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Remembrance Day Monday 11 November 2013

Shaz in the boat cave at Christmas Island and the friendly CI dolphin pod


Also a little intel on aeroplanes - a little bird tells me that 16 in on plane from Darwin today and 19 out to Manus. 

PhilB backs up

Ci log

This is most likely the aircraft using ASY1150 callsign. Strange that transfers using this aircraft use the ASY callsign from Darwin onwards but Nauru Air only use the ASY callsign from CI onwards. An accounting procedure that hides the true cost one would think!

Manus here we come


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Michelle Two

Wow! how lucky are you Shaz they are the sort of visitors most welcome to CI and a lot better lookin' then those roid boys.



This complete and utter bullshit is costing us $billions of dollars for the importation of undesirable country shoppers, most all are dodgy muslims and no Christians!

Australians in the last 6 years of treasonous Labor have watched their country being trashed with countless $billions of dollars blown!

Aussie haters, Labor/Green must be forced to account for this absolutely despicable crap!

Edward James

Our misgovernance is entirely our own fault. Not enough taxpayers are willing to publicly go after identified political shonks and cheats. Who pass them selves off as acting in our best interest! Edward James


I think it is time that we have a discussion about the drama
with Indonesia and the boats Michael.


Hi Shaz! Watching and waiting to see if you get those 56 people that are in the middle of the stand off....

It's diplomatically scary to be in a stand off with Indonesia, but I think it is best for our Country if they fix this quickly now, even if it ends in a bit of argy bargy.

Off topic: I read the article above and it got me thinking about integrity. People like Graham Richardson, Malcolm Fraser and John (Fabian Fantasiser) Hewson are lacking in moral fibre. Tony Abbott is probably the most decent Prime Minister we have ever had, I think he will surprise many people. John Howard was a very good PM and he understood Australians, but I think Tony Abbott has a depth of character that is more profound - I think that's why the lefties hate him so much. If we can have an Abbott/Hockey Govt for 6 years we will be very well placed and they will get much of the damage repaired they were left with.


Nothing on the horizon as yet...did a 6am check and Princess Mary coming in. Still have 2 Navy Vessels here also.

Will keep you posted !

At least the new lens will come in handy. Lets hope this is not the beginning of a new game of hide the illegals with Indonesias duplicity.

This incident clearly shows Indonesia were involved in the whole illegal trafficking scenario. Time to cancel land deals and play hard ball. They will never be a true friend to Australia.


They're on their way. Get that new lens out of the box.

Hope you get a good paycheque this week Shaz!


By now it is clear that Indonesia's confected anger at our "newly disclosed" espionage has resulted in their refusal to accept any responsibility for the illegal refugees. This is a telling point about their real attitude towards us and I must say that it comes as no surprise. For decades they have accepted our economic assistance and have always repaid that largesse with contempt. Well, it's out there now just what they think of us and we will probably grin and bear it yet again. I just hope that Julie Bishop and Tony Abbott show some steel on this occasion.


So the Australian authorities have wilted and tak ne the 63 illegal wannabe freeloaders to Christmas Island (

High time that the Australian Government put it on th eline and made it very clear there is a price to be paid by Indonesia for its corrupt military and politicians helping onforward illegal migrants to Australia.

For each and every illegal immigrant entering Australia $1 million should be deducted from Austrailian military and other aid to Indonesia (and also from the aid to any other country found to have been a transit point).

As an Australian taxpayer I resent having my taxes wasted on foreign aid to countries that incur additional costs to Australian taxpayers by facilitating illegal immigrants.


Abbott blinks.

"The arrival is a loss of face for the Coalition, which vowed before the election that Australian authorities would not act as a taxi service for refugees."

The Indonesians engaged in human trafficking need to know that they can equip their human cargoes with all the satellite phones and Canberra phone numbers they like BUT as long as boats remain within the Indonesian SAR zone, all calls to Canberra will be relayed straight back to Indonesia for them to pick up their own mess.

No Australian water taxis available.

Abbott has to get serious. In future he should instruct all concerned that our vessels will no longer enter the Indonesian SAR under any circumstances whatsoever - the game is over.

While we're at it, our foreign aid budget has to be slashed due to the mounting costs of illegal intruders, so "Sorry chaps, no cash in the kitty for Indonesia this year". And by the way, quit giving them millions every year for the upkeep of the thousands of illegals who wait there biding their time. It's outrageous.

Nobody in their right minds would trust those murderous bastards. Lay down with dogs, get up with fleas. Quit scratching Mr Abbott and send the hounds packing.


Mmmmm, this might be the cause of the stand off, not the bugging of phones by spies.

No surrender

So Australia capitulated to Indonesia on the latest illegal arrivals. Pathetic.

Toughen up Liberals. Capitulate once, lose face twice, and it's all over red rover. This was surrender - next thing we will be taking orders from them.

Abbott you were elected on your turn back the boats when it's safe to do so policy. Please tell our navy to direct water taxi phone calls to Indonesia and immediately stop our personnel from picking up Centrelink seekers in Indonesian waters.


YES BBPD, more than likely...

the milking cow is getting selective and they will have to use their own $'s to buy arms and military equipment to invade Australia....

How could this warning be ignored? They have no intention of staying 'friendly'. The confrontation will come sooner or later, but it is inevitable.

Edward James

Am I the only one who feels like Australia is trying to remain on good terms with Indonesia, because we fear them? I have never been happy about Timor. Edward James


shaz/ is right ever since that s?/bag whittlem we have been yes sir- ing them and sooner or latter they will try to invade us
the more rags they get here the more they have on there side when the time comes? no money for them spend it all on defense
nuclear may be the best.

seeker of truth

There have been quite a few different versions of this rescue so hopefully Scott Morrison will give us the truth on Monday with his talk with Ray Hadley.

