area was also threatened during those fires). Up until about 1996 there was very little in the way of housing in the Gunghalin region. The new suburbs were in the process of being created. This was also true during my last stint in Canberra where suburbs were still being opened up on land that had once been farm land.

At one point Gunghalin had existed of Mitchell which was an industrial suburb. I used to work in Mitchell. Along the Barton Hwy it was all farm land. In recent years a lot of that land has turned into housing development, the latest being Crace.

With so much grassland available, on that day in 2003 the fires took hold and they had plenty of area to burn. This was on the northern side of Canberra. The worst of the fires happened on the southern side of Canberra. The fire took hold in the plantations and then they spread from there.

What people do not appreciate is that surrounding the affected suburbs there was a large tract of land, including Tidbinbilla.

Today, where I live, there has been a disastrous fire at Munmorah. One man died from a heart heart whilst defending his property. The area has a lot of bush, trees and the like. This goes right through the whole region known as the Wyong shire. Heatherbrae is about an hour or so away. It is the same deal, lots of trees and brush that goes up in smoke.

One of the worst fires in my memory happens to be in Victoria, not the ones you think but the one at Lara. The fire crossed the Geelong Road and 17 people died in their cars. Considering the size of the carriageway it is incomprehensible. Once again this was a grass fire that got out of control because of high winds.


Probably no education time at all. This Max never learned to think for himself. He only appreciates a certain form of group think that is obvious is all of his posts.


Yes, support the victims of the natural disaster. Those responsible for the man made disaster can seek help from people in their own part of the world.


Bulltish Paul of Chester, what a lot of weasel words.

We will look after the bushfire victims. Let Saudi Arabia or Iran look after Syria.


Bushy you make a good point. It goes further, because Putin and the Chinese prevented any kind of action against Syria from taking place. You are correct, they are supplying arms to Assad so that this civil war can continue.

Let the Middle East provide for the Middle East. They are flush with cash. They spend too much on arms and not enough on other things.




There were other presenters, especially on Radio that were better than Caroline Jones. I have no time for Geraldine Doogue. As for the drips that are presenters these days... I am not in the slightest bit interested to hear what any of them have to say on any subject. They are useless idiots and they need to lose their jobs.


Humanitarian aid for Syria should come from the Middle East. We do not need to send aid to Syria.


The fires are the result of all conditions being met, it's not a climate matter at all, it's weather, the right pressure system and the right winds to maintain the heat and of course a big fuel load helps

This can not be forecast by any ''climate institute'', it would be like them forecasting the ''actual weather'' for a certain 2-3 days and years in advance

Beam Me Up

So you'd be happy, delighted even, to give to the poor downtrodden bikie gang members who have just had their wings clipped in Queensland? Or the Bernie Madoffs of this world, or the grub who just pleaded guilty to the corruption/misuse/stealing of union members money? If what you said above is true, then this is exactly what you mean. Pardon me, but I do have to disagree that it doesn't matter to whom you give, just that you give. That is just misguided twaddle.

The Syrian mess won't be helped by our actions or donations. That mess will only be helped by Syrians sorting out their own fights. Same same in all the hell-holes around the world where inter-nicene and religious warfare has raged on and off for millennia.

Out bushfire menace will be helped by Australians helping Australians, by Australians realising that we can't continue to have unfettered growth, can't have so many people moving into the bush, and those who are already there not being allowed to protect their own properties by sensible measures like proper firebreaks and controlled pre-fire season cool burnoffs etc.

My personal sympathy lies here at home with Australians where we can do something practical to help and plan responsibly for the future to reduce the dangers, not overseas where we are in no way responsible for what is happening and have absolutely no influence whatsoever on the dangers.

Beam Me Up

Big tick!!!!!

Beam Me Up

Big tick!!!!


Please leave troll - go back to your ABC mates blogs. “One of the lessons of history is that Nothing is often a good thing to do and always a clever thing to say.”


As far as I am concerned, other Middle East countries can look after Syria.

We need to help those in Australia who have lost everything.

People who make war on each other are responsible for their own state. People caught up in a natural disaster are the ones who need the help.

Sorry, I have no sympathy for the Syrians.


The ABC does not need to exist in its current format. It needs to be downsized and the sooner the better.


You are correct Albert, but that is only half the story.

There is NO climate change involved with regard to these fires.

The one on the Central Coast has another cause, or at least the continuing fire has another cause.

This particular fire started in Rutley's Road more than a month ago. It keeps flaring up because there is a coal seam that is involved. This coal seam is close to the surface. Given the windy conditions of late, it has meant flare-ups. The fire keeps spreading in different directions.. heading towards Newcastle.

I am not so certain about the other fires, but embers from the Lithgow fire (it burnt down historic railway stock at Zig Zag) caused the fires at Springwood and Winmalee. The wind cause the fire to spread down the mountain. Then the embers crossed the river and started up fires in the Richmond district. None of this has anything to do with Climate Change, but the winds at this time of year are having an impact.


Maggie, have you seen the video of the Canberra fire where there fire was a tornado? There was a tornado of fire.


Where does the money go these charities collect. They got millions for the Tsumani and how many homes did World Vision Build. We have the Sallies and Red Cross put out their hands for every disaster and they never want to give people money for homes or those that lost caravans get them replaced. They collect for the bushfire victims and tell everyone how wonderful they were they handed out donated food and water. People want homes and these charities should not have the donated miilions that have when Australians are homeless because of distasters the money is there but the Government will not order them to hand it over.

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