A new Speaker to whom matters of privilege might be addressed. A very classy, decorous Speaker indeed.
Hillbilly 33 with some points for the revisionistas

UPDATED with wildly amusing George Costanza graphic - half a house-brick thick Craig Thomson wallet


On Monday The Australian newspaper carried this story:


It featured Jane Dempster's award-eligible photograph of a man in hoodie who resembled the Thomson doppleganger.  He was juggling car keys and wallet while emerging from renovated and extended premises situate at Bateau Bay.

Thomson at home

I seek your forensic photoanalytical skills.   On balance is it more likely than not that the wallet in the foreground is chocka with cards, receipts and sundry items to the extent it's likely to burst?

What explanations for it bulginess could you offer?   "Caption Comp" calling - a prize of a genuine Eastern-Grey kangaroo scrotum key pouch voucher, redeemable at KeyPouch Pty Ltd (not affiliated with KeyWed - ask Craig).

Half a housebrick