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Carolyn talks about David Burchell - an Australian diver who found the war grave HMAS Perth in the Sunda Strait

You might remember Carolyn, one of our family of readers who wrote to let us know about her boy Eric who used to live in Burundi, Africa.


(There you go Eric, another photo to keep you famous mate!)

Carolyn wrote to me this morning after reading of the dreadful desecration of the HMAS Perth war grave by Indonesian salvage merchants.

It was very disappointing to read your article on  what the Indonesians are doing to the HMAS Perth.  Whilst living in the Solomon Islands I was fortunate enough to go diving with a guy called David Burchell, he actually found the HMAS Perth in the Sunda Strait, his main objective was to find the bell and bring it back to Australia for it to be placed in the Canberra War Museum, he has written a book on his trials and tribulations and how he did manage to retrieve the bell but not from the ocean but from the office of the navy chief who was using it as a door stop,  Here is a link which you may find interesting and very upsetting to read their total lack of regard for our war graves.

Thank you too on the article in your Michael Smith News on my little  adopted Burundian boy, he thought it was pretty cool that he is now famous!!

Kind regards



I have been in touch with the Foreign Minister's office this morning.   I'll give you some sense of what we'll do next tomorrow.

Hmas perth book one

Hmas perth cover