A question from John Lourens - why do I report the AWU allegations while not reporting other claims of crime
My story in The Australian today on Ms Gillard, The AWU Scandal and the ABC's efforts to avoid reporting it

The corporate video industry is constantly on the lookout for accessible piles of cash - like this wad from Canberra

Canberra is now under the expert care of consultants who are managing a metamorphosis.  When the process is complete, Canberra will be a daggy city no more - it will have been transformed into a brand.

BrandCanberra.com.au is the website that explains where the money went.   

The process of transformation from city to "brand" requires everyone to sit in darkened theatrette to watch the new corporate video.

Hope you've got the dimmer switch moving at home - here is BrandCanberra - Confident, Bold, Ready.  Get it?   C-B-R, oh never mind, just hit play.