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Janet Albrechtsen, former director of the ABC Board who appointed Mark Scott calls for his resignation

Malcolm Turnbull's latest on the untouchable ABC which we fund to do what it wants

Dear S,

Thank you for your correspondence regarding the ABC.

Australia’s media, like media environments all over the world, are experiencing great, disruptive change of unprecedented speed and scale. In these challenging times our national broadcasters are more important than ever and the Australian Government recognises the important role the ABC plays in Australia’s cultural, economic and democratic way of life.

While the Australian government provides an overall level of funding for the ABC, it has no power to direct the ABC in relation to operational matters. Parliament has guaranteed this independence to ensure that what is broadcast is free of political interference.

Internal ABC programming decisions are the responsibility of the ABC Board and Executive. One of the ABC’s statutory obligations is to be accurate and impartial in its news and current affairs programmesaccording to the recognised standards of objective journalism.

While the ABC has editorial independence, it is accountable to the Parliament through annual reports, corporate plans, financial and performance audits, and appearances before Parliamentary Committees. Unlike the former government, the Coalition will not seek to assert control over the media to the extent the previous government did with its perverse attempt at media reform.

The Government has stated its commitment to maintaining the quality, performance and efficiency of the ABC and to ensure that the ABC fulfils its Charter.

The Government has no plans to either privatise or reduce funding to the ABC, however the Government has established a National Commission of Audit (NAOC) to review the scope, efficiency and functions of Government. The Commission has a broad remit to examine all areas of government expenditure, which would include all government funded agencies. The ABC, along with other government agencies, has been invited to make a submission to the NAOC.

If you wish to raise your concerns directly with the ABC, and I encourage you to do so, you can lodge a complaint at This will ensure that the ABC is directly aware of your concerns and has an opportunity to respond to you. If you are not satisfied with the ABC’s response, you may refer the matter to the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) for investigation. Information about making a complaint to the ACMA can be found on the ACMA’s website:

Thank you for raising this matter with me.


Malcolm Turnbull