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December 2013

The Presentation, Charles Blackman, before auburn hair and clutching other people's children became politically fashionable


The presentation charles blackman

This example of Charles Blackman's work has been published at

You can see it at Bridgemanart's website here.

Or at Bill Shorten's place if you're important enough to rate an invitation to drinks or marriage.

Thank you to reader ChrisR for identifying Mr Blackman's work on Bill's wall.

And to General Cosgrove, if you have any daughters, time for harbour.

Stand to.

Bill Shorten Christmas video - who is the chestnut filly?

This is a screen grab of Bill's Christmas video.  

At home with bill

It's always a privilege to be invited into someone's home - and this Christmas video from Bill Shorten is no exception.   Thanks for letting us have a look around Bill - I'm fascinated by the picture on your wall - partially obscured by the Christmas tree.

Who is that chestnut filly and what is she doing to Shirley Temple?

Top right hand corner


Mystery sign-language witness at Senate Select Committee on the National Broadband Network

On 17 December 2013 the Senate Select Committee on the National Broadband Network took evidence in Sydney.   The Committee is chaired by the intellect/wisdom/mysticism made incarnate, Senator (TheHon) Stephen Conroy.

Stevie's baby

At page 72 of the Hansard record of proceedings someone fell asleep, probably the Hansard reporter.   I'm not suggesting it was the fault of the Hansard reporter - rather it was the Chair who communed with but did not recognise the contribution of sign-language-man giving evidence from down the back by the drinks table.

Our reader KM saw sign-boy with the full-blown cut-throat, hanky, get jacket on etc messages apparently meant for an unresponsive chair.  

Signo-man eventually got the message across, for on the very next page of the Hansard, there's puppet-man Conkers pulling up stumps and thanking everyone for their help.

National Broadband Network Select Committee_2013_12_17_2173_076 National Broadband Network Select Committee_2013_12_17_2173_077

So who is mystery sign language man, so capable of causing the light-declaration that saw a draw in the Turnbull/Conroy NBN Test?