Stronger Together - detective place them in separate interview rooms. That should fix that.
Taylor Swift, Bon Jovi and Prince William. My daughter Caroline will be beside herself!


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Mike(T) WA

I still do not understand why we bring these people to CI - why do we not have a large converted ship permanently located on the Australian Maritime Boarder and transfer ALL boatpeople onto that vessel for processing prior to transfer to Manus/Nauru - what a life if they happen to be on this vessel for a while


The facilitating islamic Indonesians must be told in plain old english if you don't stop sending us your unwanted, most undesirable muslim "country shoppers", then all future $$$donations will cease. Indonesia knows how to play the game when they want to!!

Indonesians are mostly be very strict at their airports and they can easily nip this crap in the bud at entry level, if they really wanted to??

Clearly the Indonesians are playing us for damned piss weak is all getting a little embarrassing.

Johhny B. Goode

Funny... I saw the Ocean Protector tied up at White Bay below the Anzac Bridge a couple of days ago. Could there be more than one?


One would hope that the same mistake - of towing the boat back the 200nm to Indonesia wasn't made - with that stupid idea last week the boat was pulled in half. And the Government of Tony Abbott reckons "the adults are in charge" - they haven't proved it yet.


Just a bit more - this is how Indonesia plays politics:

"As protesters burned Australian flags outside the Australian Embassy in Jakarta, shouting “death to infidels”, parliamentarians were urging President Yudhoyono to revoke the presidential decree which granted remissions to Schapelle Corby. Taslim Chaniago, of the National Mandate Party (PAN), said, “This should be done to heal the Indonesian people’s feelings at the moment.”

The Indonesian Democratic Party’s Ahmad Basarah said, “The government should take its anger out on Corby. The two countries have no reason to cooperate right now."

Just how childish are these Indons - diplomacy they do not understand!! Corby is in a position of her own making BUT why should she be a scapegoat for KRudd.

What strikes me about this whole spying thing is that neither Abbott, KRudd, Shorten or indeed SBY has any idea what other incriminating leaks are likely to surface from the Snowden stuff!!


Thanks, ABC. Every boat that arrives now should be deducted from their budget.


I am a strong supporter of you blog. The work you do is of great value to Australia.

So if you support our current Government and they ask everyone to wait for the Friday Sovereign Boards briefing to deny the people smugglers real time information of illegal boat arrivals why do you do what others are doing to interfere with Government policy.

What benefit do you see in announcing boat arrivals outside the weekly briefing. How many lives does this save? How does this reduce costs? How does this stop the boats? How does this help the Government?

I can wait till Friday. You should to.


These and all future such unlawful maritime arrivals should be announced as being bought to us courtesy of the ABC. Rudd and Gillard trashed our boarder protection laws. Abbott and crew have been working double time to mend their f*ckup. Now thanks to our taxpayer funded public broadcaster screaming our stolen national secrets on the airwaves Indonesia are sending boatloads of illegal immigrants again. The bloke who forwarded legally obtained ABC salary info from ABC FOI paperwork has been sacked. Who is being sacked and prosecuted at the ABC for publishing stolen national secrets that have endangered Australian Indonesian relations and Australian borders?

garry of tarra

don't let them unpack the bags, 48 hour transit only people.


This is interesting. I have been tracking Ocean Protector for the last few days and the vessel has been travelling back and forth on an east west track of about 40km, only some 35km north of CI. A smuggler boat would have to have been very close and due north of CI for the 'passengers' to be picked up by the Customs vessel. Could they perhaps have been transferred from one of our naval ships or patrol boats? The latter have not been visible.


Scott Morrison won't be happy with you.
Supplying shipping news to the people smugglers.
Shouldn't you wait until Friday to do that?


Correction to numbers...approx 11. Very small numbers to what were arriving a few months ago !

At last we are getting time to fish and enjoy the lifestyle after 6 years of insanity!


Thanks Shaz.

Kind of off topic - but not if you believe that the Caliphate is a real threat... At least the new mob in Canberra seem to be putting a stop to the Islamic invasion:

Bit heavy (sorry guys).

Jeff of FNQ

Indo fishing boats have broken up in the past when being towed to port by the RAN after being arrested for illegal fishing.

Jeff of FNQ

I checked the marine traffic website mid afternoon and noted her heading back to CI after diverting from her east/west track earlier in the arvo. Appeared to be about 14 nm from CI when she made the pickup.


The ABC have clearly broken the L.A.W. so what is the Liberal government doing about it? Furthermore damned green Malcolm Turdbull thinks that it is quite OK??

N.B. The ABC are big supporters of that dangerous muslim mongrel David Hicks!

The treasonous ABC are a danger to Australia, they obviously must go!!


I would certainly expect that Scott Morrison is now busily sending back home those queue jumpers, the "30,000+ country shoppers" that were promised to be sent home?

Has anyone got information about this diabolical state of affairs?


Just to clarify the boat being 'pulled in half' report. The weather on Christmas Island was appalling, and there is no way in the world there could have been a safe transfer from the SIEV to the customs vessel. I believe the boat would have been in the process to being towed into safer conditions to minimise risk to crew and illegals.

It the bow was torn off, (beware of media exaggeration), it would have been due to the high seas and the piece of crap that was used to smuggle the illegals.

