This is the spoof video that put Shezanne Cassim, 29, of Minnesota USA in a Dubai jail
Australia's maritime search and rescue zone - taken from the AMSA website

The Guardian published this Q and A with its Australian editor Katharine Viner yesterday.

Reader JudoChop sent this in to me this morning.  

Kath viner

Q : “You cannot imagine how grateful we are that Guardian Australia is offering a quality alternative media source in Australia. Are you satisfied with the trends of numbers of readers using the site? Can you share any of them with us?”
A:  “Thank you! Nielsen shows that we've overtaken the Australian and the Telegraph in reach already, and our internal figures show us doing even better than that. But the best thing is that we're seeing great engagement, with people returning day after day to read what we're doing.”
Q: “What's the thing you're most proud of doing in the last six months?”
A: “Getting Guardian Australia to where it is now, with a thriving team of journalists and commercial staff, leading the news agenda for ten days in a row (and counting...) with the Indonesia spying story
Q: “How long did you sit on the Indonesian spying story before releasing the information? Are the allegations true that you waited until after the election so that the fall-out from the story would negatively impact on the Abbot Gvt?”
A: “As I've said many times, the story emerged only the week before we published it. Of course its publication wasn't politically motivated and no one has any evidence for that whatsoever, because it doesn't exist.
Since the Guardian in the US received the Snowden papers in May, the US team has been going through them in a very careful, responsible way, which takes a lot of time. We've published at least 17 major international stories based on the papers since then, and we''ve so far published stories based on less than one per cent of the material we were given.
This isn't the great conspiracy that some people are trying to suggest.”