The last version I heard was that the asylum seeker boat put out a distress call as to engine trouble and it was answered by Indonesia who sent in a vessel. HMAS Ballarat was nearby but did not assist. The Indonesian naval vessel found that the engine was in good working order and no rescue was necessary so left the asylum seekers to continue their journey. A few hours later there was another distress call from the asylum seeker boat, again with engine problems. This time Australia responded with Ballarat and a customs boat but not an Indonesian naval vessel. The engine was not working, it had been sabotaged. The asylum seekers were offloaded onto our customs vessel with the intention to take them back to Indonesia which was the closest country. The asylum seekers were rescued in international waters. This is when the standoff occurred. Indonesia has refused to take them because they were rescued by Australia even though maritime laws state that those rescued in international waters are to be taken to the closest port which, in this case, was an Indonesian port. These asylum seekers will go to CI but then onto Manus or Nauru and not set foot onto the Australian mainland which was the second best option in the circumstances.

What do we do next time there is a distress call in International waters close to Indonesia. Well definitely not send in an Australian naval vessel. We might need an internationally flagged vessel (with armed personnel) on call and direct it to the rescue with directions to head to Indonesia.

My blood is boiling at the contemptuous behaviour of Indonesia and the connivance of the asylum seekers to force a rescue by Australia. I wonder what the Indonesian rescuers instructed them to do with their engine when it was found to be in good working order.


Here, here Blackswan ! No land in NT, deal OFF. Why on earth are we selling our land to foreign investors.

Lease certainly, NEVER SELL !

Charlie Foxtrot

I think it is time to let the Indonesians know we will not be coming into their SAR area and with any boats they assist to get to CI a cost to Australia should be calculated and that cost recovered from Indonesian aid monies.
We too can play their game, I think they have more to loose.


Maybe I oversimplifying things, but, to me it is simple.

The illegals arrive in Indo and are allowed there without forward travel arrangements. Indonesia knows very well where they intend to travel.

No funds to help Indonesia cope with the people it has allowed into is country...not our problem !

Australia will deduct for example $50,000 from foreign aid/assistance for every boat that leaves Indonesian shores.
Aid is in commodities, NEVER CASH. No muslim school funding, we control where OUR $'s are spent

The only way Indonesia will co operate is if it hits their pockets.

NO AID If they do not control their boarders. SIMPLE.

After sailing up the west coast of Indonesia after the Tsunami, we could clearly see where Australian aid went. Every small village had at least one, sometimes two, shinny new mosques, but the villagers were starving. A very real eye opener.


Australia blinked and it will prove to be a HUGE mistake. The floodgates will open again. And I bet we continue to send millions of $$$ in overseas "aid" to a country that doesn't need it and clearly holds us in contempt anyway.


I have to agree. This will be seen by the people smugglers and their CLIENTS as surrender and more importantly, that it's back to business as usual. The new government has made its task to stop the boats immeasurably harder by backing down over this.

Someone else has beaten me to it, but I'd have to say that with this showing of a lack of spine, Tony Abbott is looking like another Malcolm Fraser, a Liberal Prime Minister who will waste a large majority.


this backdown by the government may be just the end of round one of this stoush, but it will do no harm for concerned citizen/voters to inform Mr Abbott and Company that after suffering 6 years of Labour incompetence, corruption and gutlessness, we are in not happy with their handling of this situation thus far, and want to see some courageous leadership in this country for a long overdue change.

Stu of FNQ

G'day Shaz,

The Indons tend to buy the cheap stuff that still does the job, just. Then its just a case of competency of the operators.

The civil variant of the above link is a Mil Mi-8 (HIP 8). When I was in East Timor I had to do a task on the other side of the island and required UN Air to get me and the boys there. The first HIP 8 brokedown on take off in Dili, the second replacement crashed enroute to pick us up, and the third replacement brokedown.

I managed to complete the task 12 hours late after a ride in a French Agusta helo and NZ Iriquios.

Expensive, high quality verse cheap, low quality. Its all about what you need it for and how long do you want it to work for at peak performance.

Kind regards,

billy gee

Ocean Protector spent the night drifting approx 50 NMiles north of Christmas Island. Underway before dawn this morning and has now arrived Christmas Island.

Irene Hiough

I personally think it was a right decision to pick up the illegal boat people on this ocasion and also send the strong message they will not be setting foot in Australia but will be relocsted permanently to Manus Island and Nauru.

As it is typhoon season and with the devastation and loss of life in the Phillipines, just image the hesdlines 'AUSTRALIA ABANDONS REFUGEES AND PUT THEM IN DANGER'. The world media would have been all over it. The Greens would have been given the spotlight in parliament tying up question time in both houses.

As for the false standoff between the Indonesian Foreign Minister and Julie Bishop, it's just a a hoax crested by a little man fighting for his place in the next Indonesian elections.

The old spying chestnut is exactly that, all nations do it only the US has now chosen to go public with Snowden and now Russian government has chosen to employ him. I think it speaks volumes that Snowden's father was allowed to visit his son in Russia with the sanction of the USA. Was it the USA postering????? No more or less damaging that Wickileaks and Julian Assange hanging out in the foreign embassy in London.

The super powers could close both these leaks down but have chosen not to. Is this because both are after the people in charge and will deal with the underlings once their mission is accomplished?????

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