I am appalled that the expertise of the Customs/Navy would be in question. They repeatedly put their lives at risk in dreadful conditions and are 100% professional in ever aspect. Again be very careful of what is reported in the main stream is a lesson which should have been learned by now.


Ummm, a real tricky one to answer. I am a patriotic Australian to the core and I am particularly concerned about anything that challenges the principles and beliefs that have made Australia the great country it is.

I am happy to embrace any culture that is happy to embrace Australia's culture. I am very wary of anyone who threatens the very core of what Australia.

I can not help but hold very grave fears for a culture that is contrary to EVERYTHING that condemns western society.

I watched a video with Anjem Choudry, it disturbs me greatly.

It simply can not co exist in the current form. It is a case of islam changing its foundation, or Australia changing everything that it has been built on. I can not see this as possible. The proof of the incompatibility is evident in every country that islam has entered. There is your answer, I am by no means a racist, I am a patriotic Aussie and can not see how the islamic culture can co exist PEACEFULLY in our beautiful country.


I've also been observing OP Macbeth, on what looked like patrolling duties - as you say, on the same course. There have been a few commercial ships in that area - could the illegals have been picked up by one of these and transferred to OP ? Who knows -this small group could have paid for a "ride" on a merchant ship, who then made contact with the OP when in range.?


Makes one think BBPD - thanks.


Shaz, I joined the grey funnel line in 1960 and spent the next 20 years at sea - as a seaman not a pencil pusher so most of that time was "at sea" - only once is all those years did I think my life was "at risk" and that was in 1965 in a river at Tawau, Sabah. My ship at that time was a little wooden minesweeper smaller than the Patrol boats that you see at CI!

I, like those that join any armed services, police, Firies, Anbos etc expect that at some point in time they may experience danger - just part of the job! AND the purpose.

Now if you take the trouble to read the transcript of OSB from last Friday the incident we are talking about is well covered by the journos but there were no answers from Campbell or Morrison - now it may have been rough but the boat was turned back towards Indonesia (200nm away - not smart!)and proceeded north for 3 hours before being disabled - a crew from OP was put on board to ascertain the problem. The same crew secured the tow - now none of that is denied nor confirmed but the journos knew! The questions are in the transcript! AND Morrison is arrogant to say the least.

I really can't see what difference it would make for the Minister or Campbell to have given the specific details!


Grow up, mate

Jeff of FNQ

Australian naval vessels are reluctant to venture beyond Australia's 12-nautical-mile search and rescue zone surrounding Christmas Island, with all the remaining 200 nautical miles between it and Indonesia formally in the Indonesian zone. - See more at:

The Ocean Protector was in approx. position 10.2257S 105.5669E yesterday (around 24.9 km or 13.4nm from CI) when she turned towards CI so maybe they are waiting until SIEVs are much closer to CI before intercepting.

Old Rooster

The problem with the invasion is that they now have a sufficient foothold to overwhelm our culture by population growth within a few decades. That's probably even if the 30-50,000 are returned. Other countries restrict their qualifications to citizenship far more tightly. Fiji, Malaysia, Japan come to mind.

The Islamist infiltration of the US may well be greater than the USSR sponsored infiltration of Communists that began in the inter war period.

Old Rooster

Islam is far from being a cohesive society (only too happy to indulge in killing each other in sectarian violence) but they are more so, in respect of cultural assertion, than the remnant and successor societies of Christain Western Europe (in which for the most part sectarian killing has been discontinued and channeled into other forms of rivalry). Our tolerance and liberalism are being exploited to undermine us. The extremists of the Far Right are not particularly attractive specimens in many cases but they are fundamentally correct in understanding that we are at war with Islam or more correctly Islam is at war with us and we mostly haven't responded. I'm cautious of over escalation but we need to respond more assertively and soon.


Perhaps that great Australian, Mark Scott, can pay for this lot. He's got plenty - from us.


good on you Shazz… and in the middle of all the''political correctness on tolerance'' that has been forced down our necks, i agree with you totally. we CANNOt co exist with islam if it threatened to get any more of a hold on our beliefs and our society. We cannot. One is anathema to the other… and we will perish. Not a nice thought but one we need to think on and do something about.


Good comments, they would end up paying us instead of us paying them off, thats what this is all about...loot.


Don't you worry too much about it, so called "people smuggler" busy Indonesian water taxi service operator, slippery Captain Emad is obviously right on top of things anyway.

Capatin Emad is streets ahead????


More often than not, all governments need a little goading into action! MichaelSmith News is merely giving the government a bit of much valued hurry up!

Liberal promised to send back home over "30,000 country shoppers/queue jumpers"? When will Liberal make an announcement about that? "I can wait till Friday. You should to." Oh yeah right!

Support works both ways, if you get my drift.


Infamous Mark Scott could of been Australian of the year, under a Julia Gillard Labor/Green government.


I dunno about that happening!

From where I live in Sydney, daily there are lots of happy new faces popping up in the mall, they are from Afghanistan/Pakistan.

How good is multicultural Australia "folks"?

N.B. How on earth does treasonous ex prime ministers Rudd & Gillard still get prime ministers pension after doing all of this crap? We are a silly lot!

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