Maybe the ABC's staff and management should tip in and buy the corporation - they already act like they own it.
A question from John Lourens - why do I report the AWU allegations while not reporting other claims of crime

UPDATED WITH CORRECT EDITORIAL! And don't forget that copy of The Australian tomorrow!

I found this ad for The Australian newspaper circa 1980s.   Which reminds me to remind you - make sure you get a copy tomorrow!


And on a more serious note I've just recorded a few thoughts about the threshold I have for material published on this website - the more serious the allegation against a person, the higher the standard of proof to meet the "truth" test.  I know that Victoria Police have received a complaint from a lady alleging that many years ago she was raped by a now Federal Labor politician.   Police are investigating that complaint but have not named the suspect.   Because I know absolutely nothing about the lady making the allegation or the evidence to support it I am not comfortable in naming the suspect either.