Compare and contrast the videos - Julia Gillard announces the carbon tax versus Tony Abbott repealing it
Famous Five go a-spying. Tanya and Penny ask Anthony to help while Bill pretends to be Tony's friend!

Of global warming, selected beheadings, axing the tax and nice weather for free ice-creams.

Photos from Melbourne Climate Action Day on Nov 17, finally back from the chemist… Obviously it would have been better if I had got to this sooner. Global Warming has sapped my strength.


My first stop when I got to Spring St was a small gathering, listening to Greens Guru, Adam Bandt, making some impromptu remarks. I snapped a quickie over the heads, with Adam wearing the Yorkshire flatcap. (see photo)


Adam bandt


 When I then turned around, I spotted a lovely group of lefties, right next to Adam, flogging their wares, including their iconic ‘F**k Tony Abbott’ teeshirts. (see photo) Funnily enough, Adam refrained from striding manfully over to them & insisting that they show a bit more respect for our PM. “Ditch the Witch” – bad. “F**k Tony Abbott” – ok….

Fat boy dreaming



We all then wandered down to the bottom end of Treasury Gardens, where a substantial crowd was gathering for the main event. I managed to find a spot right at the front, albeit off to the left somewhat, as viewed from the stage. I had prepared a ramshackle poster, which bagged the so-called ‘Arctic 30’ & I had taken the precaution of wearing my shabbiest old cycling clobber, in case any of the assembled lefties took offence & lobbed any eggs or shoes in my general direction. That’s me, in the cycling helmet, off to the left in the ABC News crowd scene, which I later snapped off the telly. (see photo) I was holding my poster, which a number of cameramen filmed, although none of the footage went to air. (see photo) Of course, plenty of anti-Tony Abbott stuff did…


20131117 Lone voice photo-16


  20131117 Arctic 30 IMAG0780

Off with his head


The opening acts included the usual welcome to country stuff, as well as some Christian minister but, oddly enough, none of the world’s other major religions got a gig. Except ‘Global Warming’, of course.


I’ll refer briefly to a couple of the headliners, in no particular order…


Bandt said stuff. People cheered. The GetUp guy said stuff, too. People cheered agin. Tony Abbott was bagged. People had orgasms...


‘Flan the Man’ – Tim Flannery – got a standing ovation when he came on stage. (see photo from TV) Of course everyone had been standing already, so maybe that wasn’t surprising. My favourite bit was when he said that Australia MUST move to ZERO carbon emissions! Presumably we’re all supposed to hold our breaths at some point…



Peter Marshall, from the United Firefighters Union, was a hit.[editor's note - you sure Tom Hanks wasn't filling in for him?   MPS]


Forest gump


He claimed that anyone on the end of a firehose KNOWS that climate change is real! Oddly, he didn’t mention that we needed to do more hazard reduction burns, as a result of all the rain we’ve been having that Flannery said was never going to happen again. I actually have a great deal of respect for firefighters, police, ambos, nurses, teachers, etc - even ABC fatcats, too …. it’s just their hack union bosses that give me the sh*ts.


Anyhow, only one more sleep until Craig is back in town….


Craig and the ice cream