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The 2013 Schools Spectacular featuring my beautiful 9 year old Caroline beckons!!

Schools spec


I have grown to see my little girl in a different light with her performances in the Schools Spectacular at Sydney Entertainment Centre.  Yesterday I watched a confident, mature and responsible professional performer walking from our car to the stage door - it's quite moving to see that when I thought I was making sure my baby was safe.

Caro's in the combined choir, she was the only girl from her school chosen and one of just a handful from her region.   I've seen Caroline grow right in front of me as a direct result of the commitment to excellence, to try her best and to excel at something with a tangible reward as the result.

The Schools Spectacular makes enormous demands of the children in it.  Caro was at the Entertainment Centre at 7.30 one morning this week - last night she wasn't in bed until midnight and the performances are so physically and mentally demanding!   Today's matinee performance call took 4 hours at the Centre - a quick dinner now then Caro's back onstage for tonight's show at 7.30.

The people who put the show together have made such a difference in Caroline's life and so for our family.   Thank you.

Here's a little of the opener to last year's show.   I will now go and join the ranks of the inexplicably blubbering parents who watch a very different show from the casual observer!