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Pine Gap, my part in its promotion.

The Extreme Centrist writes in invisible ink, developed only by ironing the paper.   Do not apply the Sunbeam surge of steam to your computer screen.


The Age has a wonderful scoop about how we spy on the rest of the world. For some reason they have jumped onto the Edward Snowdon bandwagon.

Several days ago I posted a comment here with a link from Nautilus (progressive and informative people).  My comment mentioned Shoal Bay Receiving Station. This information is all publicly available. I think some industrious Fairfax investigators are trawling your site for tips. The secret information they have published is public. At least they are not compromising our national security like somebody else who was born in the same country as Snowdon.

Here are 2 of the sites Fauxfacts mention. There appears to be something about spies and swimming pools.

The bulk of our internet traffic goes to USA via the great southern cable. (Why am I telling a telecommunications guy?) Anyway, apparently the kiwis read all our emails and look out for catch phrases like ‘I love Osama’, and ‘9/11 was a CIA job.’ Here, they put on black balaclavas and tap on bedroom windows.

Here are some other places in Australia where spies snoop, that Fairfax don’t know about yet.

No, these are not crop circles.  In the 80’s we had a swimming pool. It was down the road from the snake pit opposite the RAP (provider of weekend prophylactic protection from unwanted romantic complications).

And here we had to have our personal swimming pool. The other water had too many big lizards in it.

You can nearly always tell where we have been.

I wonder if these industrious investigators will come out with some more gems about a very large covert spy ring, which only exists to protect them and their way of life.


Thank you doubleO centrist.

Here is a link to my full and complete interview with David Rosenberg the former NSA operative at the Pine Gap purpose built Indo-Chinese,  Indo and Chinese leaders-phone interception facility.

It is hosted on the 2UE website.   If you go there and listen, it would be nice of you to leave a comment on the comment form.   Their internet statistics people will have a fit if more than 6 people do.

PS - to listen to the whole interview click here.   And be sure to leave a comment here.

Pine gap - my part in its promotion