Ocean Protector is currently offloading at Flying Fish Cove - Shaz reports up to 50 people on board
Shaz with photos of today's arrivals - and some beautiful footage with a whale and calf while fishing


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Account Deleted

PRINCE CHARMING! - he's lovin' it! (Hi Caroline)

Hey Michael, I found a job for you!

ABC NEWS is in the process of bolstering its coverage of state and local news across Australia. We are looking for talented journalists to join our digital teams in Brisbane and Perth as we work to give audiences news that's more relevant to them and where they live, from the major cities to small regional towns. If you're passionate about news and telling stories that matter, we want to hear from you.

More info about the five supervising producer posts being created in Brisbane: http://careers.abc.net.au/jobDetails.asp?sJobIDs=494017&lWorkTypeID&lLocationID=7633&lCategoryID=645&stp=AW&sLanguage=en

More info about the two digital producer posts in Perth: http://careers.abc.net.au/jobDetails.asp?sJobIDs=494018&lWorkTypeID&lLocationID=7614&lCategoryID=645&stp=AW&sLanguage=en

The successful applicants will join us as we build a network of digital teams charged with creating original, interesting and compelling digital-first content for our audiences.

Nonna from FNQ

Wow! I'm beside myself too! :) :)

Who was the nong who did a 'rendition' of 'Whyalla'??

Eat your heart out Craig!

john greybeard

I would gladly fore-go an Australian Governor General if Prince William accepted the job. It would help bring a balance back into our National activity. It would also stop the Governor Generalship being used as a political platform (it would also be good for Kate and Prince George).


I would marry Prince William, if I could but I don't think that Kate would let me!

Julie of Geelong

What a great young man - Prince William that is!!!!

Good on him!!!

Bon Jovi's not to shabby either!!!!!!!

Jess C

Prince William is gorgeous. What a handsome bugger.

Percy Phelps

Hmmm seems Prince William sings way better than KRudd and Emerson...

Account Deleted

I'm joking of course!

Liz of vic

Yes, I would have Prince William anytime.

Better than the Barbie-doll, we have, only if she was a doll
she could not speak, which would have been preferable.


Are you gay?


He looks and acts much like his father, both big advocates of global warming and multiculturism. They make about $300mil a year out of it, renting their land out for damned turbine windmills.

Get the picture now handsome, are you gay or need glasses?


It would be a very nice cushy $150K job for Jason Morrison and David Oldfield up at Proserpine on the beach.


You must be green and into global warming and multiculturism like the princess or are you just gay?


Fair dinkum are you for real or on something?

 postal, still at Oakey,

I can sing better than Emerson.
....and that ain't saying much !

Irene Hough

Both Prince William and Prince Harry are indeed handsome. It's also wonderful to see how friendly and natural they are considering the pomp and ceremony of the Royal Family.

Bet this video will get many replays from Caroline.

Michael maybe you could get a hook up to the Antartic and some film of Prince Harry and the English and Australian veterans on their journey.

Account Deleted

Pros Vegas!

Account Deleted

I think you mean Airlie Beach - Proserpine isn't on the beach!


@ Les. I think the site for juvenile troll comments is elsewhere. Off you run - your playmates are waiting for you.


You must be much like Prince William and his left winger drop kick father, huge supporters of fraudulent global warming, multicultural England and same sex marriage etc!

Not to mention abortion for birth control, backed by head honcho Queen Elizabeth II.

They all use toilet paper and obviously do not give a rats arse about protecting England or it's sovereignty, a once proud and mighty nation, now completely rat shit, while under the Royals careless watch? Get the picture now!

Or are you gay or something?


Your comment says it all - and as I said earlier - run along Les - there is no place for juvenile trolls here.

Julie of Geelong

Rack off d/head!!!!!!!

Julie of Geelong

Rack off d/head!!!!!!
You are probably as ugly as a "hat full of ....!!!!!

Julie of Geelong

Yaa Liz - at last someone else who thinks the GG looks like a Barbie doll!!!!

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