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KPMG and its "independent" review of FWA's investigation into Craig Thomson

Famous Five go a-spying. Tanya and Penny ask Anthony to help while Bill pretends to be Tony's friend!

Tanya and bill

What fun!  

The Five told BamBam that someone had been spying on him.   Everyone pretended it was Tony!

Young Bill told Tony that he wanted to be friends!   But Young Bill was still secretly friends with Tanya and Penny and Stephen.   The Five had a simply splendid time following people and holding flashlights to make notes in their new spiral-bound pads.

Anthony borrowed his uncle Umberto's suit and thought he was ever so grown-up.  


Albo marrickville

They all laughed and laughed as he made an ever so good pretend businessman.  

But secretly Anthony was upset that Young Bill got to be Tony's pretend pal.

Albo got left behind

In the end the rain came down and they ran along inside for tea.   Young Bill's mum had cakes and scones.   She made special medals from chocolate wrappers and ribbon for the Five and they had a pretend ceremony!

Famous five get medals


Everyone agreed, Tanya and Young Bill were ever-so-good at pretending not to know anything.

Tanya and bill 2

Next week, Chris brings new fun and a different colour tie and hair to the pals!


While Mrs Bishop asks who took all the surpluses.   Old Bill from number 35 knows exactly who he's going to blame!

Bill and julia